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Top 6 Ways to Fix Apps Not Installing on Amazon Fire TV Stick

by Parth Shah
fix apps not installing on fire tv

Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the popular streaming devices out there. Amazon offers several Fire TV products at different price ranges. Thanks to its ever-growing popularity, the Amazon AppStore is packed with all the major apps. But the issue arises when apps fail to install on Fire TV Stick. If you frequently face the same, here are the best ways to fix the problem.

1. Check Network Connection

If your Fire TV Stick faces network issues, none of the tricks will work. Follow the steps below to confirm an active network connection on your Fire TV Stick.

1. Head to your Fire TV Stick home screen and move to Settings by selecting the cog icon on the right.

open fire tv settings

2. Open the Network menu.

open network menu on fire tv stick

3. Connect to a 5GHz Wi-Fi frequency from the following menu.

open wi-fi properties in fire tv stick

4. Press the menu button on your Fire TV Stick remote.

5. Check the connection status from the following menu.

network status on fire tv

6. If it says Connected to the internet, click Run Speed Test to confirm fast internet speeds.

run speed test on fire tv stick

If your Fire TV Stick stays connected to Wi-Fi without the internet, read our troubleshooting guide to fix the problem.

2. Restart Fire TV Stick

Rebooting your Fire TV Stick is one of the quick ways to solve small glitches with your streaming device. There is no harm in restarting your Fire TV Stick before you go down with unorthodox methods like Downloader to install APK files.

1. Go to your Fire TV Stick settings (refer to the steps above).

2. Click My Fire TV.

open my fire tv stick menu

3. Select Restart from the following menu.

restart fire tv stick

You can also restart your Fire TV using the remote. Keep pressing the play/pause and select button for 3-5 seconds, and the system will reboot. After restarting your Fire TV Stick, head to Amazon AppStore and install apps without any issues.

3. Check Fire TV Stick Storage

Most Fire TV Stick models come with only 8GB of space. Out of 8GB, around 2.5GB is reserved for system apps, leaving you with 5.5GB space to use out of the box. When you install dozens of apps and games from the Amazon AppStore, you may run out of space and face issues with app installation. Here’s how you can check the remaining space on your Fire TV Stick and free up some storage.

1. Go to Fire TV Stick Settings (check the steps above).

2. Open the Applications menu.

open network menu in fire tv stick

3. You can check the remaining internal space from the following menu.

manage installed apps on fire tv stick

If you are indeed dealing with low internal space, follow the tricks below to clear the cache and uninstall irrelevant apps.

1. Open the Applications menu in Fire TV Stick Settings (refer to the steps above).

2. Select Manage Installed Applications.

fire tv stick manage installed apps

3. Find unnecessary apps from the following menu and select them.

Open apps menu in Fire TV

4. Select Clear cache to keep the app installed on your Fire TV Stick.

clear app cache in fire tv stick

You can uninstall the app from the same menu. Repeat the same for all irrelevant apps. Once you have ample storage, head to Amazon AppStore and start installing apps without breaking a sweat.

4. Check Your Amazon Account Payment Method

Are you trying to purchase an app or game on Fire TV Stick? If you have an outdated payment method on your Amazon account, you will continue to run into errors. Let’s update your credit card on Amazon, shall we?

1. Visit Amazon online and sign in with your account details.

2. Select your Amazon account from the top right corner.

open amazon account in fire tv stick

3. Click Payment options.

check amazon payment options in fire tv stick

4. Select Set a preference under Payment method.

Once you set a payment method for your Amazon account, purchase apps and game without any issues.

5. Download Apps Using Downloader App

Since Fire OS is based on Android, you can easily sideload apps from the web. Downloader is one of the best third-party apps to install APK files on a Fire TV Stick. Here’s how you can install Downloader on your streaming device.

1. Select Find (magnifying glass icon) from the Amazon Fire TV Stick home screen.

search on fire tv stick

2. Click search and type Downloader.

open downloader in fire tv stick

3. Open the app info menu and install the app on Fire TV Stick.

downloader on fire tv

Before you install APK files from the web, make sure to tweak developer settings on your Fire TV Stick. Read our dedicated post to learn the entire process in detail.

6. Update Fire OS

If none of the tricks work, it’s time to update the Fire OS.

1. Open the My Fire TV menu in Settings (check the steps above).

open about menu fire tv stick

2. Select About and click Check for updates.

install fire tv stick update

Download and install the latest Fire OS update.

Enjoy Streaming Apps on Your Fingertips

You can also temporarily rely on the web version to stream your favorite TV shows and movies. You should launch the Amazon Silk browser and visit Netflix or Disney+ web version to set up your perfect weekend.

Do you own an iPhone? Here’s how you can mirror your iPhone to Amazon Fire TV Stick today.

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