Torrents Tips and Tricks for advanced users (Video)

In the previous article we have talk about beginners guide of torrent like what exactly is torrent ? How does it work? etc. If you haven’t already read this article, I will suggest that you to read it first. Although this article is independent, it will be better you know the basics before you go for advanced guide. I promised your will get to know shocking facts about torrent, that never knew before.

RTT explains : A non-technical guide for Torrent beginners

Since you are reading this article I am guessing that you are already an active torrent user. While most people simply download torrent file from internet and open it with their favourite torrent client (utorrent or bittorrent ) to download it. In this article you will see Torrents tips tricks on how you can customize your entire torrent downloading session, with simple tweaks and hacks. So lets find out.

Author's Note

Before we begin, you should know that here, in this article I will be using BitTorrent and utorrent programs interchangeable. Keep a note that both program have same exactly same (in working and UI), so it doesn’t matter what program you have. All this workaround will work for both BitTorrent and utorrent client.

Move files to new location

Suppose you are in situation where, you have download a bigger file from torrent let say 20 GB to a drive with 15 GB space left. And only after you have downloaded 10 GB you came to your sense and realize your mistake. So now, if you manually move the 10 GB that you have already downloaded, then you will get a downloading error. And you know that you are stuck.

This is where this small trick will save you the trouble of downloading the entire file once again to another drive. Whenever you feel the need to move the location of partially download file while the downloading is continuing, follow these steps.

  1. Stop downloading that particular torrent file.
  2. Move the downloaded content to the location you want.
  3. Right click on the torrent and select advance option> set download folder and browse the moved file location.
  4. Restart the torrent.

Move files to new location in torrent

Set torrent to automatically download files at specified time

While downloading torrent most of us, prefer to limit the speed of torrent so that our workflow and other person on the same network remain unaffected. Although this technique ensures that you and others don’t have to compromise with the bandwidth but is also imply that your download will now take much more time than it would have taken before especially if it’s a big file.

With the simple workaround of altering the speed we can easily overcome this problem. You can tell the program to limit the download speed during the work hours while switching on full speed during the nights or specified day. In this way you can make sure that people sharing your internet remain unaffected from your downloading and you download your file asap.

To do that open up your utorrent and go to options > preference > scheduler. From here you can adjust the download speed suitable with your schedule.

Set torrent to automatically download files at specified time



How to create a torrent file

There are two case to create a torrent file

  • First when you want to share your file publicly.
  • Second when you want to share file only with your friend and no one else.


You can share your data with others by creating a torrent file for your data and then uploading it to torrent website where other can find it. Follow step by step instruction on how to do that

1. Open the torrent client like BitTorrent or utorrent and go to file > create new or you can press the shortcut CTRL+N.

2. Add the source file that you want to share.

3. Next you will have to add trackers, which is the tricky part here.

Copy these tracker from below or you can google the term “Trackers for utorrent” an copy paste from there. A tracker look somethings like this




4.  Leave other things as default and click on create. You will now get .torrent file.

how to create a torrent file

5. To make your data accessible to public you will have to share your torrent file, you can do this by uploading your torrent file to as many torrent website you like. However make sure to read the t&c because some of the private torrent hosting sites like to stay exclusive by not sharing similar data with others.

how to upload  a torrent file


To share your file with your friend you will have to make few changes in the trackers and utorrent setting. If you are looking forward to that then this guide will help you.

How to Share Files of Any Size Online by Creating Private Torrent File in uTorrent

Encrypt your torrent 

If you believe that ISP is throttling the connection (intentionally slowing down the download speed to save their bandwidth) or you want make sure you nobody on the network can sees what you are downloading then Encrypting torrent is the best way of doing it.

Checkout the vizu wiki list of bad ISP.

Go to your option> preference >Bittorrent, Enable the protocol Encryption. And that’s it, your connection via bittorrent is now encrypted.

Encrypt your torrent

Other settings

If there is no significant increase in your speed then try to forced enable the encryption protocol, this will forced the network for encrypt connection.

Shutdown your computer after downloading is finished

Usually I download big files at nights so that I don’t disturb others sharing my network. But one problem that I initially faced was, during my 6-8 hours of speed download would have finished in 3-4 hours and my PC had to stay up all rest of the night without any need.

But soon after that, I was lucky to find that there is an direct option to turn off your PC once the downloading has finished. To find this option go to Options > Auto shutdown > Quit when shutdown finished.


 How to download torrent without any program. 

I am sure you will be glad to know that you don’t actually need a torrent client like utorrent or bittorrent to download torrent file. So if your office blocks downloading via torrent or torrent client you can still download these files easily. However when you will restricting your downloading speed in this way. But anyway here is how to do that.

Search for your favourite torrent and download it to your hard drive.

Now using sites like zbigz you can upload your torrent file. And once their server has cache the content, it will be available to you as a regular download.

Download torrent online

 Start automatic torrent download Remotely

I use this feature to download my favorite show while I am away from my computer and by the time I reach home, downloading is already finished and I don’t have to wait to enjoy the show. Doing this is very easy, I configure my utorrent to start download when it receive a torrent file in specified directory. And to access these remotely I use the help of cloud services.

Here is how you can also do this in your computer.

Open your torrent client (utorrent or BitTorrent) and go to option > preference > directory, now under Automatic load torrent from option enter the path of cloud directory.

Download torrent from remote location

I am using Window 8, which comes pre install with one drive (previously called skydrive) cloud service. But if you have other OS or if you prefer any other cloud service like dropbox or Google drive than you can use that too.

Click on OK to save changes and it’s done. Now whenever you are away from home, you just have to upload the torrent file to your cloud account. And you torrent will automatically start download that file for you.

upload the torrent file to your cloud account

 Alternate way

You can access your utorrent client remotely using a secure connection from any browser over the internet. Just make sure that you leave the program running in your computer.

Go to preference>remote, here give any name to your computer and select a password of your choice.  Now whenever you want to access your client using a  browser get it’s remote url from Google. For utorrent it’s

Running torrent from the pen drive

If move a lot and would like to download torrent from whenever you get a chances, then trick  is for you. You can run torrent client directly from your usb thumb drive without installing it. So all you have to do is place your usb stick in the computer of your office or school and download the torrent file without leaving any trace back.

Do do that.

  1. Move the utorrent.exe to your usb.
  2. In your usb create a blank text file and give it a name setting.dat and make sure you select All files under file types.

Running torrent from the pen drive

That’s it, now every time you double click on utorrent.exe it will directly open and you add you torrent file there. However don’t forget to change the download folder to your usb drive. Although I haven’t checked (might need to make some chances in settings) but you can stop & continue download in different computer, if you keep your torrent and download file in the same directory of your usb stick.

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