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How to Translate YouTube Video to Other Language

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If you make a lot of video tutorials on YouTube or Skillshare, it’s always helpful to translate it to another language. Or say, if you found an interesting Russian video on YouTube that you would like to listen in your native languages. Well, here’s a nifty tool that helps you to dub any YouTube video with a click of a button.

How to Translate YouTube Video to Other Language

The usual way to do this is to feed your video to a Speech-to-Text app and then, convert extracted text to an appropriate language using Google Translate. Alternatively, you can do your voiceover manually or get an app for it. But, it’s a long and cumbersome process.

Enter Votch TV, a new web app that dub YouTube videos on a fly.  All you have to do is visit Votch.com and create a free account. Next up, you provide your YouTube video link and select the new language of your video. It provides 50+ languages to choose from and hit the Start button when you are done.

Currently, Votch only supports videos from YouTube so you cannot upload your local videos

Post-processing, it stripes down your video and converts it into small chunks of text. You can particularly go through the text and correct it wherever required. Once you are all set, select the dub voice (i.e. Male and Female) and dub language and click on “Create dub”.

Below, is an entire video shot in English and converted to Spanish. The results are not perfect but useable. I have tried multiple videos and languages and I would rate Votch 7/10 in terms of accuracy. The pausing and context could have been better but the results are quite usable as of now. You can also customize individual paragraphs to be dubbed in male or female voice

How does it work?

If you are wondering how the tool internally works, here is a brief summary. The tool initially downloads your video using wget or some other tool. Firstly, it transcribes your video using an API like Google Cloud Speech-to-Text. Next step, the extracted text is converted to the choice of language you select using another API like Google Translate. The final part is now recording the text in a male/female voice.

For any issues or queries regarding Votch Tv, let me know in the comments below.

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