TechWiser – Tech tips & tricks for a better life

This blog offers how-to guides, Tech tips & tricks and how to GTD (get things done). If it’s related to tech and can make your life better, I will cover it.

However, some topics are well explained in a video rather than writing. Right? And with this in mind, we also have a YouTube channel.

Who is the man behind TechWiser?

Hello, there! I am Mrinal, a self-made web geek. And here are a few things about me:

#1 Being a 90’s kid, I was always fascinated by the idea of computers and has been using the internet from the ‘dial-up’ days

#2 Later, when it was time to choose a stream for my engineering, I decided to go with what I like and chose ‘Information technology‘ stream.

#3 My passion for tech grew more in college. I used to read a lot of tech blogs that time and later decided, ‘Hey, why not start my own blog and share what I have learned’.

#4 And with time, this blogs grew bigger and better. Finally, when I graduated in 2014 and I decided to become a full-time blogger/YouTuber.

So where we are now?

Like life, blogging is also a continuous process. You learn you grow and then you realize how little you know. However, if we
talk numbers. Apparently, this blog has a 50k Alexa ranking. We get close to a million impressions every month on our blog and YouTube channel combined.

When I am not working, I am either hanging around with my toddler nephews or lost in the world of Reddit. If you have something to say, ping me on twitter or send me an email.