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8 Weird Apps for Android and iOS for Next Party

by Gaurav Bidasaria
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There are millions of apps on the Play Store and App Store. Some are utility apps that help complete a task, some help fix a problem, some educate us, while others entertain us. And then there are these weird little known apps that will have you question their very existence. These weird apps can be a good way to pass time with friends, when you are alone, or while at a party.

Let’s begin.

1. Crystal Ball

Remember what Prof. McGonagall said about Divination? It is an unprecise branch of magic. Crystal Ball is a fun app that will make some generic predictions that could be true for most people. Simply open the app and tap on the magic crystal ball to read the next prediction.

The app is available on the Play Store only but you will find similar apps on App Store too. It is free and ad-supported but they are not intrusive. A good way to pass the time while sipping coffee with friends.

Download Crystal Ball

2. Tickle Kuri

Can’t make your girl laugh? Enter Kuri. Tickle Kuri is another weird app where your job is to make a scantily clad handcuffed girl laugh. All you have to do is choose an object, like a feather, and tickle her feet.

There is a short story to go along with the premise of the app and it’s all a little kinky. Weird indeed but I guess it appeals to quite a few users looking at those download numbers.

Download Tickle Kuri

3. Ultimate Useless Finger Finder

Have so much time that you don’t know what to do with it? You must have truly made it in life. Now is a good time to rediscover your… fingers. Yup. This app will let you find your fingers, just in case you ever lose them. You know how easy it is to lose sight of small things, right?

Tap anywhere on the screen to find where your fingers are. The app is smart and can detect multiple fingers too. You get visual feedback along with a text, just to be extra sure you get the message.

Download Ultimate Useless Finger Finder

4. CatPaint

Internet’s obsession with cats continues. Here’s another cat app but this one is slightly different. Instead of adding cat ears with tongues sticking out, it will replace your head with that of a cat’s. What does that make you? A cathead!

You can place cats anywhere in the selected image though but we like the head position best. The app is only available on iOS and has a price tag of $0.99. A small price for salvation, as Thanos would say.

Download CatPaint

5. Screaming Phone

What happens when you fall down or more accurately when you are falling down? Well, several things and one of them is a high-pitched scream or yell for help. Ever imagined how your smartphone would scream when it is falling? One app developer did and here it is.

Screaming Phone will use the smartphone’s accelerometer to detect when your smartphone is falling and will let out an ear-piercing scream. Weird app, indeed.

Note that there is no way to select or change the default ‘scream’ sound and the app may use a lot of battery juice. Good for a party trick though.

Download Screaming Phone

6. Places I’ve Pooped

Animals mark their territory using piss and poop, so why can’t we humans?!? Places I’ve Pooped will literally let you mark all the places you have pooped at on a map. What you choose to do with that information is entirely up to you.

You can follow all your friends and see where they have pooped too. A great way to discover new places to poop. Sharing is caring after all. So, how many pins have you dropped? Are you at the top of the leaderboard?

While the app is available on iOS only, we did find a similar app for our Android readers.

Download Places I’ve Pooped

7. Fake Chats/Calls

The Fake All app on iOS will let you create fake chat threads mimicking the UI of popular apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger among others. You can also initiate fake calls in case you want to get out of a meeting or a boring conversation. While not available on Android, you will find plenty of apps that offer similar functionality for different chat apps.

The icing on the cake is that it works on the lock screen too. Use it for fun but we don’t recommend using fake chats to frame someone or do something that’s illegal or causes harm to anyone.

Download Fake All

8. Blower

It’s a long-standing tradition to blow the candles out when celebrating birthdays or other occasions of significance. Here’s a new way to blow candles this year. Blower. This weird little app will push air out from the speaker holes on your iPhone. What’s more? You can blow air in tune with music if that’s your thing. Well, the latter doesn’t work that way really but hey, neat trick, eh?

There is no Android version and the iOS one will cost you $1.99.

Download Blower

Weird Apps for Weirdos

The Play Store and App Store are littered with apps that are up to no good. Plenty of apps to pass time, doing things that make little sense. Weird tricks for people who like to experiment and have fun.

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