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Gaurav is a tech enthusiast who loves talking about new technologies and gadgets. When he is not blogging, you can find him binge-watching Netflix.

10 Best Android System Monitor App

Android System Monitor App

Sometimes, apps go rogue. They start misbehaving, draining your battery and slowing down your CPU performance. You feel your phone is getting heated in your pocket. You unlock your phone but can’t find the culprit. System monitor apps can help you narrow down and identify such apps. You can also …

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7 Best Free Image Hosting Sites to Share Amazing Pictures

Free Image Hosting Sites

With the rise of social media came free image hosting sites, because why not? We use social media to share funny, stupid, serious, offensive, and cute image all the time. Anyways, you know why you are here. So, here are some of the best image hosting sites that are also free. …

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4 Amazing and Free Invoice App for Android


While nothing can really replace your traditional accounting software, mobile invoice apps have come a long way. They offer a number of advantages and features which are comparable to a web or desktop solution. Why get stuck with your desktop when you use free invoice apps to send an invoice, …

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5 Best OCR App For Android

OCR Scanner Apps for Android

Using your smartphone camera to scan documents isn’t anything new. Earlier we saw some of the best Android scanner apps to scan QR codes and visiting cards. And as you have guessed it from the title, next in the line is – best OCR app for Android. Read: 5 Best OCR Software For …

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Change Android DNS settings With These 5 DNS Changer Apps

dns changer app

When you type – on your web browser, your smartphone asks the DNS server for the corresponding IP address where that site is located and once it has that information, you are able to open Google on your browser. In simple words, the job of DNS servers is to match …

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6 Best Fake Incoming Call Apps for Android

Fake Phone Call App

We have all been through it. You are stuck with someone you don’t want to be with, and you are hoping someone would come to rescue. Well, this is what I do, when I want to get out of such situation. I open my fake phone call app, click a …

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6 Best Calculator Apps for Android for Different Need

calculator apps for android

Every Android smartphone, premium or not, comes with a default calculator that will get the job done. It simply works and comes with a widget that you can place on your home screen. This is both convenient and easy, but is it enough? Best Calculator Apps for Android For most …

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5 Best Time Lapse Apps for Android

time lapse apps for android

As smartphone cameras are getting better each year, you are able to do much more with it than taking photos. Earlier we talked about the best animation and stop-motion apps for Android. And as you can guess from the title, today, we’ll take a look at some of the best apps to do time …

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