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6 Waze Features That Aren’t Even on Google Maps

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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While Google Maps is the most popular Maps app, Waze also has a few tricks up its sleeve. Most importantly features such as police alerts, support for audiobooks, speed limit, share your ride details are better and cleaner than what Google Maps offers. Other than that, Waze has few features that aren’t even available on Google Maps. Let see them in detail.

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Waze Features that aren’t even on the Google Maps

1. Alerts

Alerts are the biggest reason that separates Waze from Google Maps. Waze has a community-based Maps app that allows users to notify each other about things like Police, Speedcam, Crashes, Traffic Jams, Constructions, etc. You can do that by tapping on the comment icon below the app’s homepage and tap again on the related alert button. Then you can provide additional information about the alert for things like how big the crash is, is police visible or hidden, etc.

2. Pre Plan your Rides

You can plan a ride on Waze and set a time for the destination. Though you can keep reminders on many apps, the reminder provided by Waze is a bit different as it reminds you according to your location. For example, if you are 15 mins away from the planned destination, it reminds you before 20 mins thus notifying you in the correct time depending on the distance rather than a generic five to ten minutes before.

3. Use your own voice for directions

Unlike Google Maps, which uses a system-generated voice for directions, you can import your own voice in Waze. You can even change the dialog just like you need instead of the boring “turn right”, “You’ve arrived” dialogs. You can do that by clicking on the speaker icon at the bottom > More Sound settings > Waze Voice and click on record your own voice option at the top. Here you need to record around 40 dialogs like “In 200 meters”, “Take a second exit”, etc. Once done, you can save them by giving it a name and enabling them. You can edit your recording in the future. But make sure, the recordings are clear and accurate as they guide you on the read.

4. Speedometer and Speed Limit

Just like Google Maps, Waze also knows the speed limit of each road and shows a speedometer at the bottom left of the screen. But unlike Google Maps, Waze actually notifies you when you are driving faster than needed. Anyhow, the speedometer is disabled by default, but you can open settings > Speedometer and enable it from there.

5. Avoid Toll Roads, Dirt Roads, difficult intersections, etc

As said, Waze is all about directions and navigation. So the features like avoiding particular roads can always come to handy. You can avoid dirt roads and difficult interactions which are hard to drive.  You can add all your toll passes and the system will show directions avoiding remaining tolls. Waze also provides options to avoid ferries and freeways. Anyhow, similar to Google Maps, Waze also suggests roads depending on the vehicle you are traveling.

6. Plays audio from many more services

Google Maps only supports Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Google Play Music. If you are using any other service, you need to switch apps while driving for changing songs or even pausing in between. Whereas Waze supports other services also as Tidal, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Deezer, and other radio services. Waze also supports podcast and audiobook services like Castbox and Audiobooks.com. Anyhow, Waze doesn’t support Apple Music.

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