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How to Use Firestick with Monitors without HDMI Port?

by Kaushal
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Firestick packs a lot of nifty features in a tiny device and that is one of the reasons I bought a few of those for different TVs in the house. However, I didn’t realize that the TV(technically monitor) in the kitchen doesn’t have an HDMI port. Instead of that, it has a VGA and a DVI port, so I ordered a few of those adaptors to see which adaptors work best. Here is a list of all the ways you can connect Firestick if the monitor doesn’t have an HDMI port. Let’s begin.

The Problem

All the Firesticks have a Male HDMI port and my monitor has a female VGA and a female DVI port. As these ports are not compatible with each other, there are certainly off the shelf products known as adaptors that help you bridge the gap, literally. These are readily available on Amazon but can be confusing as everything looks similar. So I have narrowed it down and listed all the products below.

1. HDMI to VGA Adaptor

It is possible to confuse the orientation and buy an incorrect adaptor. As the Firestick has a Male HDMI port, and the VGA port on my monitor is a female port. We need an adaptor that has this exact configuration. A female HDMI port and a male VGA port. You can buy this HDMI to VGA adaptor from Amazon or anything that looks like the image below. As VGA doesn’t carry an audio signal there is a separate 3.5mm jack which you can use to connect your speakers. You would also have to plug the USB port to a USB port either on your Monitor or using a smartphone charger.

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HDMI to VGA with Audio cable


It worked out of the box but there was some issue with the setup. As soon as I pressed the home button, the Firestick crashed. Upon further research, I realized that changing the resolution of the Firestick to 1080 solves this problem. You can do so by going to Settings> Display and Sounds> Display> Video Resolution> 1080p.

Buy HDMI to VGA Adaptor ($7.98)

2. HDMI to DVI Adaptor

Just like VGA, most DVI ports only carry a Video signal and you’d need an adaptor that outputs video through DVI port and audio through 3.5mm audio jack. I found an adaptor on Amazon for $25 that works really well in our situation and also has an audio port.

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However, this adaptor doesn’t come with a DVI cable in the box so if you have lost the cable that came with your monitor, you can order one from Amazon. This adaptor works and the only limitation is that it doesn’t carry a video signal more than  1080p, so you’ll have to adjust the resolution of your 4K Firestick to 1080p.

Buy HDMI to DVI Adaptor ($10.99)

3. HDMI to RCA Adaptor

Remember the time when DVD players were all the rage and it came with a cable with three colorful ends, if you have one of those old TVs lying around that has an RCA input, you can convert that TV to the Firestick with this HDMI to RCA adaptor.

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It needs a 5V power supply to operate and comes with a mini USB to USB cable that you can plug into any standard adaptor. You can even switch between NTSC and PAL video standards according to your TV.

Buy HDMI to RCA Adaptor ($9.88)

That’s all you need to buy to convert your old TVs and monitors into smart devices powered by Firestick. All of these products relatively small and won’t take much space on the back of your monitor. Let me know if I missed any adaptor that your TV/monitor has. Share your experience with me on Twitter.

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