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14 Best Trello Power-Ups to Become a Productivity God

by Kaushal
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Trello is the literal backbone of many organizations including Google and TechWiser. As it streamlines our workflow and makes it easier to track progress, adding additional features is always welcome. These features are known as power-ups which transform your Trello boards into sophisticated software that optimizes your workflow. If you’ve been wondering which power-ups would be useful for you, I have a list of the 14 best Trello power-ups that would streamline your workflow. Let’s check those out.

Best Trello Power-Ups

1. Approvals for Trello

Approvals are an integral part of any robust project structure as it allows accountability and makes the process entirely autonomous. If you’ve been doing it manually then you should definitely try out Approvals power up. It is easy to use and you can even put it on the card front so that it is easily visible at a glance.

approvals power up for Trello

Approvals for Trello is free to use and has additional functionality that you can unlock for $5/board. The Pro version would let you put multiple approvals on a card and group users into teams.

Get Approvals for Trello (free | $5/board)

2. Slack

Slack is yet another crucial part of my daily workflow and keeping communications flowing. The power-up gives me the ability to instantly share the card with a channel or as a direct message within the Trello card. Not just that, you can set up alerts and reminders to notify your team members of the latest change and call to action.

put cards in slack channels with slack power-up for trello

Slack power up is free to use with Trello.

Get Slack (free)

3. Manny

If you’ve moved cards around in Trello then you’d immediately appreciate this power-up in your Trello board. It’s simple and lets you move multiple cards from any list to anywhere on the board. As Trello has not implemented a way to move multiple cards, Manny power up fills that void. Sure, it’s not as intuitive as dragging and dropping multiple cards but it’s still so much better than doing it manually.

move multiple cards at once with Manny Trello Power-Up

Manny is free to use with Trello.

Get Manny (free)

4. Gmail by Cardbox

This power-up adds your Gmail Inbox to your Trello board and makes handling threads and replies straightforward. You can view email attachments, reply directly from cards, and even create new cards instantly. Gamil power-up for Trello works with G-suite accounts as well and works nicely if you have a shared Gmail for customer requests, and other complaints.

reply to your emails from within the cards using Gmail Trello Power-Up

Gmail by Cardbox is free to use with Trello.

Get Gmail by Cardbox (free)

5. Card QR Code

This next Trello power-up is really simple and yet offers a lot of value to your board. You can create a QR code for any Trello card with just one click. It can come in handy when you need to print out the code to make the card information available to your coworkers. You can also use it to quickly open the card on your phone by scanning the QR code. It’s effortless.

create a QR code of the active card in Trello

Card QR Code is free to use with Trello.

Get Card QR Code (free)


Add a little bit of personality to your Trello cards with GIPHY. The power up adds the entire library of GIFs to your Trello board and you just need to search it within the card to add one. GIPHY is completely free for your Trello boards.

giphy power up for trello boards

Get GIPHY (free)

7. Advanced Voting System

Let’s vote on it” is probably the last response you’d get when you can’t decide on something and it is usually the best way forward. The Advanced Voting Trello power-up lets you create polls for a Trello card where users can vote. The votes clearly stay on top of every card and as people start voting, the color changes so that it’s easy to get an idea of the number of votes.

advanced voting system power up for trello to vote and decide

Get Advanced Voting System (free)

8. Show Checklists

Even though checklists are natively available on every Trello card, this power up puts the checklists on the card’s face. Not only this makes it easier to check the boxes, but also streamlines workflow. You can customize the appearance of complete/pending items and decide which items to show on the card. Show Checklists is free to use.

show checklists

Get Show Checklists (free)

9. Custom Fields

By default, a Trello card has a description field, replies, URLs, and image links. However, you can augment this with Custom Fields Power-Up that can greatly enhance the functionality of your board. You can add custom text fields, numbers, checkboxes, dates, and dropdown lists. Custom Fields Trello power up is free for Trello.

custom fields power up for trello

Get Custom Fields (free)

10. Twitter

Twitter is a great channel to get customer queries, suggestions, and complaints. And if your organization has an active handle, you can pull tweets directly to your Trello board. You can simply drag and drop the links and the card would fetch the tweet body, and put an interactive snapshot which you can click to like, comment, and retweet just like an actual tweet. Twitter power-up is completely free for Trello users, just like Twitter.

Twitter Trello Power-Up

Get Twitter (free)

11. Due Next

Due Next is an incredibly useful Trello power up that helps you filter cards based on due dates. It lets you export all the pending tasks as a PDF or an excel sheet which comes in handy while figuring out which tasks are pending and need immediate attention. You can also narrow your search based on labels, lists, and see overdue cards in one place.

Due Next power for trello to pull data in excel sheet

Due Next costs $2/mon for one board with unlimited members.

Get Due Next ($2/mon)

12. Package Tracker

If you deal with a lot of packages and need an organized way to track every product then Package Tracker power-up for Trello will come in handy. It integrates a tracking number directly to the card and updates any changes to the package in real-time. You can connect a tracking number from DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Lasership. It also works with a few international services. Using this power up is completely free.

track all the shipments with package tracker trello power up

Get Package Tracker (free)

13. Private Notes

Any updates you add to Trello card will be visible to everyone on the board which limits you from putting any personal stuff. Private Notes lets you add a description box on a card that would only be visible to you. It’s available for Trello at $2/mo.

private notes trello power up

Get Private Notes ($2/mo)

14. Google Drive

I do a lot of back and forth between Trello and Google Drive to finish my tasks and having Drive power-up on Trello makes a lot of sense. I can quickly search and attach the files saved on the cloud storage to the Trello card. The information is updated in real-time whenever a file or folder is updated, and you can even begin your presentations with a single click.

Google Drive Trello Power-Up

Google Drive is free on Trello.

Get Google Drive (free)

Which Trello Power-Ups Are You Using

These were a few of the useful Trello power ups that I feel will increase productivity when used with your existing workflow. Trello power-ups like Package Tracker, Twitter, and Google Drive connect external services and let you streamline the workflow. Which Trello power-ups do you use? Let me know on Twitter.

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