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How to Watch Netflix and Disney+ with PureVPN

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Netflix and Disney+ are among some of the most popular streaming services that offer a huge catalog, ease of access, multiple devices support, and unfortunately also geo-restriction. It has been a constant battle between consumers and streaming services and if you ever wish to access geo-restricted content from the comfort of your home then a good VPN is your best bet. In this article, I will show you how to access Netflix and Disney+ using PureVPN. Let’s begin.

Streaming companies have licensing deals with film studios which restricts them from streaming outside the allowed countries. As a consumer, you do get to access all the content if you’re in that country but it becomes an annoyance if you try to access it from anywhere else.

Enter PureVPN. PureVPN claims that it offers a seamless experience, fast speeds, anonymity, and security while connected to their VPN. They also offer some interesting features such as split tunneling, Internet Kill Switch, multi-logins but I will focus on using PureVPN to stream geo-restricted content on Netflix and Disney+.


Watch Netflix and Disney+ with PureVPN

The first step is getting the subscription plan for PureVPN from their website. PureVPN supports a wide range of devices, you can get it for Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

list of devices supported by purevpn

Once you have the app installed on your device, simply log in with the PureVPN credentials and choose a mode. There are plenty of modes that offer different services such as Stream, Internet Freedom, Security/Privacy, P2P File Transfer, and Dedicated IP. The best mode to watch Netflix is Stream.

After selecting the Mode, it will ask you to choose a server, you can start by selecting a server located in that country and hit connect. For example, I live outside of the US and wanted to browse the US catalog so I chose a US server.

Once the VPN connection is active, start browsing the catalog and search for the titles exclusive to that country. It should show up as normal. The Office (US version) isn’t available in my country but browsing with PureVPN brings it right up.

However, if you do encounter an error, simply select another server that is less popular such as Columbus, Atlanta, etc. In my experience, I have noticed that not every server works for everyone, so keep on trying what works for you and favorite it so that it becomes easier to connect next time.

Watch Disney+ with PureVPN

If you’re reading this section then Disney+ is probably not available in your country yet. Disney is set to roll out the service in other countries periodically but you can still get the service even if you live outside the US.

All you need is an international Credit Card, An Android smartphone, and a VPN to access Disney+. I’ll link the article here so that you can do that for yourself. Keep in mind, you’ll have to keep the VPN active and select a US server during the entire process to get the Disney+ subscription.

Once you get the subscription rolling, you can simply connect to the US server on the PureVPN app and start browsing. Just like Netflix, it also presented me with some problems at first but once you find out the best settings, everything else is a cakewalk. In my case, I tried with the Stream mode which didn’t work on my Mac but switching to security and Privacy profile resolved all the problems.

How’s the speed?

To stream HD content on Netflix and Disney+ a minimum speed of 5Mbps is required. I tested this on my 8Mbps ISP and got 6.86Mbps which is still greater than the minimum requirement for streaming. The numbers are not an accurate representation and therefore I connected the PureVPN app and played a few episodes back to back with zero buffering.

How Much PureVPN costs?

PureVPN is a subscription-based VPN and has three major plans; monthly, yearly, and a five-year subscription plan. The most cost-effective five-year plan costs $1.32/mo, the yearly plan costs $5.81/mo (charged annually), and the monthly plan costs $10.95/mo. At the time of writing this article, PureVPN is running a Christmas Sale and giving you an 88% discount bringing down the effective price of the five-year plan from $657 to just $79.

Overall, I have been using PureVPN on Netflix and Disney Plus for quite some time now, and haven’t faced any problems yet. There are times when some servers are slow however, trying different servers fixes that issue. Do you use PureVPN? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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