Step by Step Guide to install Whatsapp on PC [Video]

Q. Is it Possible to download WhatsApp for PC?

A. Yes

Q. Cool, What I need to do then?

A. You can easily install WhatsApp on PC but for that, you will need a software or better called it an emulator that can run android apps on PC. There are many Android emulators in the market know, but here we will talk about bluestacks only.

Q. Where can I get bluestacks and how to make WhatsApp work on PC?

A. You can download bluestacks from it’s official website But to make everything crystal clear, I have written this detailed article on download WhatsApp for PC Windows using bluestacks. So lets take a look at the following steps and by the end of this Whatsapp, you will know how to install Whatsapp messenger on your windows or mac.

In this article, I will be using Windows computer, but you can also use the mac, steps are same for Mac as for Windows.

Prerequisite -Whatsapp for PC

  • A computer with good hardware config.(or you going to face hell lot of problem)
  • Min 2 GB ram
  • Internet connection
  • Os windows or mac only (no Linux)
  • Dedicated Graphic Card
  • Mobile no. for SMS verification

Difficulty level

  • Easy

How to install WhatsApp on PC?

We use software called bluestacks, which can run android apk on PC and Mac and then we will install Whatsapp messenger on it.

Follow the steps to bluestacks Whatsapp download

Step I

Download bluestack form here

Step II

After the setup has been download install and run it on your system.After the installation is finished, go to start and type start bluestacks and click on the program.

If you are not able to download it check out this article on Bluestacks Error solved.

Step III

Once the program has been loaded go to search box and type WhatsApp messenger, and download the package.

whatsapp messenge bluestacks

If you get network connection error, try again after some time.


Step IV

After the application has download run it and click on agree and continue.

Step V

Enter your mobile no and location and very it was using SMS or call verification.

How to Install WHATSAPP on PC [2012] - YouTube

Step VI

Once you have verified your no. and success message will appear, and this is it. Now you are on WhatsApp from your PC.

How to Install WHATSAPP on PC [2012] - YouTube

Next thing you need to do is enter your screen name and upload your picture. Click on the small icon the bottom and go to the setting to change profile pic and add contacts select contacts.

Bluestacks WHATSAPP on PC setting



After you have install WhatsApp on your Pc, You will now need to customize it by importing your contacts from your phone and setting up a profile picture.


Lately, I receive many mail and comments in which people are asking how to insert DP in WhatsApp. If you are having the same problem, then you might like see this,

How to Insert Profile picture in Whatsapp


Traditional Whatsapp sync contact automatically from the mobile contact list, this won’t happen here, and you have to manually enter every no or wait for your friend to connect you.

Updated Feb 2014

Many people had asked me on emails and in comments on how to import phone contact list so I had come up with the simple method that will do the trick.

Blustack: How to Import Contact List to Whatsapp

Video Tutorial  (Highly recommended)


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Apparently, there is the rise in the competitor for bluestacks like YouWave (which is paid), ManyMo (both paid and trial version) and many others. So if you are stuck on installing bluestacks then try the alternative.

See the Video below on how to run and install WhatsApp without downloading any emulator via Manymo.

Last update Oct 2014

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