Gaurav Bidasaria

Gaurav is a tech enthusiast who loves talking about new technologies and gadgets. He dropped out of CA because he found the work boring and monotonous! When he is not following crypto and blockchain tech, you can find him binge-watching Netflix or making travel plans.

10+ Best Reddit Apps for Android and iOS Smartphones


Reddit calls itself the front page of the Internet and they are not entirely wrong to say that. With subreddits ranging from world news to niche topics such as Android and iOS, Reddit has got it all covered. In fact, there are over 100,000 subreddits to choose from! There is …

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How to Chat in Google Docs and Why You Should

google docs

Google Docs is a very popular word processor. It forever changed the way people write, take notes, and collaborate on a single document. Microsoft Word was always there but in a very limited fashion. Plus, it was never free. Google offers its office suite of apps for free. What’s more? …

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10 Ways to Download Entire Website for Offline Access


There are many reasons why you should consider downloading entire websites. Not all websites remain up for the rest of their lives. Sometimes, when websites are not profitable or when the developer loses interest in the project, (s)he takes the website down along with all the amazing content found there. There …

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Skype Microphone Not Working on Windows 10? 8 Ways to Fix It

Skype Microphone Not Working on Windows

Skype was probably the first successful cross-platform video conferencing app in the world that really took off. It’s a pity that even after so many years, it continues to slow Windows computers down and cause all sorts of problems. Skype has always been plagued with some of the other issues. …

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14 Best DuckDuckGo Features Not Available in Google


DuckDuckGo is an amazing browser that was built with privacy in mind. Ever since it’s launch in the year 2008, it has steadily gained momentum with the masses. DuckDuckGo saw a remarkable growth after all the privacy-related scandals that hit the headlines in the last decade. The privacy-centric browser is …

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8 Best Cricket Games And Info App For Android Smartphones

cricket apps for android

The IPL season is officially here and people are going nuts fighting for their respective teams and players. It’s a fierce battle that often breaks out near the water cooler and in the cafeteria. In the spirit of cricket, one of the most amazing and complex games in the world, …

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9 Best Online Shooting Games for Android

Online Shooting Games for Android 8

It is interesting how Android has evolved in terms of gaming capabilities in recent years. Even budget smartphones like Mi Note 7 Pro is capable of handling intense games like PUBG. Android game developers have been busy launching shooting games for fans who love going against all odds with their …

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