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7 Volume Booster Apps for Android That Actually Works

by Gaurav Bidasaria
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Is your Android loud enough? The answer may depend on your definition of what loud is. Ask any teenager and they are looking for something that can blow their eardrums out. Elders just want to be able to hear again. People like me simply want to boost sound output while traveling the crowded train. Anyways, the moment I started looking for volume booster apps, I stumbled upon another roadblock. It’s not what you think!

Volume booster apps are available a dime a dozen. The problem is finding the ones that actually work, especially without injecting malware on your device, stealing your precious data, infringing upon your privacy, and showing pop-up ads after every damn tap. That’s frustrating and infuriating on a whole different level. Let’s take a look at some volume booster apps that will actually increase your phone’s sound output, without coming across as a jerk. Yeah, I know.

Note that boosting volume of your device beyond reasonable limits may damage your ear drums as well as speakers, causing permanent damage. Use cautiously.

Let’s begin.

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Volume Booster Apps for Android

1. MX Player

MX Player is an excellent all in one media player app that can handle pretty much every file and format you throw at it. Whether you are want to listen to music or watch a movie, MX Player can handle it. I included MX Player in the list because of its unique ability to increase volume by up to 200%. Yes, just like VLC on desktop, MX Player will go over and beyond up to level 30 (by default it’s 15)

volume booster for android 1

You will have to enable the option in Settings. First, enable Volume boost under Audio and then enable HW+ Decoder (local) under Decoder option. Regular sound is denoted by a blue line while volume booster is denoted by a white line.

MX Player is free to download and use, comes with minimal ads which can be removed with an in-app purchase, and original content produced by Times Internet. What else do you want?

Download MX Player: Android

2. BlackPlayer

While MX Player is good and does increases the volume, increasing the sound output whether you are using the speaker or a headphone, it is more suitable for watching videos. If you are looking for an app for music, BlackPlayer is the one. It has a built-in equalizer that supports 10 bands, and there is a dedicated option for boosting the volume.

volume booster for android 2

Together, these two settings can really amp up your music listening experience. The music equalizer comes with some presets while the volume booster can be used as per needs. Black Player also comes with a number of ways to customize the music experience like editing tags, downloading album arts and subtitles, a number of themes with ascents, different ways to customize the library, Chromecast, and Assistant support, and much more.

BlackPlayer will cost you just $0.99 and change the way you listen to music.

Download BlackPlayer: Android

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3. Equalizer

There is nothing better than an equalizer to control sound and increase volume of your smartphone while listening to music or watching videos. However, you don’t have to download media and music player apps just for that one simple need. If you already have your favorite apps, you can just download a dedicated equalizer app. Generic name but works like a charm. Check out the sound amplifier for boosting the volume.

volume booster for android 3

The equalizer app will increase the sound input on a global level, rather than being limited to a specific app as we saw above. It comes with a number of presets but you can also create your own, if you choose to. Got a favorite music app like Spotify or Apple Music? Equalizer will work with any and all third-party apps. Equalizer will cost you $1.99.

Download Equalizer: Android

4. Volume Booster (GOODEV)

Volume Booster, another generic name, comes with a warning that using the app might damage the speaker and distort the sound. I agree. The app works and is powerful. I would suggest using a low or a small number initially, and take it from there. Don’t push more than necessary. If you feel the sound is getting distorted, reduce immediately.

volume booster for android 4

Having said that, Volume Booster for Android works nicely and globally, whether you are using headphones or speaker. The app is free to use but comes ad-supported. The ads are not obtrusive and in your face, but there is no way to remove them with an in-app purchase either. This is not an equalizer app, so no way to increase bass or treble independently.

Download Volume Booster (GOODEV): Android

5. Viper4Android Audio Effects (Rooted)

Do you like flashing new customized ROMs and trying dev apps? Got a rooted droid? Viper4Android is probably the best volume booster and sound enhancement app, hands down. The list of features is too long to even cover here but I will begin with the amplifier features. Really increases the volume.

volume booster for android 5

There are different settings for speaker, Bluetooth devices, and wired headphones. More control over how loud you want the sound to be on different settings and occasions. There is also an equalizer if you need that. On top of it, the app is completely free. Kudos, dev team.

Download Viper4Android Audio Effects: Android

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6. Precise Volume

It is well-known that you can increase the volume by default from 1 to 15, one step at a time. Third-party volume booster and media apps like MX Player take it to 30 but that’s still not enough control. How about 100? Precise Volume wants to give you more control over volume. You can now control sound output between 1 and 100, so its never too loud or too low when you move just a single step. A more fine-tuned approach to increasing sound.

volume booster for android 7

Other notable features include an equalizer with custom presets that are customized for different devices like Bluetooth, speakers, and so on. When you plug in or connect, it will ask you to choose a preset automatically. This feature is available in the pro version that can be unlocked with an in-app purchase. The app is otherwise ad-supported.

Think 100 is too much? The dev claims to offer up to 1,000,000 volume levels in the pro plan. I am not even checking that out. That’s way too much!

Download Precise Volume: Android

7. Sound Amplifier

This next app is from Google is not really a sound booster app, rather, for people who have difficulty hearing.  It works like an Ear Machine, i.e. it amplifies the ambient sounds using the phone’s mic. Though do keep in mind, this feature only works with wired headphones.

Sound Amplifier is natively installed in all the Pixel 3 devices and you can activate the app from the accessibility settings. Others can download it from the Play Store. The app doesn’t have an interface and runs silently in the background. You can fine-tune the settings and adjust the boost in the Accessibility menu. Sound Amplifier is just of beta and now support devices with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above.

apps for old people- Sound Amplifier

Install Sound Amplifier (Android)

Volume Booster for Android

If you have a rooted Android phone then there is no better sound management app than Viper4Android. It has too many features to not install. If you want more control over sound and want it to be just at the right setting, go for Precise Volume. You should probably get MX Player whether you want a volume app or not because it is simply that good. Same goes for Black Player but for audio files. So, which app are you using and why?

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