Wubi: Install Linux on same drive as Windows

If you are one of those who wants to try Linux but are afraid to create another partition for installation, well there is a solution for you. With Wubi installer, you can install Linux on the same drive as your Windows and select the OS on start-up.

If you are looking for quick installation in pen drive, try Linux on a virtual machine.

Install Linux on same drive as Windows

There are two ways of installing Linux, you can download the .iso image of your favorite Linux distribution directly or let Wubi do it for you.


#1 Download the .iso image and burn it to disk.

Program Manager_2013-03-05_00-59-33

After it has burned, Insert CD/DVD of Ubuntu into the computer where you want to install Linux and select the run wubi.exe from autorun. If autorun is not prompt then, manually click on wubi.exe in ubuntu cd/bootable pen drive.

Autorun Wubi Installer
Autorun Wubi Installer

#2 Wubi installer Windows

Wubi installer Window
Wubi installer Window

Select Installation Drive, particular size for Ubuntu after that insert password & click on Install button in Wubi installer windows

#3 Automatic copy file

Coping File
Coping File

#4 Reboot & select Ubuntu


After reboot & select Ubuntu. And that’s it, it will carry out the installation and once completed, you get Dual boot ubuntu & windows

How to remove it?

This is very simple, just go to your control panel and look for Linux version you have installed and then uninstall it.

Programs and Features_2013-03-04_23-35-27

Alternate method

If you don’t have the Linux cd with you, then this method is better.

Download the Wubi installer and after it’s downloaded click on the wubi.exe, Select the Linux version and provide a password and that’s it, Wubi will automatically start downloading the image file and install it on your c drive.


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