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Top 10 Ways to Fix Netflix Not Working on Apple TV

by Parth Shah
Troubleshoot Netflix not working on Apple TV

Netflix has official apps for most smart TV platforms, including Android TV, Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV. With original TV shows, movies, and a vast entertainment library from partner companies, Netflix is indeed one of the most popular streaming apps. However, your weekend plan may be ruined when Netflix stops working on Apple TV. Here are the top ways to fix the problem.

1. Check Wi-Fi on Apple TV

You should first check the network connection on your Apple TV. If your Apple TV is connected to a slow Wi-Fi network, Netflix may not work as expected.

1. Open Settings from your Apple TV home screen.

Settings on Apple TV

2. Scroll down to the Network menu.

Network on Apple TV

3. Connect to a robust and fast Wi-Fi network.

4. Check signal strength from the same menu.

Wi-Fi on on Apple TV

You can download Speedtest from the Apple TV App Store and check network speeds on your TV.

Network speeds on Apple TV

2. Restart Netflix

You can restart Netflix and try playing your favorite TV shows and movies again.

1. Double-press the home button on your Apple TV remote.

2. Find Netflix from the recent apps menu.

3. Swipe up using the touchpad and close it.

Restart Netflix on Apple TV

4. Open Netflix and see if it’s working or not.  

3. Check Netflix Payment Details

The company can’t renew your subscription if you have outdated payment details on Netflix. You need to update payment details with a new method.

1. Head to Netflix on the web and click your profile photo in the top right corner. Select Account.

Open Netflix account

2. Click Manage payment info.

Manage payment info on Netflix

3. Update your payment details, and Netflix should start working on your Apple TV.

Change netflix payment method

4. Enable Background App Refresh for Netflix

If you have disabled the background app refresh for Netflix, the app may not work as expected on your Apple TV.

1. Open Apple TV Settings.

2. Select Apps.

Apps on Apple TV

3. Scroll to Netflix.

Netflix in settings on Apple TV

4. Enable Background App Refresh from the following menu.  

Background app refresh on Apple TV

5. Restart Apple TV

If none of the tricks work, restart your Apple TV and try playing Netflix content again.  

1. Head to Apple TV Settings.

2. Scroll to System.

System on Apple TV

3. Select Restart from the following menu.

Restart Apple TV

You can also disconnect Apple TV from your TV and connect it again.

6. Pick a Relevant Netflix Plan

You may quickly reach the device limit for cheaper Netflix plans. For example, Netflix Basic and Standard plan only offer simultaneous streaming on one or two devices. Upgrade to a higher Premium plan to unlock more devices and 4K streaming.

1. Open your Netflix account on the web (check the steps above).

2. Select Change plan and pick Netflix Premium.

Change Netflix plan

7. Remove Unknown Devices from Your Netflix Account

Most Netflix plans come with device limits. For example, Netflix Premium lets you stream content on four devices simultaneously. If others use your Netflix account on their devices, it may reach the device limit and stop working on your Apple TV. You can follow the steps below to remove irrelevant devices connected to your Netflix account.

1. Visit Netflix on the desktop and sign in with your account details.

2. Click your account picture in the top right corner and open Account.

Open Netflix account

3. Select Manage access and devices.

Manage devices on Netflix

4. Hit Sign out beside unnecessary devices.

Sign out from Netflix devices

8. Reinstall Netflix

A buggy Netflix app on your Apple TV may cause problems during streaming. You should delete Netflix from your Apple TV and install it again from the App Store. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Open Apple TV Settings and select the General menu.

General menu on Apple TV

2. Select Manage Storage under the Usage menu.

Manage Storage on Apple TV

3. Hit the delete icon beside Netflix.

Remove Netflix on Apple TV

4. Select Delete to confirm your decision.

Delete Netflix on Apple TV

5. Open the App Store. Install Netflix and sign in with your account details.

9. Check Netflix Status

When Netflix servers face an outage, the service doesn’t work on your devices, including Apple TV. You can visit Downdetector and search for Netflix to confirm the problem. If Netflix is indeed facing downtime, you may see high outage spikes and recent user comments facing the same. Once Netflix fixes server-side issues, open the app on Apple TV and start playing TV shows and movies.

10. Update tvOS

Apple frequently releases new tvOS updates to add new features and fix bugs. Updating tvOS to the latest version fixed Netflix not working on the Apple TV issue in no time for us. It’s worth a try.

1. Select System in Apple TV Settings (check the steps above).

2. Click Software Updates under the Maintenance menu.

Update tvOS

3. Click Update Software to install the latest tvOS build on your Apple TV.

Enjoy Netflix on Apple TV

There is no true alternative to Netflix. The company’s original shows are available on the platform only. What are you waiting for? Troubleshoot Netflix on Apple TV and complete Ozark.

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