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13 Best Word Games on iOS and Android

by Vaibhav
Best Word Games on iOS and Android

Honestly, I love playing first-person shooter gamesracing games, and sometimes, I even try to pass time gaming while I take a dump. I often end up thinking what did I learn from the time I spent playing these mobile games? Two good ways to learn and improve from gaming are by playing math games or word games. So, if you’re looking to learn something new and improve your vocabulary, here are the best word games for iOS and Android you should try right away!

13 Best Word Games for Mobile

1. Baikoh

Baikoh is the love child of Scrabble and Tetris – two iconic games. The gameplay consists of a falling stack from the top of the screen. You have to make as many words as possible from the available set of letters. I’m sure it sounds easy, but as you progress and win points, the game starts to get harder. It also throws in obstacles like frozen tiles, bombs, etc. which make it harder to form new words in the limited time you get.

Baikoh Word Game

Get Baikoh for iOS | Android (Free)

2. Cryptogram

If you have a knack for quotes or think you know a fair amount of them, Cryptogram will help put that knowledge to the test. It has over 1000 famous quotes in the form of a cryptogram that you have to decipher to reveal the quote. You get one hint letter which is a substitute for all the similar letters in the quote. You can’t do guesswork because your score will drop as you take more time, make a wrong guess, or use hints to make progress. Maybe by the time you end this game, your quote vocabulary will be enriched.

Cryptogram word game

Get Cryptogram for iOS | Android (Free)

3. Bonza Word Puzzle

Bonza is a different take at crossword puzzles where rather than single words, you move an entire grid of words to make sense. The player gets an overall theme that you can use to guess and join the grids correctly. What sets this one apart from others is the ability to create your own puzzle which is then generated automatically by the app. You can share the puzzle code with friends and challenge them anytime. The app also features tons of puzzle packs that can be bought with in-app purchases.

Bonza Word Puzzle word Games

Get Bonza Word Puzzle for iOS | Android (Free)

4. Blackbar

Blackbar is a serious text game where one has to fill in the blanks and decipher pages. The UI is very plain, with black text over white pages, and your aim is to follow a short story on a dystopian future. You get ahead by identifying these censored words which are basically letter exchanged between two people. The game contains over 40 pages and it’ll keep you hooked as the gameplay is very immersive and involves you in the storyline. You must also note, it involves a lot of guessing and trying to find the best permutation & combination, so if wordplay isn’t something you’re looking for, you might not like it.

Blackbar word Games

Get Blackbar for iOS | Android ($2.99)

5. 4 Pics 1 Word

This one is an image quiz app and is great for both kids and adults. It involves users guessing the word using 4 images which act as hints. The puzzle can have anywhere from 3 words and more. It’s an easy game and you get coins for clearing each level. You can use these to unlock the daily puzzle and as hints if you’re stuck on any puzzle. The app shows you bottom banner ads which can be removed for $2 and also gives you 500 coins for in-game use.

4 Pics 1 Word game

Get 4 Pics 1 Word for iOS | Android (Free)

6. Typeshift

Typeshift is a new take on anagrams puzzles. Rather than looking for combinations with one word, you get three to five words stacked together. You solve the puzzle by sliding the letters up and down and form a word. Before you shrug this off as an easy game, here’s the catch. You not only make a word at the center but have to use all the letters at least once to form words. The game has multiple packs which can be unlocked with in-app purchases.

Typeshift anagram puzzle

Get Typeshift for iOS | Android (Free)

7. Wordfeud

Wordfeud is a multiplayer scrabble game you can play with random opponents or challenge your friends. It’s easy to play. You just have to add letters next to ones already on board, either horizontally or vertically. Moreover, there are extra points for double and triple words and letter scores. What I like most about the app is that you can easily choose friends on Facebook you want to play with which saves time and make it a lot more fun. Banner ads can be removed for $4.99.

Wordfeud scrabble game

Get Wordfeud for iOS | Android (Free)

8. 7 Little Words

7 Little Words is my personal favorite. The game is a blend of trivia, crossword, and word guessing. The user gets a puzzle with seven mystery words and seven clues (hence the name). The aim is to pick the right pack of scrambled words which fit the meaning of the phrase clues. There are thousands of puzzles that can be purchased but initially, you get 25 puzzles for free.

7 Llittle Words Vocabulary Boost

Get 7 Little Words for iOS | Android (Freemium)

9. Wordiest

To play the game, drag the letters from the list at the bottom to form two words in the top rows. Each letter has points and bonuses if you make doubles or triplets. It’s not a multiplayer game but you do get a leaderboard and a score rating which shows scores of other players who were given the same set of words. It is supported by banner ads at the top which you can remove for $1.5.

Wordiest word game

Get Wordiest on Android (Free)

10. Kitty Letter

The game requires a player to make words out of five letters on the screen. It’s based on the simple 5 jumbled letters format, however, the animated UI is what keeps you hooked to the game. It has both single and multiplayer modes. In addition to that, you get two kinds of gameplays. For someone who likes longer gameplay, there is the story mode and for shorter gameplays, there is arcade mode (survival).

Kitty Letter word game

I highly recommend you to try the multiplayer mode (Stranger) which allows you to connect to other players randomly. It’ll keep your adrenaline high with battle-like gameplay. The players will earn cats directly proportional to the number of letters they use. These cats then attack and decrease your opponent’s chances of winning.

Get Kitty Letter for iOS | Android (Free)

11. Words Episode

Words Episode is another game that should be played for its storyline. Imagine an ill conceived robbery that got you imprisoned and now you are hungry to get out. It’s a jailbreak game where you solve word puzzles in a step by step storyline format. The puzzles aren’t hard so they can be solved by people of most age groups. There are several different episodes which get unlocked as you play the game. Besides that, with progress in the gameplay, puzzles get tougher.

Words Episode word game on Android

You’ll find a banner ad at the bottom, however, it’s not intrusive. If you still wish to remove the ad, the only way you can do that is by watching an ad video.

Get Words Episode on Android (Free)

13. The Impossible Letter Game

If you categorize word games that help you build up vocabulary, you should probably skip this one. The Impossible Letter Game rests more on the fun side as compared to other word games. A user has to find the mismatched letter from multiple rows and columns of similar-looking letters. To say the least, the gameplay is not on the easy side. With each passing stage (and pop music background) the game gets tougher. If you love some hard but simplistic senseless gameplay, this game would be fun.

The Impossible Letter Game Word Game

Get The Impossible Letter Game for iOS | Android (Free)

Closing Remarks: Which Word Game Should You Try

Out of all these word games, I highly recommend you to try 4 Pics 1 Word. It’s a relatively easy game and can be played by users of any age group. Besides that, I spend most of my time playing 7 Little Words, which not even helps me brush up my vocabulary, but the touch of hints push the mind to think and make connections. So, try all of these and let me know which one you like the most!

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