Truecaller Alternatives: When You Are Forced into Subscription

Truecaller has become a behemoth. It has more than a 100 million active, daily, users and continues to help identify callers around the world. However, other than its shady privacy policy, it was recently banned in Russia and other Gulf countries.

Right now, Truecaller is free and has successfully built one of the largest databases of name/phone numbers in the world by crowdsourcing it from its users. Now, they are toying with the idea of subscription where you pay after your free monthly limit is exhausted. Ouch.

Before we begin

Like Truecaller, most of the following apps collect (and possibly sell) your contact list data. Always remember, if you are not paying for the product, there is good chance that you are the product. Meaning, they are either advertising to you or selling your data to make up for server cost and other expenses required to run the service.

Thankfully, Truecaller does allow you to remove your number from their database. Simply go here and enter the number you’d like to unlink. However, if you are still not satisfied with Truecaller’s privacy policy and if it’s not available in your country anymore, well, we got you covered.

Truecaller Alternatives

1. Showcaller

Showcaller is a small and lite app, sitting at 4mb which can identify calls from people who are not in your contact list. There is a feature to block numbers from which you don’t want to receive calls anymore.

It comes with a T9 dialer which makes searching for numbers and making calls easier. Showcaller has a user base of about 20 million. The app is ad-supported and comes with in-app purchases.

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It comes with smart search and reverse look up. Whenever and wherever you copy a number, Showcaller will identify it. The has a built in call recorder and is also compatible backwards, all the way to Android 3.0.

Download Showcaller Android

2. Whoscall

Whoscall claim to have a database of more than 1 billion numbers with a community of more than 50 million. Not bad. It comes with all the usual features like caller identification and block. They also have a business product called Whoscall card.

It is a paid business solution which aims to increase the chances of your phone call getting picked up considerably. When you call someone who doesn’t have your number stored, instead of showing a normal card with a name that was crowdsourced, it will show a rich card with your business details.


What surprised me was that their website, mentioned on their Play Store page, is not loading at the time of writing this article. This means you cannot reach them via email. After a quick search on Google, I found their new home.

Download Whoscall – Android | iOS

3. Hiya

Hiya is a Truecaller alternative caller ID and blocker app that is free to use and comes with no ads, unlike some other caller ID apps like Truecaller. Before Hiya was rebranded, it was called WhitePages Caller ID. Hiya has a large user base and though the official number has not been disclosed, it runs in the millions.


It is available for iOS and Android platform. One thing that it is missing right now is reverse lookup and smart search.

Download Hiya Android | iOS

4. Trapcall

Trapcall offers something that others fail to. While most caller id apps identify numbers based on the data they have collected from their user base, Trapcall will also identify calls from private numbers.

Have you ever received a blank call that says ‘no caller id’? You can now identify the person hiding behind this feature. This is good for those who are being harassed by stalkers. Now, you can collect evidence to file a police complaint.


They have a pro plan that will also record calls so you can use it as evidence against your digital stalker. The app is free to use but is only available for iOS platform. Hope, it will come to Android soon.

Download Trapcall AndroidiOS

5. CallerSmart

CallerSmart is another Truecaller alternative that will help you identify your caller. What I like about them is the ability to opt out of the whole crowdsourcing of numbers game. You don’t have to share your entire contacts list with them to use their service. Privacy, for once, gets priority.


If someone searches for your name and number, you will know. They provide a map feature where they will show the caller’s location on a map. Pretty cool. CallerSmart maintains a record of past searches too. While the app is free to use, you can buy credits starting at $3.99 to tap into their ‘paid data sources’.

Download CallerSmart iOS

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6. Wide Protect

Wide Protect made the list because it does something that no other caller id and blocker app can do, so far. It can not only identify callers but also help block them by the area codes. So, you enter an area code and all the calls from that area will be blocked forever.


The app will cost you $2.99 but is worth the cost. You can be more specific about the numbers who are calling you from a particular are. Wide Protect has a data base of more than 30 million numbers.

Download Wide Protect iOS

7. Mr. Number

Mr. Number comes from the makers of the popular Hiya app that I shared above. Think of Mr. Number as the more popular sibling of the two.

Like Wide Protect, Mr. Number will identify spam calls and allow you to block numbers using prefixes. This means you can block calls using area codes. Mr. Number also works for phone calls from unknown numbers which makes it useful if you have a stalker.

mr number

The community is active and you can comment on each number you get a call from. This makes it easy to whitelist or blacklist unknown numbers.

It comes with a subscription model that will add features like caller id and name lookups. There is support for reverse lookup.

Download Mr. Number Android | iOS

8. True Contact

True Contact is another run of the mill true caller alternative that will help you identify your caller before you pick up the phone. Like all the others before it, there is a call and SMS block feature.

True Contact differs in its social feature where all the contacts are cross-checked with data found on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. This makes it more reliable because these social media sites need people to verify their profile using their real number. Good call.

true contact

Apart from this, the app works just like the rest of the apps targeting this segment.

Download True Contact Android

9. Drupe

Drupe is not just a caller Id app. It is much more than that. You see, Drupe wants to be your go-to app for everything that is related to your calls and messages. It comes with an intuitive interface that will show itself when you slide from the left of your screen.


There are features like caller ID, call recorder, app shortcuts, themes, GIF caller, and call blocker. There are also a lot of annoying ads that will force you to upgrade to the pro plan that will cost you $3.99. When you upgrade, you will get drive mode, block calls, and more themes.

Download Drupe Android | iOS

Wrapping Up: Truecaller Alternative

These are 8 Truecaller alternatives that are available on Android and iOS platforms. Honestly, there is no one that comes close to the sheer success of Truecaller and because Truecaller is so popular, they also have the largest database of them all.

This is not to say the competition is not good. Apps like Trapcall definitely solves a problem and has found a niche for itself. So, which one are you using?

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