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What Are the Different Buttons on Fire TV Remote

by Mehvish
Fire Tv Remote Buttons

Are you confused with the different buttons on your Fire TV stick’s remote? Don’t want to press a button without knowing its meaning? Worry not. In this post, we have explained the meaning of all the buttons present on your Fire TV remote. Let’s get started.

Power Button

The Power button is present at the top of the remote. This button lets you turn your TV off or on without using the TV’s remote.

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Microphone Button or Blue Button

In the older remotes, you will see the microphone button but it has been replaced by the blue Alexa button in newer models. Press and hold the Microphone or the Alexa button on the Fire Stick remote to activate Alexa, Amazon’s personal voice assistant. Keep holding the button while you are asking your question or giving a command. Release the button when you are done speaking.

You can use Alexa to navigate your TV using your voice. For instance, you can use it to open apps, search for an app, forward/rewind content, watch movies, pause, or go to a specific channel.

Use the following examples to help you get started with Alexa on your TV:

  • Watch [movie name]
  • Pause
  • Rewind [X] minutes
  • Play next episode
  • Show me [actor name] movies
  • Open [app name]

In addition to controlling your TV, you can ask Alexa any question and it would give a helpful answer. For instance, what’s the weather today, where is my order, sing a song, who is [X], play [song name], and much more.

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The big round button on your Fire Stick remote is the directional keypad. Press the right side of the circle to scroll right or press the left side to scroll left. Similarly, the top and bottom parts let you scroll up and down respectively. These buttons work like the arrow keys on your keyboard.

In addition to that, you can use the right and left navigation buttons to forward or rewind the video or music playback. Press the right or left button once while watching to forward or rewind 10 seconds respectively. Or, long press the buttons to rewind or forward at rapid rates.

Button Inside the Circle

The black button inside the navigational circle aka select button lets you select the currently highlighted item on the screen. It’s like the Enter button on your computer’s keyboard. You can also use it to pause/play the media.

Back Button

Press this button to return to the previous screen from the current screen.

Home Button

Press the Home button to return to the Home screen of Fire Stick from any screen. You don’t need to press the Back button multiple times to exit an app, just press the Home button.

Three Bar Button

The three-bar aka menu button on the remote opens the menu or shows more options. For instance, press the three-bar button while watching a show or movie to display the setting options like audio, subtitles, watch from the beginning, and next.

Similarly, press the menu button on the highlighted movie or show it on the home screen to watch its trailer or add it to the watch list.

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Two Back Arrows

This button lets you rewind the video. Press once to go back 10 seconds. Or, a long press to rewind faster. When the video is rewinding, press once or twice to rewind at 2x and 3x speeds. You might have to press the Select or Play/Pause button to stop rewinding in case it doesn’t stop automatically.

Play/Pause Button

As the name suggests, this button lets you pause or play the video or music playback on your Fire TV stick.

Two Forward Arrows

Just like the rewind button, the two forward arrow button lets you fast-forward the video. Press once to forward 10 seconds or long-press once to fast forward at 1x speed. Press the button again when forwarding to fast forward at 2x speed. Or press again to fast forward at 3x speed. Press the Play/Pause button to stop.

+ and – Button

These two buttons let you control the volume of your TV. Press the + button to increase the volume and use the – button to decrease the volume.

Speaker With X

This button lets you mute or unmute your TV’s volume.

Television Button

This button is present on some Fire TV remotes only. Press the Television button to open the guide for live TV channels from the installed apps. It’s similar to the guide button available on local TV remotes.

Apps Buttons

In addition to the above buttons, the newer remotes have buttons to open popular streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, etc. Press the button for the desired app to open it from any screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to fix the Fire TV remote not working?

The Fire TV remote might not be working due to low battery. Try to change the cells in the remote or try the traditional trick of slapping or whacking the remote. You can also try re-pairing the remote. Check out other ways to fix the Fire TV remote not working.

2. How to pair a remote to Fire TV Stick?

Go to Fire TV Settings > Remotes & Bluetooth devices > Amazon Fire TV remotes. Choose your remote from the list or select Add a new remote and pair it.

3. Can you use your phone as a Fire TV remote?

Yes, but you will have to install a compatible app. For starters, you can use the remote in the official Amazon Fire TV app (Android, iOS) or try other Fire TV remote apps.

Fire TV remote Shortcuts

Hope you have understood the meaning of all the buttons on the Fire TV remote. The buttons in addition to performing the above-mentioned functions also let you access certain shortcuts quickly by pressing a combination of buttons. Check out the useful Firestick TV remote shortcuts.

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