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10 More Tasker Profiles for Beginners (Part 2/3)

by Mrinal Saha
useful Tasker Profile

Tasker is a powerful automation app. But, it does come with a steep learning curve. Beginners often find it little overwhelmed. 

But trust me, it’s not as complicated as you think. Once you get the basics right, you can make it work for you. We have talked about some simple tasker profile before. And in this post, we will see some more of them, both for beginners and intermediate users.

This post is a part of best Tasker profiles series, you can find part 1 and part 3 here.

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useful Tasker Profile

Best Tasker Profiles

First 5 profiles are covered in this video (at the bottom). And I highly recommended watching it.

Profile #1. Say WhatsApp Notification

Description – If you receive a WhatsApp message while the display is off. Your phone will speak the sender’s name like– WhatsApp message from John. This profile is useful when you are driving.


Context 1 > Click on + sign > Goto event > search for notification > select WhatsApp from the list

Context 2 > Click on + sign > State > Display > Display State > Off


Action 1. > Misc > Say > Under text field type ‘New WhatsApp %NTITLE


Profile #2. Change wallpaper Automatically

Description – Your phone will automatically change the wallpaper every 2 hours.

Before we start, collect all your images (that you want to set as wallpaper) under one folder. They need to have the same file extension for all pictures and file name should follow a sequence like IMG01, IMG02 and so on.


Context 1 > Time > Set ‘from’ and ‘to’ value as you like and repeat every 2 hours.

Context 2 >  State > Display > Display State > ON


Action 1 > Variable > Variable Randomize > give a name to your variable let say %Random, min =1, Max=total no of images you have

Action 2 > Display > Set Wallpaper > paste the path of your folder, followed by %Random and then image extension. For instance, it should look something like this sdcard/DCIM/Camera/IMG%Random.png


Profile #3 Lend Mode

Description – If you lend your phone to your friend and (s)he tries to open your personal stuff (like Facebook messages), then the phone will beep and instead of opening the app, it will go to the home screen. (See advanced video)


Context 1 > Application > Select your private apps


Action 1 > Apps Go home

Action 2 > Alert > Beep

Action 3 > Flash > Enter the message.


Profile #4 Pomodoro Mode 

Description –  When you tap your Android over NFC tags, it starts 25 min timer. During this 25 min, you focus on your work. To avoid any distraction, Tasker will turn OFF all notification. After 25 minis over, your notifications will start again. 

Update: Now, I have now moved to ClearFocus app. It also remembers the task.


To launch this profile, we will use NFC tags and application called trigger.


A1 > Say > ‘Pomodoro mode active, Work now’

A2 > Plugin > Notification OFF (you will need to download this plugin)

A3 > Task > Wait > set the timer to 25 min

A4 > Say > ‘Pomodoro mode deactivated, Take 5 min break’

A5 > Plugin > Notification turn ON

A6 > Say > ‘ Tap your phone to NFC to start Pomodoro


Profile #5 Who is fiddling with my phone

Description – When there are multiple, unsuccessful login attempts, your device will take a discreet picture, then set it up like wallpaper and flash a warning.

You will need to:

1. Download Secure settings plugin from Google Play. No root needed.

2. Grant permission to Tasker and secure setting to get access to your lock screen. Goto to setting > device administration.

3. Allow Tasker to use external apps. Go to preference > misc > check mark ‘Allow External access’


Context 1 > State > Plugin > Secure setting > Configure it by tapping on the small pencil symbol > condition > failed login attempts > max value 4 > check mark ‘device admin enabled’ > save.


A1 > Media > Take photo > select front cam, give any filename you want – let say ‘pic’ and checkmark ‘insert in the gallery’ and ‘discreet’ option.

A2 > Display > Set wallpaper > enter the path of the image, by default, it’s stored at /sdcard/DCIM/Tasker/pic.jpg

A3 > Say > Intruder detected

A4 > Alert > Flash > ‘Now this will be hard to explain

[Profiles not covered in the video]


Profile #6 Sleep Timer

Description – I listen to audiobooks, before falling asleep. But when I wake up in the morning, I found my playlist still playing. But with tasker, I can set up a sleep timer. See gif.

Here we will create Task first.


A1 > Media > Media Control > under cmd select ‘stop’ > go back

A2 > At the bottom right side of the screen, you will notice square grid, tap on that and select any icon you want. Once done exit tasker


To launch this task we will use, inbuilt ‘timer’ from Tasker. Goto to your widget and look for task timer. Press and hold the widget to move it, to your home screen.

Once there, it will launch Tasker and ask you to link task. Select ‘sleep timer’ that you have just created. And that’s it.

Sleep timer with tasker

Profile #7 Speak up Battery Low

Description – When the battery level goes below 10%, the phone start play this song. And also turn ON, battery saver mode by disabling auto-sync, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.


Context 1 > State > Power > Battery level > set the desire battery level. I prefer from = ‘9’ and to ’10’

Context 2 > State > Hardware > USB connected > Any. Check mark ‘invert’ and go back


Action 1 > Media > Music Play > Paste the path of mp3 file, you would like to play.

A2 > Net >Bluetooth OFF , Auto Sync OFF, WiFi OFF

Speak up Battery Low with tasker

Profile #8 Disable lock screen in Home 

Description –  When at home, your lock screen is disabled. But when you go out, the lock screen is activated.

You will need secure settings plugin for this. And it only works with the PIN. Although you don’t need a rooted android but make sure secure settings has access to your device lock screen. See gif.

Create an entry task called ‘Lockscreen OFF’ and an exit task ‘Lockscreen ON’ and then we will link them to Profile.


Task -> Lockscreen ON >Action > Plugin > Secure Settings > Password/PIN > Disable > Save

Task -> Lockscreen OFF > Action > Plugin > Secure Settings > Password/PIN > Enable > enter your pin and save changes


C1 > State > Net > WiFi Connected > Tap on the magnifying glass to select your home SSID. Now select entry task as Lockscreen OFF and exit task as OFF.

Disable lock screen in Home

Profile #9 Where are You [Root]

When you get SMS with specific keywords like ‘#location’. Tasker will turn on GPS and reply with the current location. Useful when you are driving and can’t reply to text manually. Gif  


C1 > Event > Phone > Received Text > enter the code word under content field. Also, Specify caller if you want.


A1 > Plugin > Secure setting > System+ Action > GPS > On

A2 > Get location > Source – GPS

A3 > Phone > Send SMS > Number: %SMSRF, Message: I am here at http://maps.google.com/?q=%LOC


Profile #10 Jessy Pinkman! 

Description: When you bring your device near magnets (like speakers) it will play this music file from breaking bad. But what is the use of this profile? None. Not everything has

But what is the use of this profile? Well nothing, not everything has to be useful.

All credit goes to Reddit user farki.


C1 > State->Sensor->Magnetic field > from 300 to any


A1. Increase media volume

A2. Music play ‘Yeah B****h! Magnets.

Jessy Pinkman tasker profile


Hopefully, these profiles will encourage you to do more with Tasker. But to really understand its true potential, make your own profiles. Experiment a lot. You can follow tasker’s groups on Reddit, XDA and Google+

If you have any ‘profile request’ or suggestion, then let me know in the comments.

Video Tutorial for first 5 Profiles. 


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