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8 Best Twitch Panel Maker and Panel Templates

by Ravi Teja KNTS
Best Twitch Panel Maker and Panel Templates

Twitch Panels don’t only look cool, they also increase the click-through rate to your profile. So if you want to attract visitors to your website, gain followers on social media, or receive donations on Twitch, then panels are a must-have. There are a lot of services out there that make adding Twitch panels a piece of cake. You can create a Twitch panel easily on your own or take a template and customize it to suit fit needs. Here are all the Twitch panel maker services that you need to check to fill your profile with awesome Twitch panels. Let’s begin.

Twitch Panel Makers and Templates

Before getting started, there are a few things to note:

  • First, the image size should be around 320px wide. But make sure the text is big enough for clear visibility.
  • After creating panels, you can add them from Twitch > Profile Pic > Channel > About tab and enabling the Edit Panels toggle. Here you can add new panels with their description.
  • Finally, you can explore panels from other accounts and choose a color pallette that represents your brand. That way, your profile looks consistent and professional.

Having said that, let’s start the list with an in-built extension for Twitch to create panels.

1. Twitch Extensions

Twitch has many extensions that add different features to Twitch including adding panels to your profile. In the default option, we can only add links to panels whereas extensions can fetch data from other services to display on your Twitch profile. For example, we can create a panel that links to your Twitter profile. But with panels created using extensions, you can add the Twitter feed that shows your latest tweets directly inside the panel.

As these panels work differently, they stand on their own. Some of the best Twitch extensions for panels are Twitter Timeline, OWN3D Design Panels (Free & Animated), My Instagram, and StreamElements Leaderboards.

1. To add them, open Twitch > profile pic > Channel > About and enable the Edit Panels to toggle. Here scroll down and click on the Plus + box to add a new panel

Twitch profile about page

2. Then select the Extension Panel option and click on Extension Manager in the panel that was added.

Adding panel on Twitch

3. In the Discovery tab, you can find all the extensions that Twitch supports. Click on the Install button next to a panel and configure it.

Extension store of Twitch

2. Nerd or Die

Nerd or Die provides everything you need to create Twitch panels from templates like panel and markdown maker. There is an option to submit Twitch panel ideas.

While templates are on par with sources shared in the list, Nerd or Die has the best panel editor. It helps you customize even the smallest aspect of your panel. It will display a live preview of your panel in both light mode and dark mode. Also, the panel maker is completely free to use but you may find a few templates that are paid.

1. Open Nerd or Die and click on the Resources option in the top bar.

Resources option on Nerd or Die

2. On the resources page, scroll down and select Free Twitch Panels.

Nerd or Die free Twitch panels

3. On the next page, you can select the Twitch Panel Templates option to configure the template. You can choose the Create Twitch panels option to design the panel from the scratch.

Nerd or Die twitch panel editor

3. Canva

Canva is an online image editor that is mostly used to create social media graphics, presentations, and blog and YouTube thumbnails, etc. But you can also create Twitch panels. Canva only provides around 20 templates to choose from though. But it features an editor that has hundreds of elements to add on top, tens of effects to choose from, and numerous font styles to select. If you have a Canva pro membership, you get access to premium photos, videos, and elements, making it a no-brainer.

Just open the Canva website and search for Twitch panels. Click on any template to select and begin editing.

Canva Twitch panels

4. OWN3D

OWN3D is famous for creating emotes, badges, avatars, logos, icons, banners, and wallpapers for almost anything related to Discord, Twitch, Streamlabs, and other streaming platforms. Most of the templates on this site are paid but unique which you would expect from a paid product. There are also hundreds of Twitch panel templates to choose from. But OWN3D only sells you the panels and does not provide any editing tool. You get a PSD file, so you can use photoshop or services like Photopea.com to edit the templates.

1. To download panels from OWN3D, hover on the Overlays and Designs option in the top bar and select the Panels option in the drop-down.

Overlays & Designs on OWN3D

2. Here you find all the Twitch templates. Select one and complete the payment process to download panels’ PSD files.

Twitch Panels on OWN3D

5. Place It

Placeit is a product by Envato which provides templates and themes for WordPress websites too. In its sub-brand Place It, it provides mockup designs, logos, thumbnails, and other social media-related templates including Twitch panels. Place It has more templates than any other service, but all are paid and cost more than any other service on this list.

Services like OWN3D have at least 10 panels like About Me panel, Follow Us On the panel, Donate Panel, Rules Panel, etc. On the other hand, Place It has only one panel with no PSD files to edit which costs up to $2.95.

7. Visuals by Impulse

Visuals by Impulse features a Twitch panel editor that is simple to use. You do not have any templates to start with, but the editor makes the process easy even if you build from scratch.

1. Just open the Visuals by Impulse, hover over the Tools option in the top menu, and select Panel maker.

Twitch Panel Maker on Visuals by Impulse

2. Now scroll down to access the online Twitch panel maker. You get many free icons and background art to choose from making it an easy and minimalistic way to edit the panels. Once done, click on the Download panel and use it on Twitch.

Adjusting the Panel on Visuals by Impulse

Templates for Twitch Panels

All these services carry different types of templates and editing options to create Twitch panels. Do you want to stand out from the herd and want to create something unique? Then create them from scratch or hire a freelancer from freelance websites like Fiverr. So that you can have a distinct style of Twitch panels.

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