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8 Best Twitter Apps for iPhone That Are Better Than the Stock

by Kaushal
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The official Twitter client on iPhone offers a satisfactory experience. But there are reasons that would make you consider other clients. For example, you can’t browse the timeline chronologically, customize the lists of topics and other features that third-party clients offer. I have made a list of the 8 best Twitter apps for iPhone that you would prefer over the official one. Let’s begin.

Twitter Apps for iPhone

1. Threads

Threads is a unique Twitter client, for sure. For starters, it has no resemblance to your existing Twitter app and you won’t get any tweets from your followers. Threads offer you a curated timeline that is informative, precisely tailored to your taste, and best of all saved for later reads. Along with different categories, you would find recommended threads that meet certain criteria in the app so that your timeline is never flooded with irrelevant content.

threads - different categories of tweet threads

If you like a thread on Twitter or create one yourself, you can share the thread and other users would discover it. The app is free on the App Store.


  • Save threads for later
  • Categories to easily discover threads
  • Intuitive UI


  • No way to browse actual Twitter timeline.

Get Threads (free)

2. Twidget

iOS Widgets unlock the potential for a lot of useful information on the iPhone Home Screen. Twidget is a simple Twitter widget app that integrates with your account and displays the latest tweets right on the Home Screen. There are no fancy bells and whistles but you can choose the account in case you have multiple accounts. The widget refreshes automatically after 30 minutes on the free tier and you can unlock the option to refresh it every minute for $0.99/mo.

twidget iphone twitter client


  • Ability to choose a specific account to display tweets on Home Screen
  • Custom themes
  • Three sizes of widgets


  • Tapping the widget doesn’t automatically open the tweet.

Get Twidget (free, in-app purchases)

3. Chirp for Twitter

Every Apple Watch user knows that it’s incredibly frustrating that the support for fully-featured apps is scarce. Chirp fills in that void and gives you access to Twitter feed on the wrist. You can draft tweets and send those without ever touching the iPhone. You can also reply to tweets, send DMs, search for users, and browse worldwide trends.

chirp- twitter app for Apple Watch

The app is free to try and has limited features but you can unlock everything with a one-time fee of $4.49.


  • Reply to tweets and DMs with the Apple Watch
  • Customize usernames
  • Browse worldwide trends


  • Still require the iPhone to change basic settings

Get Chirp for Twitter (free, in-app purchases)

4. Birdie

Birdie for Twitter specializes in filtering news from the garbage dump that’s called the Twitter feed. The app can set personal trends that are relevant to you and your followers. It also does some behind-the-curtain magic to hide low-quality tweets and replies made by bots. Once you’ve seen a tweet, it won’t show up again on your timeline, keeping the timeline fresh.

Birdie- Twitter app for consuming news

Birdie is a paid app on the App Store and you can get it for $4.99.


  • News curated from popular news sites
  • Favorite tweets
  • Personalized trends


  • No option to sync feed across the iPhone and iPad.

Get Birdie ($4.99)

5. ttte for Twitter

Most official apps don’t see the point of adding Face ID to apps but ttte has got your back. The native Face ID/ Touch ID integration allows you to keep your Twitter stuff private. Apart from that, the app has plenty of intuitive features that make it a worthy Twitter client for iPhone. You can style your tweets, access multiple accounts, browse in dark mode, and save tweets among other things.

ttte- dark mode twitter app with a tweet counter

One thing that I felt missing from the app was the ability to reply to a tweet on the timeline. You need to open the tweet and only then you can reply. ttte is free to use with limited features and you can unlock everything with a subscription fee of $1.49/mo.


  • Native Face ID integration
  • Tweet Counter
  • App-wide Translator to show tweets in your native language


  • Lacks a reply button on the timeline

Get ttte for Twitter (free, in-app purchases)

6. Tweetbot 6

Tweetbot 6 is the preferred Twitter client when it comes to taking control of the timeline. The app offers a chronological timeline that’s immune to the meddling of the algorithms pushing their will on the user. Apart from that, you can filter your timeline based on rules and keywords, mute people, words, and trends, and create notes on profiles of users indicating why you followed them.

tweetbot app for Twitter

The popular Twitter app for iOS also lets you create custom timelines using lists that can be public or private. Tweetbot syncs with the Mac app and you can continue where you left off easily. The app is free to use with some yellow tape but you can get full access to the features for $0.99/mo.


  • Customize bottom row buttons
  • Custom timelines
  • iCloud Sync between all the devices


  • No Face ID integration
  • No landscape browsing

Get Tweetbot 6 (free, in-app purchases)

7. Twitterrific

Twitterrific promises a clutter-free experience that would make you ditch the official app. There are no ads or promoted tweets, browse chronologically, delete published tweets, customize theme, and use gestures to navigate the timeline. It is one of the few Twitter apps for iPhone users that supports a landscape mode and multi-image support. However, the feature that I like the most is the tweet counter that shows you how many tweets you’ve browsed on the timeline.

Twitterrific user interface

Twitterrific is free to use and has a subscription model that costs $0.99/mo.


  • Gestures to quickly reply to tweets
  • Landscape mode
  • Quick delete
  • Long-press menu within the app


  • Poor trends section

Get Twitterrific (free, in-app purchases)

8. Unfollow for Twitter

I mostly follow people on a whim and usually can’t even remember why I followed them in the first place. I have a lot of dead accounts that I wish to remove this is where this Twitter tool for iPhones comes in handy. Sure it’s not a Twitter client but it’s helpful nonetheless. It gains access to your account and lists the people you follow in the following categories. Their last tweet, who don’t follow you back, you don’t follow them back, new followers, new unfollowers, and the history of people you’ve unfollowed.

unfollow- filter twitter accounts on various parameters

You can use it for cleaning your follower list and stay updated on your new followers and unfollowers. The app is free to use but the new unfollower feature is locked behind the paywall that costs $1.99.


  • Quickly narrow your followers list into different categories
  • Get notified of new followers and unfollowers


  • No option to remove multiple followers at once

Get Unfollow for Twitter (free, in-app purchases)

What’s your Favorite Twitter App for iPhone

These were a few of my favorite Twitter apps for iPhone and the list includes a healthy mix of clients, and accompanying apps that will elevate your Twitter experience. For example, Twidget offers a Home Screen Widget for the iPhone, Chirp offers Twitter on the Apple Watch, and ttte offers Face ID. What’s your favorite Twitter app? Tweet at me.

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