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What Happens When You Log Out of Your Apple ID on Your iPhone

by Nitin Singh
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Apple has come a long way with the Apple ecosystem since its first iPhone debut in 2007. With the iPhones also came the use of Apple ID. But have you wondered what might happen if you decide to log out of your Apple ID from your iPhone? Or, you want to switch to a newer iPhone and you’re not sure that all the data will be restored once you set up a new iPhone. Here is all you need to know about Apple ID and what happens when you log out of it.

1. Can I Use My iPhone if I Log Out of Apple ID

You can still use your iPhone but the experience will be very limited. For example, you will lose access to all Apple services including App Store, Facetime, Contacts, etc. If want to make calls, then you will still be able to make carrier calls. However, you will have to save every contact’s details manually on your iPhone.

Note: If you use your Google Account to sync your Contacts, then your contacts will not be removed and stay on the iPhone even if you log out of your Apple ID.

Pro Tip: When Logging out of your Apple ID on the iPhone, you can choose to keep those Contacts on the device.

2. Will My Apps Still Be There After I Log Out

Yes, all apps will be available after logging out but you will be logged out from the apps that use your Apple ID. So apps like WhatsApp and Facebook will be still logged into and work as normal.

Also, there will be no more updates for any apps. If you remove any of the apps by mistake, then you will not be able to download them again. You can still continue using these apps by logging in to each app individually, using that app’s login credentials.

3. Will I Be Able to Use the App Store

No, you won’t be able to access the App Store anymore. Although you will still have apps downloaded on your device, you cannot update them anymore. You also won’t be able to download any new apps from the App Store. Neither will you be able to access any of the purchased apps.

sign in with apple id in app store

This is a known fact that all the purchase details are linked with your Apple ID. So, if you still want to access any of your previous purchases, then you will need to log in with your Apple ID.

4. Will I Lose Everything on My iCloud

No, once you log out of your Apple ID from your current device you will only remove that device’s access to your iCloud associated with that Apple ID. Any data that was once synced to the iCloud will still be available across Apple servers.

Essentially you’re just temporarily halting your access to the iCloud. This also means that iCloud won’t back up any of your messages, Photos, Notes, Voice Memos, Reminders, Alarms, or Calendar events anymore.

You can, at any point in time, restore all the data from your iCloud to your iPhone by logging in with your Apple ID associated with it.

5. What Will Happen to My Photos

All and any photos that you have backed up on iCloud will be removed from your current iPhone after logging out. You will not be able to access these photos anymore on this device. If there are any other photos that you didn’t back up on iCloud, they will still be available on the device locally. These photos won’t be deleted per se, but removed from your device and will be stored on the iCloud servers. Once you log in with your Apple ID again, all the photos associated with this ID will be restored on your iPhone.

6. Can I Use iMessage and FaceTime

If you were using iMessage by associating it with your Apple ID, then you will lose this functionality. Any messages backed up on the Apple ID will also be removed from the device. To continue using iMessage, you will need to register it with a valid phone number. SMS messages will still work and will not be removed, regardless of iMessage functionality.

FaceTime is also associated with your Apple ID and once you log out, it will stop working on your iPhone. If you have a MacBook with the same Apple ID logged in, then FaceTime will continue to work on the MacBook.

7. Can I Track My Phone After Logging Out

No, you cannot track your phone after logging out your Apple ID. Since Find My uses Apple ID to locate your device among other things. Also, you won’t be able to lock or wipe your iPhone remotely in case of theft.

8. What About Apple Music

All your Music stored in Apple Music, your playlists along with any other media from iTunes will be removed once you log out. You also will not be able to use Apple Music until you login with an Apple ID subscribed to this service.

apple id sign in in apple music

Though all your media and playlists are backed to the Apple ID, they will be restored to the current or new device once you decide to log in again.

If you’re not used to Apple Music, then you should read what icons and symbols mean on Apple Music.

9. What Happens to My Notes, Voice Memos, and Reminders

You will lose access to all your Notes, Voice Memos, and reminders if they’re backed to your iCloud. But if they are stored locally, they will not be affected by the Apple ID status.

notes on iCloud in apple id

10. What Happens to Apple Pay and Wallet Info

All your Apple Pay, Apple Card, and Wallet information will also be removed since it is linked with your Apple ID. Once you log back in with your Apple ID, all your payment methods and cards will be restored.

11. What About Family Sharing Contents

Did you link your Apple ID with your family members for sharing purchases and other content? If so, then you will lose access to any purchases done by the linked Apple IDs. To gain access to the content again, you will need to log in with your Apple ID.

12. How Many Apple IDs Can Be Created Per Device

The number of Apple IDs per device is limited to 3. So, make sure you don’t cross that limit, since after that the device will not allow you to do so. If somehow you need to create a 4th Apple ID, then you can do so by using another Apple device, or a friend’s device.

Tip: How To Get Two Different Apple IDs on iPhone

13. Is There Any Limit to the Number of Log-ins or Log-outs

No, as of writing this article there is no limit to the number of log-ins or log-outs of Apple ID you can do on an Apple device.

14. How to Log Out of Your Apple ID on iPhone

1. To log out, go to Settings App and then tap on your Apple ID.

apple id in settings

2. Look for Sign Out at the bottom of the screen and tap on it.

settings menu

3. Then the iPhone will ask you to enter your Apple ID Password to turn off Find My iPhone. After entering, tap on Turn Off.

Password for turning off find my

4. Once your password gets approved, you will be asked to keep a copy of any data that you may want to keep on the current iPhone. Select to keep any data of the apps, then tap on Sign Out. Again, tap on Sign Out to confirm signing out of the iPhone.

log out of apple id

Logging Out of iPhone

This is what can happen to your iPhone if you decide to log out of your Apple ID. Now that you know what data and authority it holds in the proper functioning of your iPhone, you should only log out of the Apple ID if you want to switch or upgrade devices.

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