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How to Transfer Photos From iCloud to Google Photos

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I’m sure you already know about the ‘Get a Copy of your Data’ option by Apple and Google. It allows you to download all your data including multimedia content. However, you have to go through the hassle of uploading them manually to Google Photos. Luckily, Apple introduced a new feature that allows users to make a copy of photos in iCloud to Google Photos in a few steps. It’s good to see that Apple is opening up a little and supporting rival platforms like this. Without further ado, let’s see how to transfer photos from iCloud to Google Photos easily.

Transfer Photos From iCloud to Google Photos

1. The first step is to open Apple’s Data and Privacy page and use your Apple ID and password to sign in. When you are done, click on the arrow sign on the right to continue.

Apple's Data and Privacy Page Sign in

2. A six-digit verification code is sent to your trusted devices or on your phone number. You can only sign in using this code. After you receive it, type the six-digit log-in code and authenticate the sign-in.

Apple's Two-Factor Authentication page

3. On the Manage your data page, you’ll see Transfer a copy of your data option. Under the heading, click on Request to transfer a copy of your data.

Do keep in mind that Get a copy of your data is a different option. If you only see that, your location still doesn’t support the transfer service.

Apple's Request to transfer a copy of your data option

4. On the next page we’re going to choose the service we’ll transfer the photos to. You only have the Google Photos option as of writing this article. Now click on Select destination and select Google Photos from the drop-down menu.

You also have the option to pick the type of media you would like to transfer. You can choose either Photos or Videos or both. This option will also indicate the number of files that will be transferred. Once done, click on Continue.

Transfer Photos from iCloud to Google Photos

Note: You’ll see a storage prompt. Remember you need to have enough storage in Google Photo for a successful transfer. Else it’ll only be able to transfer a part of your photos.

5. Do not get confused by the Apple logo. You’re on Google’s sign-in page. Here, use your email or phone number along with your password and hit Next.

Google's Sign in page

6. You’ll have to authenticate yourself again just like we did with the Apple account. Enter the code that you receive on your phone and click Next.

Google's two factor authentication sign in

7. In order to transfer photos and videos from iCloud to your Google account, you’ll need to allow Apple to add content to your Google Photos library. Check the Add to your Google Photos library option and click Allow.

Allow Apple Data and Privacy to add to Google Photos

8. The next page will allow you to check how much storage you will need to complete the transfer. Now click on Continue to finish transferring photos from iCloud to Google Photos.

According to the new Google Storage Policy, any new photos or videos you upload will be counted against your Google account’s free 15 GB space. So, make sure to get more storage if you have a lot of photos and videos to back-up ( $1.99/month for 100 GB).

how to transfer photos from iCloud to Google Photos

9. That’s it, you’ll see a thank you note saying the transfer has been initiated. The entire process takes somewhere around three to seven days depending on the size of your transfer. You will be notified once iCloud photos are transferred to Google Photos.

how to transfer photos from iCloud to Google Photos

10. You also have the option to check the date of transfer request and progress at Apple’s Data and Privacy page.

Apple's Data and Privacy page

How to Cancel the iCloud to Google Photos Transfer Process

Let’s assume you have changed your mind and do not want to transfer the photos and videos from iCloud to Google Photos anymore. Don’t worry, you also have the option to cancel the transfer. It doesn’t say cancel as you cannot roll back the photos and videos that have already been moved. So if you disconnect midway, you are most likely to see some pictures in your Google Photos app and the remaining in iCloud

1. In order to cancel, open Apple’s Data and Privacy page again. Now click on Disconnect account.

Cancel iCloud to Google Photos transfer

2. From the prompt, confirm to disconnect your Google account by clicking on the Disconnect button.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Transferring Photos and Videos from iCloud to Photos

While the entire process seems easy, there a few pointers that you must take care of before you begin the transfer.

  • The transfer won’t modify or delete your data in iCloud but simply make a copy of it
  • Can take between three to seven days (for the account to be verified)
  • Any changes made to the content (new photos) might not reflect in the transfer
  • Clear your Google Photos storage beforehand to complete the transfer
  • You’ll receive two emails: one while requesting and the other on successful transfer

Does It Transfer All My Images and Videos

Rest assured that most of your photos and videos will be transferred without any hiccups. Apple has still specified specific formats like jpg, png, webp, gif, etc. you can look at. Moreover, your photos and video files will be reflected as ‘copies of (filename)’.

There two drawbacks as well. First, Apple will only transfer the most recent edit of your photos. You’ll lose the original photos and have no option to duplicate them. Second, smart albums shared albums, live photos, and photos/videos stored in other locations will be skipped altogether.

Closing Remarks: Copy Photos from iCloud to Google Photos

Unlike the previously available option to download your photos and videos, this one is a far easier process. Yes, there are some drawbacks as stated above, but it allows you to save your time from manually sorting and uploading files to Google Photos again.

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