List of Useful Online Tools for Bloggers

Blogging is not as easy as it sounds. You not only have to produce quality content consistently but also have to create a feature image, check for grammatical and spelling mistakes. And even after you publish your article, you need to make sure no one is copy pasting it on other websites.

Blogging teaches you multiple things, like image editing, video production, proofreading and how to use the web more efficiently. But thankfully, you don’t have to do this from scratch.

So, here are some online tools for Bloggers.

#1 Write or Die

Do you easily get distracted while writing? Like opening Facebook or Twitter, in the middle of your first draft? Well then try WriteOrDie.
It’s a feature rich Text Editor where you words will self-destruct if you stop typing.

Bottomline — Helps you to finish the draft quickly, if you have a deadline.

Write or Die

#2 Grammarly

It’s online tool that checks for your grammar and spelling mistakes in your draft. More efficient than MS Word or Google Docs. I use it all the time.

Once you installed the Grammarly’s Chrome Extension, it’ll auto detects any textual mistake in any text area — whether you are typing on Email, Facebook or WordPress dashboard.

Bottom line– Use it to proof-read your article before publishing


#3 Rhymezone

A simple tool to find the rhyming words or its synonym/ anatomy, etc.

Bottomline: Find better or more appropriate words


#4 CopyScape

This online tool helps you find duplicate content on the web. Useful if you hire a content writer, or if you want to check if someone is stealing your published content. However, both of these services are paid.

In the free version, you can only check for plagiarism for published article (no option to copy paste text).

And guess what, the premium version is pretty cheap (0.05 cents for one post irrespective of its length) So basically, for $5 a month, you can check 100 articles, which is kind of okay for a medium sized blog.

Bottomline: better go for the paid service.


#5 TitleCapitalization

Another simple tool to capitalize title of your article in a right way. Like – AP style, Chicago Manual, etc. Just copy paste the title, and it’ll give the revised title.

Bottomline: Helpful if you want to capitalize a lot of titles from your old posts.


#6 Paletton

It’s my favorite color picker tool. Just tap anywhere on the color palette in the left-side of the screen and it’ll give you colors that compliments it well.

Bottomline: Create feature images for blogs, social media, and YouTube thumbnails.


#7 Ssavr

Share text and photos with anyone on the same WiFi network. Simply type any text or upload a picture in ssavr website, and you can access that same article (even edit it in real time) by visiting the same website from other devices under the same network. No signup require. Simple and quick.

Bottomline: Useful for editing articles in groups.


#8 Pixabay

If you are not into creating a feature image using Photoshop, then use Pixabay. It has the largest collection of Royalty free image, which you can use any way you want. You don’t even have to give credit links. I use this all the time on this blog.

Bottomline: The best resource for getting royalty free images.


#9 Pablo

Quickly create stunning feature images for social media. Use a pre-built template or upload one of your own. Free and no need to create an account to use this service.

Bottomline: Use it for creating images with quotes/announcement for social media.


#10 WpThemeDetector

If the website is using WordPress as the CMS, then simply put its URL in WpThemeDector, and it’ll tell which WordPress theme is that.

Bottomline: It can detect any WordPress Theme, even if it’s heavy customized.


#11 ScamAdvisor

Find out every public detail about the website, like — whois lookup, domain age, web host, WebMaster’s contact info, etc.

Bottomline: Use it verify site credibility


#12 YouTube Video Editor

A decent online video editor from YouTube, which you use, even if you don’t want to publish video on YouTube. Other than the usual trim and music overlay options, which are present on every free video editor, it also has some advanced options like — color correction, motion blur, etc. Similarly,to get free music use their audio library.

Bottomline: Use it if you are publishing videos on YouTube which need basic editing.


Will update the list, as I discover more useful online tools.


#13 Textcraft

Although it’s a logo generator but it’s better suited for designing a cover photo for your social media handles like — Facebook, Twitter or YouTube channel. You can get same results as Photoshop with little effort.


#14 SquareSpace

It’s a side product from the company whose main business is to build websites for small business. But its icon maker is also pretty good. Simply Enter your company name, tagline and select a logo or up from the available template and that’s it. Your logo is ready in less than 30 sec.

Logo maker form square space

#15 Canva

Canva is an online design tool that allows people to easily create beautiful designs using ready-made, highly customizable templates. We use it all the time for YouTube videos thumbnail and poster designing for social media.


#16 HaveIBeenPwned

Find out if your email address was compromised in a data breach. Simply enter your email address and then service will show the list of sites whose database was hacked. You can also get notified when future pwnage occurs and your account is compromised.


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