Impress Your Friends With These Whatsapp Emoticons

WhatsApp is the biggest instant messaging app with 350+ million users all across the world. And since you are reading this article chances are; you are one of those users.


This messaging app comes with a long list of WhatsApp emotions, but you can also download other WhatsApp emoticons as well. Of course, there is no hiddenWhatsApp emoticons and smiley, but there are other cool apps that let you insert awesome meme and impress your friend.

WhatsApp emoticons-iPhone

Unlike Android, the iPhone does not support emoticons. But you can easily enable them using this simple workaround. To enable your emotions go to Settings > General > Keyboard >Emoji. Detail instruction on how to enable emoji keyboard in iOS can be found here.

However, if you are a great fan of a funny meme like me, then try SMS Rage Faces. This app is easy to use, all you have to do is copy paste these memes on WhatsApp and Facebook chat. If you are running low on storage, try Rage Faces (4 MB only)

Full disclosure: I don’t have an iPhone and thus haven’t used these apps. However, these apps are popular and have a good rating on the App Store.

WhatsApp emoticons-Android

There are many memes apps available on the play store. And my favorite one is Dango. It automatically gives you an image by reading your words. However, if you are looking for more variety then give Emoticons 4 WhatsApp a shot.

To send gif images on WhatsApp (or even snap chat or Hangout) use GIFt. It has more than 700 GIFs to choose from and weight only 3 MB. The only problem is, both parties need to have this app. In case the recipient doesn’t have the app, they will see the link to website hosting gif.

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Whatsapp emoticons-Windows

There are not many options available on the windows phone store. However, I found Messenger suitable. Unlike other apps where you can only send ‘meme’ and ’emotions’,  in this app, you can even add your custom text in the chat box with the troll face. (screenshot)

I am sure that there are many other apps out there. If you are aware of any such app, then do let us know.

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