Easily View Website’s Source Code on Android and iOS

Let say; you came across an amazing website, and now you are curious about its back-end. But the problem is, you are browsing that site, from your smartphone.

If this were your computer, then you would have simply right-clicked on the page and select ‘view page source‘ option. But how do we see the source code in the mobile browser?

Well, You can glad to know that you can also view the source code from the mobile browser as well. 

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View Website’s Source Code on Smartphone – Web Browser

Simply add view-source at the beginning of the URL. Your URL will look something like this




This workaround is limited to the popular mobile browsers like Chrome and Firefox. For other browsers like the Dolphin, Opera Mini, and UC browser (don’t know why you use them), this URL trick won’t work.

But there is still hope left; you can try an app that let you view the source code of the web page.

View Website’s Source Code on Android

If you are a Web-Developer, who needs to see the source code of the page on Android quite often, then the above method might be a little tedious. And using a dedicated app is a better option here.

If you are an Android user then install VT source code– this free app can display the source of any website. Plus it also has the option to save the code, find keywords, adjustable background colors etc.



View Website’s Source Code on Smartphone – iOS

Similarly, if you are an iOS user, then you can try View Source. Although I haven’t tried this app, the review on the app page looks promising. The only downside is, you will have to pay .99$ to get this app.


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