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How To Transfer Contacts From Nokia To Android

by Mrinal Saha
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According to Wikipedia Android occupies 80% of market share, which means 8 out of every 10 smartphone in the market is now Android. This also suggest that people are leaving their old humble phones and upgrading to smartphones. And the most common question these people has is how to transfer contacts from their old Nokia phone to new Smartphones.

For some of you transferring contacts may not sound like big deal as one can use his or her sim card to copy contacts and then move the sim card to new smartphones and paste the contacts. But there are two problem with this approach.

1. Sim card can only carry 250 contacts at time.

2. Most smartphones today requires you to cut down the sim card. So it is not easy to switch back and forth.

This implies that we can use our sim card to transfer contacts only once and the process is quite tedious. However there is a simple workaround to solve this problem using Google contact sync . Basically what this service does is, it stores your contacts in Google Server and then sync them with any smartphone when you login with your Google account.

For demonstration I will use transfer contacts from old Nokia phone (that has USB support) to Android (Moto e) but this workaround will work fine between; any Nokia handset and smartphones having blackberry, iOS or Android OS. You can even use this method to transfer contacts to Android Emulators like bluestacks.

Steps To Transfer Contacts From Nokia To Android

1. Download Nokia PC suite and install it on your computer. We will need it to move contacts between the phone and the computer (70 MB)

2. Now to use the computer with Nokia phone you will need to connect them, for this instance I will connect them using a usb cable but you can use other option like Bluetooth or infrared as well.

Transfer Contacts From Nokia To Android

3. Once the computer and the phone are connected successfully, it will show you thumbnail of your Nokia phone. Now under the contact menu > select all the contacts > and export it as .csv format.

Transfer Contacts From Nokia To Android

5. To get this contact on our Smartphone (Android, in this case) we will use Google contacts sync service. So open up your Google account and under contacts menu import the .csv file.

Import contacts from computer to Google contacts

6. To get this contacts on your android or any other smartphone, just go to setting > accounts >  make sure you have login with the same Google account > then go to contacts option > and tap on it, to sync contacts.

sync contacts from google sync to android


Still Facing Problem ? Why not check out this video tutorial on How on to transfer contact between Nokia to android

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