How to Trace IP Of The Website To Its Original Location

By tracing the IP-address of a website, you can find a lot more about the website like — where is it located,  where the servers are located.

 Steps to trace IP of the website

1. Open up the command prompt. Start > Accessories > Command Prompt.

If you are new to a command prompt, I recommend that you should check out my tutorial on how to use cmd.

2. Type in the ping command followed by desired website name. Like here I want to find the location of, so I will use ping command and hit enter.


Trace IP Of The Website with cmd

3. Here you will see a numeric address written as four numbers, separated by periods. This is the required IP of Note it down in some place.

Trace IP Of The Website with cmd


4. Now to find the location of this IP address, open your browser and go to What’s my IP Address. Enter the IP address you want to look up in the box provided and you will see this:

Trace IP Of The Website with cmd


Tips and tricks

1. You can also use tracer command just like ping, to trace IP address. Eg. : tracer and hit enter to find IP-address of the website.

2. Another website to lookup for IP-address are  ” IP Lookup .” or “IP Geolocation”. They give more details. However, you should understand that it can only give a hint of its location and not the exact location.

3. You can also trace the IP of the website to its original location by using whois database. It stores users domain name, IP-address, and much useful information.


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