How to Unlink Any Service From the Google Assistant

by Ravi Teja KNTS

Linking any service to Google assistant is just as simple as saying “Talk to (that service name)”. For example, you can simply say “Talk to Todoist” to start linking your todoist account to Google Assistant.

But somehow, you don’t have an option to unlink the service with voice, and neither can you do it from the Google Assistant settings. But here’s how to unlink services from Google Assistant

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Unlinking service from the Google Assistant

Open the Google Assistant by saying “Hey Google” or swiping from any of the bottom corners and click on the explore button at the right.

Now you have an option to search, just search for the service you want to unlink and click on the dropdown suggestions. Here you can click on the unlink button to remove the service from the Google Assistant.

To check out all the linked accounts with Google Assistant, scroll down to the bottom in the explore tab and click on the option called “Your actions”.

Here you can find all your linked accounts, just click on the icon at the left and click on the “Unlink” button to remove the service from the Google Assistant.

Wrapping up

From now on “talk to” command will not open the app in the Google Assistant and they also don’t collect any kind of data from the Assistant. If you want to delete the past data with Google Assistant, you can scroll down in the app page and click on the option called “Stop the service from remembering me” and click ok on the pop-up. This will unlink the service from the Google Assistant and also deletes all the past actions with the service on the Google Assistant.

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