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What do the Icons and Symbols Mean on Tinder

by Mehvish
Tinder Icons Meaning Explained

Tinder is a popular dating app available for both Android and iPhone. If you have recently joined Tinder, you must be perplexed to see unknown symbols and icons in the app. And tapping on any unknown symbol can be scary. Presenting this guide where we have explained the meaning of all the symbols and icons present in the Tinder app. Let’s get started.

Tinder Profile Icons Meaning

You will see the following symbols on the profiles of potential matches on Tinder:

Rewind Button

The Rewind symbol acts as the Undo button. If you accidentally rejected or liked someone on Tinder, this button lets you undo your previous action. You can use it to change your decision of swiping right or left or sending a Super like on the previous profile.

Note: The undo feature can be used by Tinder premium members only.

Red X Symbol

Tinder is famous for right and left swipe gestures. But not everyone likes using gestures. The red X icon on Tinder lets you reject a profile. It’s similar to swiping left on a profile. Thus, if you aren’t interested in a profile, either swipe left on it or press the red X icon.

Blue Star Icon

The blue star icon represents the Super like feature on Tinder. Press the blue star icon or swipe up on the profile to super like someone.

For the unaware, Super like is the like feature on steroids. When you super like someone on Tinder, they will see the blue star next to your name in their feed. It lets the other person know that you have super-liked them, which means that they are more special than others. Similarly, if someone sends you a Super like, you will see the blue star in their profile.

Free users can send only 1 Super like per day. Apart from that, Super likes are part of Tinder’s premium packages but you can buy Super likes as separate packages as well.

The Super like button will turn into a number when you buy super likes, thus indicating the number of Super likes left.

Green Heart Icon

The green heart icon symbolizes the popular right swipe action. Press the green heart icon on a Tinder profile to like that person’s profile.

Tip: If two people swipe right on each other’s profile, it’s considered a match on Tinder and they can start messaging each other.

Purple Lightning Bolt Icon

The purple lightning bolt icon represents the boost action on Tinder. Basically, if you press the lightning bolt icon, your profile is boosted in your area for the next 30 minutes and you become among the top profiles. This increases your chance of being seen by more people.

This feature isn’t available for free. Tinder premium subscribers receive one free boost per month. You can pay separately to get more boosts.

Up Arrow

The up arrow on Tinder profiles allows you to view the full profile or bio of a user. Tap on it to expand the user’s profile. Alternatively, you can simply tap on the photos to see other photos and details of the user.

Red Down Arrow

When you expand or open a user’s profile, the up arrow changes to a red down arrow. Tap on this red down arrow to go back to the regular view of the profile or to go back to your feed.

Tip: Check out the best Android apps to write a Tinder bio.

Tinder App Symbols Meaning

You will see the following icons at the bottom of the Tinder app:

Tinder Logo Icon

The Tinder logo icon at the bottom takes you to your Tinder feed where you can swipe right or left on the profiles that show up.

Search Feed

Tap this icon to open the explore page in the Tinder app. Here you will find profiles based on various categories.

Gold Star

Tap on the gold star icon to view the profiles that have liked you, top picks, and recommended profiles curated by Tinder for you. These profiles refresh every 24 hours.

Speech Bubble

Tap this icon to see your matches and the messages section on Tinder.

If you are a premium Tinder user, you can view who has liked your profile before you swipe right on them in a separate section known as Likes you on the Matches page.

Human Icon

This icon represents the profile section. Tap on this to edit your Tinder profile and purchase premium subscriptions or buy features like super likes, boosts, etc.

Tinder Symbols Next to Name Meaning

You will see the following Tinder symbols next to names or matches:

Gold Diamond Symbol

If you see the gold diamond icon next to a person’s Tinder name that means the profile is one of your top picks for the day. The Top picks list is curated by Tinder itself based on the profiles that you have liked in the past.

Gold Heart

If you see a golden heart (or a gold heart with three lines) next to a person’s name, that means the person is a Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum subscriber.

Blue Checkmark

The blue checkmark on Tinder indicates that the user has verified their photos with Tinder i.e., the user has passed the photo verification process of Tinder. Please note that this checkmark only represents photo verification and nothing else.

Green Dot Icon

The green dot icon appears for the recently active profiles. That means you will see it next to the profiles that have been active or online in the last 24 hours.

Tinder Messaging Icons Meaning

Blue Video Camera Icon

The video camera icon allows you to have a video call with your match. Thankfully, the video chat isn’t started directly. Tapping on the Video camera icon will show a pop-up where you need to enable the toggle next to Face to Face before you can start a video call.

Note: Both you and your match must activate the Face to Face feature in order to video chat.

Blue Shield Icon

The blue shield icon shows you the safety toolkit features. You can report the user, unmatch with the profile, or access safety resources and tools. Check out three ways to block someone on Tinder.

Blue Double Check Mark Icon

This icon represents the read receipts for messages. If you have purchased this feature, you will be able to see whether your match has read the message or not.

Heart Icon

Press the heart icon next to a message to like it.

Meaning of Icons in Other Apps

Hope you have understood the meaning of icons and symbols in the Tinder app. Similarly, know the meaning of icons in WhatsApp, Discord, and Facebook Messenger.

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