VidMe Shutdown: Check Out The Best VidMe Alternatives

VidMe has shut down and it ain’t coming back. It was a good three-year run and we had a great time sharing and consuming content on the website. VidMe claimed that it had no viable business model to compete against the Behemoths Google and Facebook. Now I won’t deny that I don’t use YouTube and Facebook to consume content but I really liked a platform that was more content-centric first than just for mass appeal. Though there are plenty of options available I feel that I should share some of the most similar alternatives.

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VidMe Alternatives

1. Bitchute

Bitchute is a video hosting platform that works on peer to peer technology. It started out as an alternative due to censorship and demonetization on YouTube. It uses webTorrents to power its platform which means the website has very few servers and costs are low to run the site. It makes the site stand tall against the competition and its liberal content rules make it a better alternative to the giants. The layout is easy to use and familiar which also makes it a very easy to transition.


2. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is the first of the VidMe alternatives to take a look at. Based on its functionality and what people can use off of it, this is considered to be the most traditional kind of player that you can look for.

Dailymotion is a service that gives you access to videos in many categories. Find videos for games, movies, music, sports and much more. The Motiommaker feature also makes it easy for you to get new videos recorded off of your mobile device. The simplicity of what VidMe offers makes it an exciting choice for your use when getting a proper alternative set up.



The Discover feature lets you find information on videos you might be interested in. You can search by category to find videos that you are bound to enjoy. These features are a vital part of what Dailymotion has become one of the top contenders in today’s video streaming and hosting industry.

Pros: Great for promotional use, loads quickly, convenient interface.

Cons: Not all recommendations work properly.

3. Vimeo

Vimeo is an option that is attractive for how it offers a sensible and easy to follow layout. The big part of what makes Vimeo popular is that it offers fewer background items when you are watching a video. It also uses less memory and data when loading up videos, thus ensuring you can have a better streaming experience without distractions or bothersome loading time issues. The design is useful for making it easier for people to find great things while even using a feed that allows for videos to stream regularly and consistently.


Pros: Easy to use, loads fast, works with creativity in mind among its users.

Cons: People cannot upload lots of videos without having to pay extra for doing so. Less entertaining content

4. Metacafe

Metacafe is a unique choice in that its videos are limited to up to 90 seconds each. This limit encourages people to be more creative and inventive with the videos they are producing. The important part of Metacafe is that it provides brief experiences to people who want to see fun videos without them running for long. Lastly, I found the do it yourself section to be pretty addictive.



Pros: Offers a unique experience, easy to lead up videos, various categories available for all desires.

Cons: Ads around the site might be very distracting to some, not all videos are going to be detailed or specific due to time restrictions.

5. Veoh

One of the more interesting solutions for watching videos is to see what Veoh has to offer. Veoh is a popular program that offers many categories of videos to choose from. People can watch movies, see music videos and check out content from various popular channels. The system used by Veoh is thorough and offers many organized categories.

An important part of Veoh is that it offers a great interface that does not take much to load up. The service does not use as many ads or other borders as with other places. This keeps you from being easily distracted when trying to watch videos on Veoh. The simple organization is a popular part of what makes Veoh work for so many people.



Pros: No limit for how long videos can be, categories are clearly labeled.

Cons: Search engine on the program is not as extensive as with other options.

Requires the latest flash player, a service that is being phased out

6. Vevo

Vevo is the next option for you to take a look at. Vevo has become a hit among music fans thanks to how it offers quality music video streaming services. People can get information on their favorite artists and even watch special original shows that highlight all the things that are going on online.

The simple nature of Vevo makes it so you can simply load up videos in no time. You can also search for videos by different types of music genres. You can get access to an individual artist or band pages too, thus giving you full access to many fine videos of value to you.



Pros: Simple layout, offers clear HD quality, various sections and channels let you find videos that are of your interest.

Cons: Only focuses on music, although it does have some shows that are about things outside of music.

Available only in select regions(for instance not available in India), however, you can check out their channel on YouTube

7. Twitch

Twitch works a little differently from other video platforms. This is designed with live events and regular streams in mind. The platform has become synonymous with online gaming as people can watch gaming streams of all kinds from their computers or mobile devices. But over time, Twitch has grown to offer more streaming programs. These include programs where people can catch things in cooking, art and music activities. Some special broadcast marathons are held on Twitch on occasion as well.


This all runs with a simple design where a person can tap on a channel or other section and quickly load up a stream. The design offers a smooth layout that only takes a few moments to use.

Pros: Increasing variety of content for people who aren’t interested in gaming, simple design of the app makes it easy for you to get online to start streaming.

Cons: Not too easy to find particular channels without going through lots of menus.

More of a gaming-centric video platform rather than a generic one

VidMe Alternatives You Should Try

You will need to look at all of these options for VidMe alternatives if you want to keep on enjoying fun videos anywhere you are. These alternatives are different from one another, but they offer many ways for you to get more out of your desire to catch only the best videos around. I like how these VidMe alternatives spread out and offer well-curated content. Personally, it is overwhelming for me if a video streaming platform would offer me quality content like YouTube minus the bloat. Last but not the least, the YouTube is still the king when it comes to content.

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