6 Best Wireshark Alternatives for Windows and macOS

Starting from binge-watching Netflix to playing CounterStrike league with your friends, all of this needs a network of interconnected computers. Wireshark is arguably the most famous and perhaps the most widely used network protocol analyser. This tool lets you take a closer look at the network activities and analyse data from hundreds of protocols spread across different network types.

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Sometimes the network connections don’t work as intended and it is during times like this that the network analyser tools comes to rescue. While most of us would find Wireshark as the best tool in such cases some of us may want to use an alternative that offers better features than the Wireshark. We at TechWiser have simplified this task and curated a list of Network Analyser that can be used across both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Suggesting alternatives for the Wireshark is pretty difficult since the former is already a very popular choice that has won many awards. Apart from helping users analyse the packet of data that is being transmitted across the network these tools also help us understand the overall network health with other vital features.

1. Tcpdump

The quickness that you can have with tcpdump over Wireshark is awesome. It is one of those tools that many network administrators prefer whenever they need to take a look at the actual network packets that are being transmitted. The Tcpdump is not as feature rich as Wireshark but the output of its packet dump can be used as input by other programs. Moreover, It can be used to easily track the incoming packets and helps to have a look at outbound traffic. On the whole, Tcpdump helps to keep users updated about how a certain protocol communicates over the network wire.

Download TCP Dump

2. Cloudshark

In my view, this the best alternative for Wireshark which helps to analyze and view packet captures taken on the dashboard. Right after installing Cloudshark on your Mac or window, you will have the option to output your packet captures to the tool. By arranging a platform to collaborate with your colleagues and customers, CloudShark lets you have a control over the network. Depending on the type of plan you have purchased, the captured data can be uploaded to public servers. It helps to stay focused on your analysis by keeping an eye on your web browser.

Download Cloudshark

3. Sysdig

Just like other network capturing tools Sysdig can be used for inspection, system analysis and debugging. It is a powerful open source and flexible system monitoring both windows and Mac with limited functionalities. Sysdig is really an awesome tool an awesome tool which comes with a command line interface which allows the users to carefully watch system activity in real time. The tool supports application tracking and it comes with native support for container technologies.

Download Sysdig

4. Mojo Packets

Mojo Packets is yet another compelling Wireshark alternative, this tool is a good choice for cloud-based WiFi analysis and troubleshooting tool. Mojo Packets can analyze a packet trace easily which helps to easily find out reasons for WiFi client connection failures; It is possible only because of inbuilt domain expertise and intelligence. You can integrate Mojo packets with other tools for instant uploads. The main advantage of using this application is its ability to capture packet traces at any remote site.

Download Mojo Packets

5. Colasoft Capsa

Colasoft Capsa works similar to the Wireshark. The Capsa is a network analyser and packet sniffer which explains the network traffic with great visualizations. That apart the Colasoft Capsa is intended for advanced enterprise network tracking and perhaps this is one of the reasons why the tool costs a staggering $999 per seat. Yet another downside is that Colasoft Capsa doesn’t support Mac and only supports Windows. However, on the brighter side, the tool is simpler to configure with Windows Servers and also easier to use as opposed to the Wireshark. Capsa is also available as a free edition but this one is mostly restricted to light network analysis and rudimentary monitoring of the Ethernet networks.

Download Colasoft Capsa

6. Debookee

Many of us know Wireshark as a powerful tool that allows us to capture and have a control over the packets sent and received by our network. But there are many alternative tools to Wireshark; Debookee is one among them which works only on macOS.  It allows the user to see what is happening on their network at a microscopic level. We can even use mobile to capture the data that is being transmitted from Mac or any other device. The free version of Debookee’s tool comes with limited features; therefore if you are an Enterprise or an advanced user it is better to choose paid ones for accessing more features. Install Debookee to easily find out who is using your wifi bandwidth.

Download Debokee

Wrapping Up: Best Wireshark Alternatives

That’s all folks, we have listed some of the best Wireshark alternatives and be sure to take your pick. Each of the tools has their own advantages over the other and at the end, the best choice depends on each user’s rather unique requirements. Network Analysis tools are

Have you tried any of the Wireshark alternatives listed above? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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