Send Files From Computer to Android over WiFi

Since you are reading this, it’s safe to assume, you have a Computer, WiFi and few android phones. Right? And every once in a while you need to send files from computer to Android. For me, I usually transfer big videos likes movies or tv shows. But it can be anything.

If this was few years ago, the only option you would have, is to use an USB cable. But not anymore. Now you can easily send or receive files using WiFi. This is quick and easy. All you need is both device connected under same WiFi network. This even work with mobile hotspot.

send files with Wifi

So which is the best way ?

Well, there are several ways to transfer files between Computers and Android. I am sure some of you know are already aware of them. However my favourite ones are Airdroid and ES file explorer. Why ? Well because these are quick, easy and reliable.

There are two cases to consider.

1. Transfer files from Computer to Android

2. Transfer files from Android and Computer

For the first one we will use Airdroid and for second we will use ES file explorer. And while we speak of computer, I usually considering PC and Mac. Haven’t tried on Linux, but it should work though.

Side Note: If you don’t want to get 2 separate apps, use only ES file explorer. It can do both i.e. send files between computer and Android and vice versa. Here is a detail tutorial. However I introduce Airdroid because, it can do many other awesome stuff. We see them later on.

File Transfer with Airdroid

Make sure your computer and Android are under same network.

1. Start by Installing the Airdroid on your android

2. Launch the app and you will see a web address similar to, goto your computer and type this on the browser

3. You will see a authentication pop up on your Android. Tap OK, and connection will be establish. Drag and drop the files on to your browser and it will get downloaded to sdcard/Airdroid/upload directory of your Android

See the screenshot below.

File transfer with Airdroid

File transfer is yet another feature for Airdroid. With it, you can control every aspect of android from your computer. For instance, you can use your android as surveillance camera, make calls or send messages or even control you Android screen from computer.

File transfer with ES file Explorer

ES file explorer is the best file manager app. It can do much more than regular file manager app. One of that many feature is file transfer.

Follow this steps

1. If you are not already using ES file explorer, download it from here

2. Open the app and goto LAN > Network and click on the scan button

3. Once the scanning is over, you will see some IP address. This represent other computers under same network

4. Select your computer and enter the username/password. If you are not sure how to do that, see the video below

5. Once you see the share folders of your PC, simply copy paste the files.

See this step by step screenshots here  or watch the following video.


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