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8 Best Weather Widgets for iPhone to Get Custom Forecast

by Kaushal
best weather widgets iphone

Widgets on iOS 14 unlock a lot of potential for customizations and if you’re a weather nerd like me, you would want the latest weather information right on the Home Screen. Surely, there are a ton of weather apps out there but widgets condense all the important information in a small window on the Home Screen. That’s why I have made a list of some of the best weather widgets for iPhone that you would love to place on the Home Screen.

Weather Widgets for iPhone

You need iOS 14 or higher for widgets to work.

1. Weather Fit | Get Weather and Fashion Recommendations

Weather Fit is a smart forecast app that not only displays current weather but also gives clothing suggestions. The app shows stats such as temperature, weather forecast, location, and relative humidity. However, the main highlight of Weather Fit is the Home Screen widgets with character customization that you can do in the app. You can change the appearance of the character to match your style and the widget would recommend clothes based on the current weather.

weather fit- weather widget with suggestions on what to wear

Weather Fit is free to use but to unlock widget with clothing recommendation, you need the premium subscription that starts at $1.99/month on a yearly plan.

Get Weather Fit (free, in-app purchases)

2. Weather Live | Real-Time Weather Forecasts on Home Screen

Weather Live is a feature-rich forecast app that offers deep insights into local weather. The app works worldwide and fetches data from multiple sources and meteorological departments. You get the real-time lightning forecast, wind speed, pressure, precipitation, along with rain maps, and weather radar.

The weather widget on the iPhone home screen condenses all the important info and shows minimum and maximum temperature, current weather, and location. All of the information is neatly displayed on a medium sized iOS 14 widget with a background matching the current weather. It’s a nice touch.

weather live- iOS weather widget with matching background

The weather widget app is free to use and comes with a premium subscription plan that unlocks extra features such as hurricane tracker, air quality, thunderstorm notifications, UV index, etc. Subscription starts at $0.99/week.

Get Weather Live (free, in-app purchases)

3. Weather by Tomorrow.io | Get Air Quality and Rain Alarm

If you’ve used the inbuilt weather widget on iOS, you’d know that it doesn’t show anything important. That’s where Weather by Tomorrow comes in. It’s weather widgets displays weather forecasts for the next six hours so you are bogged down with too much information. The widget has a clean interface with a dark background and the current weather forecast is accompanied by an icon. Also, the widget shows AQI value that comes in handy if you live in one of the densely populated cities.

weather by tomorrow- iOS weather widget with AQI

Weather by Tomorrow is free to use and has a premium subscription that gives you lightning alerts, removes ads, and unlimited alerts for $30/year.

Get Weather by Tomorrow (free, in-app purchases)

4. AccuWeather | Most Accurate Weather Widgets

AccuWeather is one of the most popular and reliable weather apps on the iPhone and the widget puts it on your Home Screen. AccuWeather’s iOS weather widget comes in two sizes only – small and medium with information such as location, temperature, feels like temperature, and upcoming weather for the next four hours. The weather widget is really simple and leans towards minimalism with its gradient background and silhouette-like weather icons.

accuweather- weather widget for iphone with minimal aesthetic

The app is free to use and the paid subscription starts at $0.99/month.

Get AccuWeather (free, in-app purchases)

5. NOAA Weather Radar Live | Nothing But Weather Forecast

NOAA is a weather tracking app that provides useful information about local weather in real-time. The app lets you visualize severe weather alerts, cloud covers, snow covers, and all the meteorological alerts on an interactive map. The widget only shows the weather forecast for your area. It also keeps you updated with the latest information, along with current temperature, and an image matching the weather.

noaa- iOS weather forecast with map

The app is free to use and you can get the premium subscription starting at $2.99/week.

Get NOAA Weather Radar Live (free, in-app purchases)

6. Cute Weather | Cute Animated Kawaii Weather Widget

Cute Weather is all about iOS Home Screen customizations and giving you that distinct look which is also known as Kawaii in Japanese culture. The weather icons are animated which look exceptionally good when paired with the matching font. You can choose from five different background gradients that compliment the widget info. Coming to actual information, the weather widget displays current temperature, date, highs and lows, location, and weather for the next five hours.

cute weather- kawaii weather widget for iPhone

Not just that, it also lets you choose app icons to match the weather widget so that you can completely transform your Home Screen. Cute Weather is free to use, however, you would have to get a premium subscription to use the icons set and extra widgets. The plan starts at $2.99/month.

Get Cute Weather (free, in-app purchases)

7. Carrot Weather | Weather Forecasts with Sense of Humor

Carrot Weather is a simple weather app that looks just like any other weather app for iPhone. However, it does it with a twisted sense of humor. The weather predictions and forecasts are full of personality that ranges from tame to nuclear. You can also choose your political leaning and enable profanity to make the app spit out extremely berating language. However, it’s all in good fun and Carrot is quite famous for its uniqueness.

carrot weather- weather widget with snark

There are a lot of templates to choose from and you can switch between a weather widget with snarky forecasts or simply a weather map with real-time updates. Carrot is free to use but the map widgets only work with a subscription that starts at $0.99/month.

Get Carrot Weather (free, in-app purchases)

8. Widgetsmith | Custom Weather Widgets for Home Screen

Third-party widgets for iPhone are effectively the best thing for Home Screen customization. Widgetsmith is a widget customization app so if you’re doing a makeover of your iPhone, it makes sense to get a matching weather widget and Widgetsmith offers it with the premium subscription. You can find tons and tons of styles that you can choose as per your requirement. Ranging from solid black to weather-matched widgets, you get complete control over how the widgets would look on the Home Screen.

widgetsmith- custom widgets for iphone

Widgetsmith is free to use and the premium subscription starts at $ 1.99/month.

Get Widgetsmith (free, in-app purchases)

Which are the Best Weather Widgets for iPhone

These were a few of the best weather widgets for the iPhone that offer something different than the stock app. Widgetsmith, Cute Weather, and Carrot Weather focus on customizations rather than the weather. On the other hand, Weather Fit, Weather Live, and Weather by Tomorrow offer unique weather widgets with extra weather-related features. Which app do you think fits your needs? Let me know on Twitter.

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