7 Best Free Video Editing Apps For Android Without Watermark

Most people are using their smartphones to make videos and capture moments of life passing by. This need to capture and portray actions in a seamless and beautiful way has given rise to a plethora of video editing apps in the Play Store which allows us to do all sorts of things with our videos.

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Free Video Editing Apps For Android Without Watermark

While there is no shortage of video editing apps for Android on Google Play Store, most of them add a watermark in the final video footage, as a way to market their name or force users to upgrade to a paid version. While there is nothing wrong with adding watermarks or making money, if you are looking for basic video editing, thankfully, there are some free options. Today, I will share a list of free video editing apps for android without watermarks. Let’s begin.

1. Video Collage

Video Collage is a cool little app that will help you mix and match songs, backgrounds, and images to create amazing and beautiful photo video collages. You can choose any song you want to play in the background. There are 45 collage and layouts to choose from; some are paid while others are free.


video editing apps without bookmark- videocollage

You can create memes, slideshows, filmstrip, and scrapbook using these frames. There are plenty of other special effects that you can choose to apply in real time on your face while shooting a video. Think Snapchat.

The app comes with a huge community, Twitter style, where you share your work and follow other profiles.

Verdict: While Video collage offers a great way to create photo video collage, it lacks true video editing tools which are used by say, YouTubers.

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2. Timbre

Timbre is another good video editing app for those who are looking to cut, join, split, convert and merge videos as well as audio files. If you don’t like a particular part of the video you just shot, you can easily remove it with the app. Similarly, if you looking to join multiple videos from different angles, Timbre can help.


video editing apps without bookmark- Timbre

Other features include controlling speed, extracting frames, and converting video to audio. There is no limit to the number of files you can manage and join. The app is completely free and comes ad-supported.

Verdict: While Timbre does offer some very useful tools that are much needed by even regular video makers, it still falls short when it comes to the broad array of features that other apps are offering. Also, don’t expect precise video editing from the app as it works in one-second intervals.

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3. KlipMix

KlipMix is another amazing app that is free to use and comes with no watermark. You can easily create a mix of photos and videos and reorder them with a neat drag and drop UI. While it does allow you to add audio and music in the background.

KlipMix feels short of some advanced features, (like the ones I will be covering below). But then again, not everyone needs those features. Some of us are happy with what KlipMix has to offer, an easy and quick way to mix Klips!


video editing apps without bookmark- KlipMix

One cool little feature is the ability to rotate videos. This has happened to me. I shot a video only to realize it is upside down!

Verdict: KlipMix is a smart little tool that will quickly allow you to mix some clips to create a video, with no watermark. It also allows you to share it on Facebook or Instagram.

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4. Google Photos

If you are running stock Android, chances are you already have a decent movie editor built-in – Google Photos. Though to be fair, it’s not exactly a video editor but more like an automatic video editor tool. It allows you to choose a few clips, pick an editing style, and the app will automatically put everything together for you.


video editing apps without bookmark- Google Photos

To get started, fire up Google Photos app and select the photos and video clips you want to use. Next, click the + button on the top right and choose Movie option from the menu. Google Photos is a cloud-based video editor, so you’ll need an active Internet connection to work. While your photos and video clips are uploaded to Google server, you can change the order of your videos, trim them, add text overlay and add movie filters like cinematic or black and white.

Verdict: Google Photos is a good alternative to the popular Magisto app but without the watermark, and it offers unlimited cloud storage.

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5. Quik – GoPro

Quik is another automatic video editor like Google Photos. It comes from the makers of the award-winning GoPro sports camera. Being a huge GoPro fan, I was really excited to test this app.

The app is intelligent enough to automatically find important moments in your videos and add effects and transitions to it. By default, Quik includes a small watermark at the end of the video, but you can easily remove by tapping on the option at the bottom of the screen.

You can choose up to 75 photos and videos to create one video that will play in sync with the beat of the music. Remember how, in the movies, the beats in the soundtrack are used at just the right moment to signify a punch in the face? Something like that.

video editing apps without bookmark- quik


It comes with 23 predesigned video styles to choose from complete with transitions and effects. There are a number of other small features that are beyond the scope of this post. Just try it yourself.

You can also do all this manually, which is recommended because you will have more control over the outcome and understand better how the app works.

Verdict: While the AI/algorithm was not very accurate at figuring out the best moments and shots from each video while editing, the app works great if you have the patience to go the manual route. GoPro is after all the king of action cameras.

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6. Inshot

Inshot is probably one of the better video editing apps on the Play Store. This app lets you edit videos on the go and create original content with a few taps.

You can create a video from the library videos, photos or make a collage. There are plenty of editing options to edit your videos, like – adding a text, stickers to your videos. You can see the immediate preview of how it’d look. You can add multiple videos and audios to stitch it together. Basic editing like adjusting contrast, brightness and color levels is available and works great.

Verdict: Inshot is specially developed for mobile-centric users, mainly vloggers and provides a solution on the go. you can be on the train, flight or sitting on your bed, you can use this app to edit and create videos with this app.

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7. Adobe Premiere Clip

In addition to everything I mentioned above like trim, join multiple clips together, and add your own soundtrack, Adobe Premier Clip comes with a lot of advanced options. You can also use the app to apply basic color correction, which is a rare feature in most Android video editors.

There are certain limitations though, for instance, the titles are very basic, you can’t add them on top of the video. Similarly, you can only add soundtracks at the beginning of the video. If you want to add multiple soundtracks or play audio in the middle of the video, there is no option for that either.

video editing apps without bookmark- Adobe clip

On the other side, if you are adding multiple soundtracks, the app will automatically adjust the volume so there is uniformity. You can also add title slides. Being an Adobe product, there are a number of filters, exposures, and effects to choose from.

Verdict: Adobe Premiere Clip is a simple video editor for android if you are looking to clip, merge or join two clips with single background music.

Install Adobe Premiere Clip

Video Editing Apps For Android Without Watermark

While you won’t find desktop like video editor on Android, if you are looking to make quick edits from your phone, here are some basic video editing software, you can use for free.

I like Quik because it is 100% free, runs without ads, and offers a number of features you did expect from a maker like GoPro. It is a feature rich app which simply works. The algorithm is not perfect but that is not why the app won the Editors’ Choice award. If you are looking for even more options, VideoShow is a cool alternative.

Both the apps allow video editing without watermarks in the final version. So, which one are you using to edit videos?

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