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What Is ChatGPT and How to Use It to Generate Text

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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ChatGPT is a language learning AI model created by OpenAI. It is a complex chatbot that understands the context of your message and generates a human-like text. You can use it to understand concepts, play games, develop ideas, write scripts and blogs, or even can spend time chatting about something you are interested in. It’s as if you are interacting with the smartest human being on Earth. ChatGPT is currently free to use and easy to get started. Here’s how to use ChatGPT and everything you need to know about it.

What Is ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a chatbot based on the GPT-3 (Generative Pretrained Transformer 3) model, which has been trained using a massive amount of text data to generate human-like responses to your inputs. It was trending right after its release because of how good it is at understanding the context of your messages and responding with a human-like reply. It was released on November 30, 2022, and within a week had over 1 million users without marketing.

While you can engage in random chats and play games, the application’s core strength is generating scripts, templates, ideas, and even programming code. You can also use it like Google and ask ChatGPT to explain things and complex ideas. The best part is that you get replies that are personalized for your specific question.

ChatGPT also has an API that you can use to link to your application. With that, you can take advantage of this large AI-driven language learning model that is trained with Reinforcement Learning in your application.

Both the chatbot and the API are free right now in the research and training stage. It may adopt a paid or freemium model in the future, but so far no announcements have been made. Nonetheless, you can use the texts and ideas generated by ChatGPT for commercial purposes. But most of the output you get from ChatGPT can have plagiarism in it, so take the idea and build upon it instead of using it as it is.

How to Get Started With ChatGPT?

To use ChatGPT, you need an OpenAI account. Also, the service is only for people above 18 years.

1. First, open this link to open the ChatGPT page on the OpenAI website. Then scroll down and click on the Try ChatGPT button.

Trying ChatGPT

2. Then click on the Sign up button if you do not have an account in OpenAI already. If you do, you can click on the Log in button and log in to your account.

Signing up on OpenAI for ChatGPT

3. In the pop-up, click on Create an OpenAI account.

Creating a new OpenAI Account for ChatGPT

4. On the next page, you can use your email address to create an account. Alternatively, you can also use Google or Microsoft accounts to signup for OpenAI.

Creating an OpenAI account

5. Once done, you will land on the ChatGPT page where you can begin a conversation with the AI.

How to Use ChatGPT

The tool is simple to use and created to be used by anyone.

1. Once logged in, you can open the ChatGPT link to get to the chat page. On the page, you should find a message box at the bottom just like any chatting service.

Chatting with ChatGPT

2. Here, you can start any conversation or ask any question. Then press Enter or click on the arrow icon at the end of the message box to generate results. ChatGPT does not have any personal preferences, so avoid asking questions such as Your favorite movie or Your favorite place, etc.

3. ChatGPT will generate a reply quickly. The output is based on data from various sources including Twitter it seems fed to its knowledge base but it will not provide any source. So there can be a chance that the output provided by ChatGPT is wrong. However, it does a scary good job most of the time.

Asking Questions to ChatGPT

4. You can also reply to the ChatGPT to continue the conversation further. ChatGPT is capable of remembering the conversation you had before and can understand the context of your reply. For example, as you can see in the image below, we have not included the word dog in the question, but the AI can still understand that the conversation is about dogs.

Replying to ChatGPT

5. You can continue to chat further. Instead of just one-sentence questions, you can also ask complicated and personalized questions. In fact, you can reply with a big paragraph and ChatGPT will understand your reply and output accordingly. In the below example, the question may be weird and long, but still, the AI understood it and gave a solution that works in that specific situation.

Asking Complex Questions to ChatGPT

6. Finally, you can click on the Reset Thread option in the left sidebar to get back to the homepage and start a new conversation. Remember, ChatGPT will not remember any of the conversations you had in the previous session, so make sure to describe your question properly and in-depth when you begin a new conversation with ChatGPT.

Reseting Thread on ChatGPT

7. And then there are light and dark mode options in the left sidebar of the ChatGPT web app. Yup, no mobile apps for now.

Things You Can Do With ChatGPT

1. ChatGPT isn’t just meant for chatting. You can use it to generate articles, YouTube and movie scripts, email templates, love letters, jokes, poems, song lyrics, etc. You are limited by your imagination here.

2. Here’s an example of ChatGPT generating a leave letter for my company. You just have to ask it to write a letter. Also, make sure to provide details of the letter. In the below example, I mention a leave letter, the reason for leave, leave days, and finally the company name. ChatGPT collects all the info and makes a template that needs minimal input from you.

Email Generated by ChatGPT

3. Here is an example of ChatGPT generating a YouTube script about stocks. As you can see, it only mentions 5 stocks as asked, and also provided the dividend yield of all the stocks which is an important data set.

Generating YouTube Script with ChatGPT

4. Similarly, you can also generate various other forms of text like blogs, movie scripts, screenplays, lyrics, etc. Be more descriptive about your need to get a more accurate output that suits your need.

5. You can also ask it to debug your code to find bugs. Here’s an example of that.

Debuging Code with ChatGPT

6. Or you can use it to generate code from scratch. While there is no documentation of what programming languages are supported, it seems to work fine with Python, Javascript, Java, Kotlin, etc.

Generating Code with ChatGPT

7. You can also ask questions to ChatGPT that you may type in Google Search. The best part is that you can ask specific questions in a niche situation. For example, I can search Google for the best side hustles, but with ChatGPT, I can find side hustles that are perfect for a tech writer. You can call it a personalized Google Search.

Asking personalized questions with ChatGPT

8. You can also ask doubts in case you are not clear about the results returned.

Asking doubts to ChatGPT

9. ChatGPT also can play a few games like tic tac toe, guessing games, etc.

Playing Tic Tac Toe With ChatGPT

There are many more things you can do with ChatGPT in various scenarios like translating, summarizing, etc. You can keep on experimenting with the capability of the service.

What Are the Limitations of ChatGPT

Well, there are many limitations with the service along with the possibilities.

1. It does not provide any source for the info provided and may return with misinformation sometimes.

2. It has limited knowledge of events that happened after 2021. So the service can be bad to search for any trending topics.

3. The model is trained to be cautious, so it can sometimes decline questions even though it can answer them properly.

4. Sometimes it may not understand the input’s phrasing. But when the question is phrased differently, it may give the correct answer.

5. The service generally gives long replies which may not be suitable for everybody’s needs.

6. Sometimes, it takes a lot of time to reply back or just throws an error message instead of an answer. This may be happening due to server load or the AI isn’t able the understand the context of the question.

7. The AI is mostly trained to understand the user intended question instead of asking questions back to clarify. This can be so useful and saves time for the user, but can also provide a misleading answer many times.

8. ChatGPT’s output can have some biased replies sometimes as it is trained by feedback from humans. So it can pick up some bias from the trainers and also users of the platform.

End of the Chat

ChatGPT is a chatbot based on GPT-3 language learning model. Unlike other chatbots that can be used only for chatting, the use cases of ChatGPT are far more nuanced than that. It can be used to learn something, generate any text format, finds bugs in your code, play games, etc. Then there is the ChatGPT API that devs can integrate into their applications like a chatbot for customer support, generating leads, personalizing the user experience, conducting surveys, etc. Apart from ChatGPT, OpenAI also has DALL-E 2 that can generate images in various art styles with just a text description.

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