Looking For YouTube Alternative? Try These 7 Video Sharing Sites

YouTube might the biggest website for watching and sharing videos, but this doesn’t mean it is the only video sharing website. There are many other video sharing websites with a different approach, policies, and type of viewers. If you are having a hard time getting your videos published on YouTube or you are just looking to expand your approach, we know some good video sharing websites similar to YouTube.

Below is a list of 7 video sharing websites that are definitely worth sharing your videos over.

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Video Sharing Websites Like YouTube

1. Vimeo

Vimeo is a video sharing website for professionals who care about their cause. It’s a paid video sharing website with the free version that only let you upload 500 MB of videos per week. You will have upgrade to paid versions for more storage, advanced features, and more control. Additionally, it also has strict video creation guidelines to only allow the high production quality content.

Unlike Youtube, Vimeo isn’t supported by advertisement to generate income. You can either get a donation for your videos or add a pay-wall for your premium videos. Due to all of this, Vimeo only attracts professional video creators who can create high production quality content or want promote their business. At the same time, it also attracts viewers who are engaging and respect creator’s work; not viewers who are looking for cute cat videos.

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What’s Special?

  • Platform for professionals only
  • Paid video sharing website with engaging viewers
  • Perfect for businesses

Vimeo video-sharing-websites-like-youtube

2. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is very similar to YouTube in terms of uploading content and monetizing it. You can use ads or paywall to monetize your content and upload public and private videos for free. Dailymotion has some limitations like you can only upload videos of duration 60 minutes with a max file size of 2GB. However, you can upload videos in 4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 resolution as long as the previous criteria is met. If you are looking for a direct YouTube alternative to extend your reach, then Dailymotion is the best choice.

However, Dailymotion is known to have slow upload speeds during the rush hours. So you better be ready for some delays if the time isn’t on your side.

What’s Special?

  • 2GB max file size
  • 60minute max upload size
  • You can upload videos in 4K resolution
  • Very similar to YouTube

Dailymotion video-sharing-websites-like-youtube-2

3. LiveLeak

LiveLeak is home for news related videos that have some good factual background. Viewers can find news and events here that are usually not found on TV and other channels. If you have a video on specific news or event — even if it’s a funny incident — you can share it on LiveLeak. The websites uses advertising to monetize content and uploaders get their piece of pie. Although LiveLeak is more about politics and direct world events, but you are allowed to upload any type of news related video that has some factual background.

What’s Special?

  • Video sharing website for new topics
  • Ad campaigns for monetization

LiveLeak video-sharing-websites-like-youtube-3

4. Metacafe

Metacafe focuses on anything that comes under the entertainment radar. Comedy, art, sports, news, stories, travel and anything that has to do something with entertaining the audience is welcomed on Metacafe. On top of that, it only allows short videos of maximum 10 minutes duration to ensure its viewers get small and sweet chunks of entertainment.

It also uses advertisement for monetizing, but for uploaders, there is a fixed monetizing system. As a creator, you will get $5 for every 1000 views your video gets. It’s a good video sharing website for people who want to share short videos and monetize them without complications.

What’s Special?

  • Video sharing website for entertainment only
  • 10 minutes max video duration allowed
  • Fixed monetization system

Metacafe video-sharing-websites-like-youtube-4

5. Flickr

Flickr is another popular site to upload and share your videos with the dedicated community. Flickr offers a whopping 1TB of space for free for all your photos and videos upload. You can either make your videos private or share them with the Flickr community to get more exposure. Flickr doesn’t offer any way to monetize your videos, but it’s a great place to share your brand content and get recognition.

If you want to market your brand, then Flickr is a good place to start with. Additionally, you can also monetize videos by linking back to your sales page where you offer better resolution videos or full access to the videos. 1TB storage should be more than enough for most users, but you can increase the size limit to 2TB for $499/year.

What’s Special?

  • 1TB huge space for storing videos
  • You can share video with Flickr community
  • Good for businesses looking for brand recognition

Flickr video-sharing-websites-like-youtube-5

6. Break

Break is a video sharing website for everything funny. From cute babies and cats to bone-breaking stunts and pranks, Break accepts anything that is funny. If you are good with creating funny videos or happen to have access to some funny clips, then Break could be a great place to share and monetize your videos. However, unlike YouTube, videos uploaded on Break need to be accepted by Break’s editors and featured on their different channels. So you need to make sure that your video is original and is funny enough to at least make people giggle.

If a video is featured by Break, then it will provide upfront cash for the video and also give you a percentage of revenue earned by the video (via ads). You can upload videos of 1.5GB in total size, and 10 videos can be uploaded at a time. There are no bandwidth limitations or monthly limits.

What’s Special?

  • Video sharing websites about funny videos
  • 1.5 GB video upload size allowed
  • Upfront cash for accepted videos and percentage of total revenue earned

Break video-sharing-websites-like-youtube-6

7. DaCast

DaCast is a paid video sharing website that gives you a nice place to share your videos and use different methods to monetize it. With its basic version costing $19/month, you will get 100GB bandwidth, 300 viewer hours and 20GB video storage. Due to the paid system similar to Vimeo, DaCast also attracts professional video creators and audience. On top of that, it doesn’t use any ads to monetize content, making it perfect for professionals.

Although it offers different ways to monetize the content. You can add a paywall to let viewers view your videos after paying a fixed amount or let them subscribe to your videos for a specific time by paying. You can also host live events to attract viewers and create presale opportunities. Overall, DaCast is a great professional video sharing site to monetize your premium content.

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What’s Special?

  • Paid video sharing website that only attracts professionals
  • No ad revenue system
  • Multiple methods to monetize videos

DaCast video-sharing-websites-like-youtube-7


I believe Dailymotion should be your first stop when you think about a good YouTube alternative. It works very similar to YouTube, just without the humongous viewer base like YouTube. Although Vimeo and DaCast are also great options if you have premium content and you want to make sure it is shared with people who actually care about your cause.

Do let us know in the comments if you know any other good videos sharing websites similar to YouTube.

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