How To Watch Netflix Together With Remote Friend (Android | iOS)

If your significant other isn’t always around – especially if you are in long-distance relationships – it becomes much harder to watch your favorite shows together. While, there are so many tools out there that let you watch Netflix together with friends online, most of them only work for your computer. What if you want to do it on Android and iOS?

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To watch Netflix together on your PC, you can use Google Chrome extension, called Showgoers for Netflix, regardless of where they are. Simply install the add on, open the video you want to watch together, tap on the showgoers icon and share the link with your friend. his app will take care of synchronizing playback, which means if you one of you pause the video, it stops playback in both devices and there even has a group chat feature, so you can talk to your friends

However, there was no app that will let you watch Netflix together on your Android or iOS device.

Fortunately, there is a new app in town called Rave, that let’s you  sync your Netflix playback with remote friends. It’s free, available for both Android and iOS. So, let’s check it out. Shall we.

Watch Netflix Together on Android and iOS

1. Head over to the Google play store on your Android device and download the Rave app. And then do the same for iOS.

Watch Netflix Together

2. Once that’s  done, open the app, and you’ll see bunch of options, you can either join other people and see what they are seeing or you can create your own rave. Rave not only works for Netflix but also supports, YouTube, Reddit, Vimeo, and other files stored on your cloud like Google drive or Dropbox.

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Tap on Netflix. If it’s your first time, you’ll have to login to your Netflix account, since it’s a paid service, even if you keep your Netflix rave public, only the people with active Netflix subscription could watch it.

open rave app

3. Next, select the show you want to watch with your remote friend. It’ll take few seconds to start playing the video. As soon as it does that, pause the video.

You’ll to share the link with your friend so, that they can watch the video as well. Remember, you’d both need  the rave app and an active Netflix account. in case you are wondering, yes, it works when both people are logged in from same Netflix account, just make sure you have a plan for at least 2 screens or above.

To share the link, look for a small share icon at bottom right of the screen. You can just email them or share it with your Facebook or phone contacts.

rave is the new rave

 4. Move on to the other device, click on the link which will open it with the rave app, if the app is not installed, you need to do that first

rave in email

Once the app opens, it’ll ask you to login to your Netflix account since it’s your first time and then it’ll start playing the video on both devices with the same playback.

house of card is doomed now

If the host stops the video, the playback will stop on both devices. You could also talk and chat while your at it.

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Wrapping Up: Watch Netflix Together

One cool thing about rave is that it can also play the video in the background.for both Netflix and YouTube. And if you are running Android 8.0 then it’ll play Netflix in picture in picture mode as well. Overall, the app does what it says and has one of the most brilliant UI.

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