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Top 8 Ways to Fix No Sound on Samsung Galaxy Phones

by Pankil Shah
Top 8 Ways to Fix No Sound on Samsung Galaxy Phones

It’s only natural to get frustrated when the speaker on your Samsung phone stops working all of a sudden. While the exact reason behind the issue could vary anywhere from misconfigured settings to a conflicting third-party app, going through the troubleshooting tips mentioned below should help fix the no sound issue on your Samsung Galaxy phone. 

Before We Begin

Let’s do some preliminary checks before moving on to the advanced solutions. Firstly, you should inspect your phone’s speaker for any dirt or debris. Remove your phone’s case and clean the speakers with a dry cloth if it’s filled with dust or grimes.

Wet Samsung Phone

Another reason why the speakers may not work or produce distorted sound is if your phone is wet and the water is trapped in the speaker mesh. In that case, you’ll have to let your phone dry for some time before checking the speakers again.

1. Check Sound Settings

You can start by checking the sound settings on your Samsung Galaxy phone to ensure that it isn’t muted. Here’s how.

1. Open the Settings app on your phone and go to Sounds and vibration

Sound and Vibration on Samsung Phone

2. Set the Sound mode to Sound.

Sound Mode on Samsung Phone

3. Next, tap on Volume and use then sliders to increase the volume level.

Volume on Samsung Phone

Now check to see if the speakers are working fine.

2. Use Samsung Members App to Test Speakers

Samsung Members is a useful app that allows you to perform numerous diagnostic tests on your phone. You can use it to test your phone’s speakers and rule out any hardware-related issues. 

1. Launch the Samsung Members app on your phone. Navigate to the Get help tab and tap on Diagnostics.

Samsung Members App

2. Next, tap on the Speaker option and then hit the Play button. 

Test Speaker on Samsung Phone

If you can hear the sound, then your speaker isn’t damaged and you should be able to get it to work again with one of the solutions below.

3. Turn Off Bluetooth

If you’ve enabled Bluetooth on your phone, then it will automatically connect to a paired Bluetooth device when in range. As a result, the audio will get redirected to your Bluetooth device, leading you to believe that the sound isn’t working.

To eliminate this possibility, you can turn off Bluetooth by accessing the Quick Settings panel.

Turn Off Bluetooth on Samsung Phone

4. Disable Separate App Sound

If the no sound issue on your Samsung Galaxy phone is limited to one or two apps, then you can check the Separate App Sound settings on your phone. When enabled, this feature allows you to play sounds from that specific app through a different audio device other than your phone. Here’s how you can disable it.

1. Open the Settings app on your phone and go to Sounds and vibration

2. Scroll down to tap on Separate app sound and toggle off the switch next to Turn on now.

Turn Off Separate App Sound

5. Disable Do Not Disturb

If you’ve accidentally enabled the Do Not Disturb mode on your phone, then it will not ring for calls or play notification sounds. To disable Do Not Disturb mode, head over to the Settings app and navigate to Notifications > Do Not Disturb.

Do Not Disturb Mode on Samsung Phone

Make sure Do Not Disturb is turned off. Further, ensure that it isn’t configured to turn on automatically on schedule. 

Turn Off Do Not Disturb Mode on Samsung Phone

6. Disable Hearing Enhancements

One UI allows you to mute your Samsung phone entirely from the Accessibility settings. If you’ve been fiddling with your phone’s settings, then it’s likely that you’ve silenced it from there.

1. Open the Settings app on your phone and navigate to Accessibility.

Accessibility Settings on Samsung Phone

2. Go to Hearing enhancements and turn off the switch next to Mute all sounds.

Mute Sound on Samsung Phone

7. Try Safe Mode

At this point, if you’re still facing the no sound issue on your Samsung phone, then you can try booting it in Safe Mode. This will allow you to determine whether the problem is caused solely by a third-party app running in the background.

To boot your Samsung phone into Safe Mode, follow the steps below. 

1. Press and hold the power button until you see the power off icon. 

2. Long press on the power off icon and then tap on the green checkmark to boot in Safe Mode.

Boot Samsung Phone in Safe Mode

If the sound is working alright in Safe Mode, then it’s definitely one of the third-party apps that are causing the issue. You’ll have to remove any recently installed apps to see if that works.

8. Install Software Updates

If the sound not working issue is only occurring due to a bug in One UI, then it shouldn’t take long for Samsung to fix the issue via a software update. You can look for any pending software updates by heading over to the Software Update section in the Settings app.

Software Update on Samsung Phone

It’s All About the Sound

Working your way through the above mention solutions should get the speakers to work again. In the unlikely event that it does not, you can consider visiting the nearest service center for further assistance.

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