How to Put Parental Controls on YouTube App

YouTube is an amazing place to find interesting content. No matter what your taste is, there is a channel for you on YouTube. However, more often than not, we also came across plenty of NSFW videos on YouTube. With more than 300 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute, …

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How to Tell if an Image Has Been Photoshopped

Nova 3: Huawei

We all know of the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Now, imagine what will happen if this picture is fake or manipulated. Photoshop is undoubtedly the best photo editing program ever. And thanks to Photoshop tutorials on YouTube, Photo manipulation is not just for experts anymore. Anyone …

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What is MAC address and How to Find it


So, you are trying to connect to a new Wi-Fi, but it’s not working. You have all the right credentials but still, “Can’t Connect”. Now, when you bring this issue to the network admin, he smiles and asks for the device’s MAC address. So what is the “MAC address” and how can …

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15 Best Mockup Tools To Add Device Frame to Screenshot


Whether you want to make your app screenshots for App Store or showcase your products on eBay or Amazon? Adding realistic device frames makes a lot of difference. Alternative to Placeit Placeit is one of the most popular mockup generator tools out there. But unfortunately, the free version only allows you to create a …

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How to Change DNS Server. An In Depth Guide for All Platforms

windows and iphone

DNS Servers are usually assigned to you by your ISP. You may want to change it for a better Internet speed or for blocking certain websites. Other reasons might be that websites are loading slower. Using a public DNS server helps is a good troubleshooting method to identify the problem. …

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25+ Best Safari Extensions You Should Try in 2019


Safari is still one of the best web browsers for macOS, especially if you are bought into Apple’s famous walled garden. Privacy, Reader View, Autofill passwords and automatically pausing the YouTube video when I take out one of my Airpods – are a few reasons, why I moved from Google Chrome …

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How to Assign Static IP Address to Your Devices

IP address

By default, your router assigns dynamic IP Address to every device that connects to it. This is called DHCP (short for Dynamic Host Control Protocol). But sometimes, we need our devices to have the same IP address (i.e. Static IP) every time it connects to the network. Reason being, Access your …

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Make Photo Square Without Cropping – Online Tools

feature image

When you take a photo with your phone or a camera, the photo will either be in landscape mode or in portrait mode. However, there will be times when you need to make a photo square without losing any details. The most common ways to make a photo square is …

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How to Find Out What DNS Server Am I Using?

DNS ubuntu

You have set up a new DNS server on your machine and you have no clue whether it’s working or not. Well, there are ways to check it. You can do it natively through the command line or with the help of third-party apps. But before that, it’s important to …

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