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What Is Notion AI and How to Use It

by Subham Raj

AI is on the rise these days. In 2022 alone, we saw so many incredible AI tools like DALL-E, ChatGPT, and Lensa AI launch. These new-age apps have shown how AI can assist humans to be more productive and creative. Many big companies are hopping on this new AI trend to enhance their products, and one of them is Notion. They recently announced their new product called Notion AI. Let’s learn what is Notion AI and how you can use it.

What Is Notion AI

Notion AI is an Artificial Intelligence or AI-assisted tool built seamlessly inside Notion. Notion AI, according to the business, is a writing assistant that may help you write more effectively and quickly. You can use it to write a variety of content like blogs, job descriptions, emails, and much more. The well-known OpenAI, known for its products like Dall-E and ChatGPT, is powering the Notion AI. Notion AI is currently in the Alpha phase and if you want early access, you will have to join their waitlist.

Quick Disclaimer: Notion AI is an opt-in thing currently, so if you wish to enable and use it, your data will be shared with Notion’s AI-providing partners. Here are Notion AI’s full Program Terms.

How to Enable Notion AI

Notion AI is toggled off by default. If you want to experience Notion AI, you’ll have to enable it in Settings. Let’s take a look at how to do so.

1. First, open Notion.so in your choice of browser.

2. Move/hover your mouse over the hamburger menu till the side menu shows up.

Notion on Web

3. Click on Settings & members.

Notion Side Menu Web

4. On the Notion settings page, click on the Settings option.

Notion Settings on Web

5. Now turn on the toggle next to Notion AI. And Notion AI will be enabled for your workplace.

Notion Workspace Settings Web

What Notion AI Can Do

For starters, Notion AI provides you with two options at the start i.e, Help me write and Brainstorm ideas. The “Help me write” option is beneficial if you’re struggling to start with the first paragraph on your own. It can help you build momentum at the start. Not just that, once you start writing Notion AI can also help you continue your writing. But what if you’re struggling to find a topic to even begin with? Here comes the second option “Brainstorm ideas” in play. With a single click, Notion AI can generate some worthy ideas, points, and topics for you to begin with.

Here’s the full list of what else Notion AI can do for you:

1. Blog post – Notion AI can help you write a blog post in minutes, just type in your query and wait for the post generating right in front of you. If you have ideas and want to start with a rough draft Notion AI can provide you with a good basic foundation, to begin with.

2. Pros and cons list – With the help of Notion AI you can also create a pros and cons list for any query. It will separately generate a pros list and then a cons list for the same.

3. Social media post – We all have been there when we don’t have the perfect posts or captions for social media. So, if you use Notion to plan your social media content, now you can also use it to generate social media posts, captions, and much more. The bonus part is that It also throws in some relevant hashtags with the generated results.

4. Outline – You can also quickly generate some outlines with the help of Notion AI.

5. Creative story – If you are a writer and you use Notion for writing, then Notion can also help you generate some creative stories. You just need to type in what you want to happen in your story and it will be ready in front of you in a moment.

6. Poem – Notion AI can also generate some poems on demand for you.

7. Essay – Notion AI can also help you in writing your essays. It can come up with great essays in no time. Further, you can go ahead and edit it and use it accordingly.

8. Meeting agenda – Notion AI can also help in generating meeting agendas. And if you are running a small business it can save you a lot of time.

9. Press release – Notion AI also comes with an option to quickly write a press release for you.

10. Job description – If you are hiring people or you work as an HR, Notion AI can also help you in generating job descriptions for the required posts. Just type in the prompt in the Notion AI for the desired job post, and a description will be generated right in front of you.

11. Sales email – Writing a great sales email can be tricky sometimes. But Notion AI can also help you in writing some good sales emails.

12. Recruiting email – Notion AI can also write a recruiting email for you. You just need to edit it a bit and forward it to potential candidates and recruiting firms.

Apart from this, Notion AI also offers some additional options like Improve writing, Fix spelling and grammar, Summarize, Translate, Explain this, Make longer, Make shorter, Find action items, Use simpler language, and Help me edit.

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How to Use Notion AI

There are three ways to use Notion AI while writing in Notion. Let’s take a look at those ways.

First Way: Start Writing With Notion AI

If you are having trouble start writing in Notion. You can take the help of Notion AI to help you jumpstart. Let’s take a look at how to use Notion AI to start writing.

1. Open Notion in your choice of browser and click on + Add a page in the side menu of Notion.

Tip: If the side menu is not visible, click on the hamburger menu near the top left corner of the screen to reveal it.

Notion on Web

2. Type a name for the page and hit Enter/Return on your keyboard.

Notion New Page Web

3. Press the forward slash (/) on your keyboard and click on Help me write from the available AI options.

Notion AI options Web

4. Type in a prompt and click on Generate and wait.

Notion AI Help Me Write Web

5. Once the result is generated in front of you, click on Keep to keep it on the current page.

Notion AI with Generated Content Web

Second Way: Continue Writing With Notion AI

If you have already written some paragraphs, and you are finding yourself stuck with a block. Notion AI can help you continue to write further. Suppose you have already written a paragraph, let’s take a look at what to do next.

1. Press the forward slash button after the written content and click on Continue writing.

Notion AI Continue Writing Option Web

2. It will generate some paragraphs for you, click on Keep to keep it on the page. This option can help you overcome writer’s block at times.

Notion AI Completing Writing Web

Third Way: Assist After Writing

Notion AI can also help you further improve the quality of the content that you’ve written by yourself. Its assist feature can help you fix spelling and grammar, summarize, and much more. Let’s take a look at how to use Notion AI for previously written content.

1. Select the text with the help of a mouse and click on AI assist.

Notion AI AI Assist Web

2. Click on the desired option to let Notion AI assist you. For example, I’m clicking on Summarize and wait for it to generate the result.

Notion AI Assist Options Web

3. Once the result is in front of you, click on an option per your writing requirement. And thus Notion AI can help you with your pre-written blogs, content, etc.

AI Assisted Summary Notion Web

Notion AI: An Upgrade to Notion

Notion AI sure feels like an upgrade to the pre-existing powerful productivity tool. If you were using already using Notion to write and take notes in it, Notion AI can help you speed up your writing game. Notion AI makes using AI convenient while writing instead of opening and jumping through multiple tabs. By following the above-mentioned guide, you’ll be able to get the max out of Notion in no time. I hope this article was helpful to you in understanding Notion AI. Go ahead and use Notion AI to write different types of content.

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