Quicker Way To Unlike Multiple Pages On Facebook

From now to the time you have joined Facebook, you have liked several Facebook Pages. And it’s no wonder that most of them no longer interest you anymore. Although You can like up to 5,000 Pages on Facebook, (source) that may look like a big number to most of you, but trust me if you are on Facebook for more than 2-3 years then this won’t be a big figure for you.

Therefore it’s better to regularly check for the pages that you have liked before but don’t interest you now. But don’t know how? Let find out.

Traditional Way 

To unlike pages on Facebook go to your timeline (by clicking on your name) and hover you mouse over more button > like > other likes. From there you will see all the pages, you have liked from the day you have join Facebook to till now. To unlike these images, hover your mouse on the page’s profile image and you will see the unlike option as a drop down menu.

how to unlike pages on facebook

Although with this method you can unlike multiple pages, however this traditional way of un-liking pages on Facebook is often boring and not to forget, time-consuming. So is there a better way to unlike pages on Facebook fast?

Well the good new is Yes, there are few workarounds (specifically 2) that you can use to unlike multiple Facebook pages.

Method I

Head over to this url on Facebook and you will see a list of all the pages  that you have liked on your Facebook History. To unlike pages you can click on the unlike button in the right side of the page name and it will get automatically change to like. (if that didn’t happen you can refresh the page and unlike pages will get remove)

Method II

Alternatively you can use third-party application to do this. Just head over to Facebook likecleanse.com and grant this application permission to login with your Facebook account. It will load a list of Facebook likes pages, and now you can click on the like button near the page name to unlike it.

like cleanser on facebook

If you have liked to many pages than you may have to repeat this process several times by clicking on the refresh button.

Here check out this video on How to unlike Facebook Page fast using the above mention workaround.

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