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6 Best Weather Apps for Samsung Galaxy Devices

by Parth Shah
weather apps for Galaxy phones

Samsung is on roll with a successful launch of the Galaxy S21 series worldwide. The company also got a big thumbs up from the critics for its Android skin – OneUI 3. However, one con remained the same among all the reviews – An excessive number of ads from Samsung’s default apps. Users can always opt-out of the behavior, but you can’t turn off ads from apps like Weather and Samsung Feed. If you are tired of constant ads from the default Weather app then it’s time to look for alternative weather apps for Samsung Galaxy devices on the Play Store.  

Weather Apps for Samsung Galaxy Devices 

Whether you buy a $200 Galaxy phone or opt for a $2k Galaxy Fold device, the number of ads in the Weather app remains the same. Let’s take a look at some of the best Weather apps for your Samsung Galaxy device.  

1. CARROT Weather  

CARROT Weather is one of those apps that debuted on iOS and finally made its way to the Google Play Store and Android devices. This weather app offers a unique personality when looking at forecasts while offering accurate forecasts with Dark Sky’s weather data. There are also customizable widgets, and even a built-in game to help make it one of the most fun weather apps. 

carrot weather for android

The company recently released a huge update to the iOS app with several customization options. Let’s hope the developers bring the same treatment to the Android side as well.  

Get CARROT Weather  

2. ClimaCell Weather Assistant  

ClimaCell is one of the best weather apps for not only Samsung but other Android phones out there. The app offers detailed minute-by-minute forecasts, rain and snow alerts, air quality maps, and wind speeds. 

Multiple locations support is my favorite from the feature list. For example, you can set your home and work location and view both location’s current temperature right from the home screen widget. 

climacell for android

ClimaCell also comes with Google Calendar integration inside it. I like how ClimaCell offers a bunch of widgets to choose from. You can glance at all the relevant information such as predictions like if there will be rain or snow in the next hour or not. It also displays AQI levels and mentions if it’s healthy, moderate, or hazardous for you. 

Get ClimaCell Weather Assistant

3. AccuWeather

It’s a well-known name among Samsung weather app users for a reason: AccuWeather delivers tons of data, including wind speed, UV, and humidity. But the most valuable piece of info is its RealFeel index, which tells you how hot or cold you’ll feel based on those factors. The interface is clean and puts all the important info at the top, and there are live maps so you can track incoming storms. 

accuweather for samsung phone

The free AccuWeather app is riddled with banner ads. You can purchase an ad-free version at $3.99  

Get AccuWeather  

4. The Weather Channel 

The Weather Channel is free, comprehensive, and has just about everything you need to keep an eye on the sky. The app automatically changes themes based on your location and provides current weather plus hourly weather for the next two days and forecasts up to 15 days in advance. You can set the app to automatically notify you of severe weather alerts as well.

the weather channel for samsung

Android users get a dynamic home screen option that changes based on time, location, and weather and tell you whether the weather’s right for a variety of seasonal outdoor activities. The app is free, but a $10 per year premium version ditches the ads, offers 24-hour future radar, and 96 hours of the extended forecast. 

Get The Weather Channel 

5. Today Weather 

This friendly weather app for Samsung will greet you by your name and showcase weather information from one of the user-selectable sources including AccuWeather and Dark Sky.

Those of you with phones that have AMOLED displays will especially like this app due to its dark theme. A lot of effort was put into the design of this app to make it look as good as it does. The colorful icons and data visuals are set against a black background which makes everything easy to read briefly. 

today weather for samsung

If you’re looking for a weather app for Samsung that’s black as night and will help you see what’s coming on a dark and stormy night, Today Weather is for you. The premium version will remove ads, allow changing icon sets and data sources, and unlock the radar options. 

Get Today Weather 

6. 1Weather 

1Weather has been around for a long time and it’s still a favorite among many Samsung Galaxy users. The design utilizes easy to read icons and weather backgrounds so you can quickly get an idea of the conditions. All of the traditional features, such as a wide variety of forecasts, live radar, severe weather alerts, and more. 

1weather for galaxy device

1Weather is a beautiful weather app with a bounty of customization options and a dozen weather widgets that can be customized six ways to Sunday.  

Get 1Weather 

Ditch Samsung Weather App

No one appreciates ads in the default Weather app after spending $1000+ on the latest Galaxy device. If you in the same boat as me, then go ahead and download any of the third-party Weather apps for Samsung Galaxy devices from the list above.  

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