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9 Best White Noise Apps for Android with Different Purposes

by Gaurav Bidasaria

Last night, I pulled the battery right out of my table clock because the noise wouldn’t let me sleep, again. It was annoying as hell. So, like a true geek, I started researching for the best white noise apps for Android and it had to be awesome, you know, I got a reputation to protect. I can’t buy a digital clock just because of this, and I like vintage designs.

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Similarly, if you are living in the heart of the city, you will constantly hear people talking, sometimes, shouting, vehicle noise, horns, and occasionally, loudspeakers! White noise can help you drown these unpleasant noises with something more serene. You can either buy a cheap white noise sound machine off of Amazon, but why spend money when you have a perfectable capable smartphone to do that. So, here are some of the best white noise apps you can get on Android. Let’s begin.

Best White Noise Apps for Android

1. White Noise Lite

TMsoft, the brains behind this free white noise app, put so much in the lite version that I didn’t have to try the pro one. The lite version comes with 40 different soundtracks, including several natural sounds like raining, water flowing, forest, etc. Then there are other mechanical sounds like that of fan, light, and AC.

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white noise lite android

Apart from an impressive white noise catalog, there are also pink, brown, and other noises to choose from. It comes with Chromecast support. There is a fullscreen digital clock mode. You can also record and play your own sounds which is cool.

Once you set it, the track will play in a loop or you can setup up a timer and not worry about waking up. The lite version of the app is ad-supported but free to use. The pro version will remove ads, offer more alarm options, ability to play it in the background.

Verdict: White Noise Lite is a cool app that comes with a good collection of sounds to choose from, for free. The only flaw is that sometimes, the app will stop working with a popup asking you to rate it on the Play Store. I recommend you do it to avoid future popups!

Download White Noise Lite (Freemium)

2. Baby Sleep – Best White Noise App for Baby

Baby Noise is a white noise app which is focused on kids, babies really. When you open the app, you will see a cute pink theme with icons that will make you go awwww! They have a number of categories to choose from like rain, forest, fire, heartbeat, shower, car, and others.

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Where it differs is that the app also comes with 4 lullabies which will help you put your babies to sleep. You know, in case you are not a great singer. I remember when I was 4 months old, my mom used to calm me with her warm shhhhh-shh and Hmmmm sounds. I have a great memory! Anyways, the app also comes with that sound.

baby sleep white noise android

Other features like timer and alarm remain the same except for the ability to download more sounds. For that, the app will redirect you to another app. Also, no way to record your own sounds. You can upgrade for $1.99 to remove ads.

Verdict: Though the white noise Android app is lacking some features, it is still a good app because it is free and ad-supported, and because it comes with lullabies and a few parent-centric sounds. Good for babies.

Download Baby Sleep (Free)

3. White Noise Generator

The same developers who are behind Baby Sleep above also developed White Noise Generator. So, what is different this time? Well, for one, the theme is different and more focused on adults. Second, there are no baby sounds and lullabies here.

Relaxio named it generator because the app allows you to mix and match different white noise sounds together to produce new ones. So you can listen to the river flowing along with birds chirping in the forest.

white noise generator android

Unlike some other white noise apps, you can play these white noise sounds in the background too so there is no need to keep the app running.

Just like the previous app, this one is also ad-supported and allows you to save your favorite combination of white noise using custom names. You can remove ads for $0.99.

Verdict: The White Noise Generator is a good app which will allow you to experiment with different sounds and create your own mix. If only it also allowed recording your own sounds.

Download White Noise Generator (Free)

4. Relax Melodies

What separates ‘Relax Melodies’ from the rest, is that you can play multiple white noises sounds at the same time. Meaning you can add melodies, instrumental, to the mix.

You can sign in using your Google or Facebook account. The app asked me to create a new healthy habit and sleep daily at the same time, and it will help with it by creating a timer to begin my favorite tracks.

relax melodies android

What caught my attention was the meditation tab. There are guided meditation tracks that will help you sleep better, focus better, and be more productive during working hours. The free version comes with 54 white noise sounds, 4 binaural beats and is ad-supported. The pro version, priced at $2.99, comes with 6 binaural beats and more sounds. What surprised me was the monthly/lifetime membership plan which was tagged at $0.99/$79.99 and opened all-access to all the sounds and guided meditations.

Verdict: Relax Melodies has a really cool UI with a number of features and white noise sounds to choose from. I liked the ability to add melodies to the mix. The guided meditation is good but falls short when you compare it to the likes of Headspace but that is a different app altogether.

Download Relax Melodies (Freemium)

5. Noisli

Noisli is similar to the other apps I covered above, but the reason it made the list is because it is available on multiple platforms including the web. The Android app will cost you $1.99 and you can also install it on your iPhone for the same price.

Noisli - Focus, Concentration & Relaxation

It comes with all the functions we saw earlier like a timer, alarm, mixing tracks, background audio playback, and sync which is available in this app only.

Verdict: Noisli is an all in one app for those who constantly find themselves switching between multiple devices like Android and iOS.

Download Noisli ($1.99)

6. Spotify

If you are already using Spotify then there is really no need for any other app. Yes, Spotify has playlists that comes with a collection of white noises for every mood. Just search for different keywords and you will easily find a few. Soft Summer is a good playlist to start with. Spotify is also cross-platform friendly so you can listen on any device, anywhere, and anytime.

Download Spotify ($9.99/m)

7. YouTube

Who said YouTube is only good for watching Despacito? The White Noise Channel has so many videos, 10 hours long each, on different kinds of noises including that of a crying baby! I like laughing babies but to each his own.

YouTube is free and you can use it on any device including your browser. The only trouble is that you will have to keep your screen on and it will drain your battery faster. But there are workarounds to play YouTube videos in the background as well.

YouTube Channel (Free)

8. Podcast

There is a popular podcast channel, Sleep With Me, that will tell you a story putting you to sleep. We all grew up listening to stories from our parents and grandparents, and it always worked. This is the idea behind this podcast channel. There are hundreds of stories you can tune into and listen while going to bed.

Verdict: Podcasts like Sleep With Me offer a new, technically old, way to going to sleep. You can listen to the stories using the official app.

Visit Sleep With Me (Free)

9. Smart Home Devices

If you have a smart home device like Google Home or Echo dot, well guess, they have built-in white noise channel (you will still need an active Internet connection to make it work.)

To listen to some ambient white noise, just say Hey Google, Help Me Relax, and Google will take care of the rest.

google home

I have an Amazon echo which doesn’t come with a built-in white noise command, but you can always install free third-party skills like Sleep Sound. You can also set it up to play for a specific amount of time.

Verdict: Smart home devices can easily find and play white noise music from the web.

Wrapping Up: Best White Noise Apps for Android

I like White Noise Lite because it is free, comes with a lot of white noise sounds and works well. If you have a baby and want him/her to put to sleep using white ambient sounds, Baby Sleep is a good option. If you want to create your own mix of white noise, White Noise Generator is a good app. Relax Melodies can also be used to create your own mix, but it really shines if you need more sounds and guided meditations.

Premium service like Spotify, smart home devices are good if you have access to them. If you would like to listen to a story, Sleep With Me podcast is good. If all else fails, hit YouTube.

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