Gaurav Bidasaria

Gaurav is a tech enthusiast who loves talking about new technologies and gadgets. He dropped out of CA because he found the work boring and monotonous! When he is not following crypto and blockchain tech, you can find him binge-watching Netflix or making travel plans.

Best Water Reminder Apps for Smartphone and Smartwatch

water reminder app

Seeing how fast and complicated our lives have become, we no longer remember to drink water and stay hydrated. In fact, we constantly ignore our body’s most basic need until we are dehydrating and feeling really thirsty. Waterlogging apps were made as a direct response to this growing problem. As …

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8 Best PDF Editors for iPad and iPhone

PDF Editors for iPad and iPhone

What to do when you are on the move and need to quickly make a few changes in a PDF? Yes, having a good PDF Editing app on your iPad is a must, especially if you have the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. In our previous articles, we saw some of the best …

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WhatsApp vs. Hike: Which is a Better Messenger App for You

whatsapp-vs hike

There are quite a few messaging apps that are vying for your attention these days. Interoperability is not a strong suit of either of these messenger apps. This means you cannot send a message from WhatsApp to Hike or vice versa. For most people, the choice is really simple. We …

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8 Best Music App For Windows 10 Computers

Music Apps and Players for Windows 10

Music knows no language. It has no religion. It’s a universal language that everyone understands no matter what their background, caste or color. It’s food for the soul. I can’t live without music even when I am working on my Windows 10 laptop. So when I bought a new one, …

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Patreon vs Paypal: Which is Better to Receive Donations?

Whether you are a blogger, YouTuber, artist or a gamer, the thing that is common between all you creative minds is making a living online. You run ads, sell products, and accept donations from your readers, viewers, and fans for your work. People like to show their appreciation by paying …

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Best Instagram Grid Apps to Level up Your Instagram Game


Unless you are not living under a rock, you may have noticed the grid images on few Instagram profiles. Something like the following image. Looks cool. Right? This guy’s Instagram(@projectmajor) is awesome, you should check it out. But how do you make this kind of images? While you can always …

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7 Android and iOS Apps to Quit Smoking This Year


I recently wrote a guide on some of the best apps to quit drinking. It was well received by our readers who recommended it to their friends and family members who are struggling to stay sober. This motivated me to write another one, this time we will cover apps to …

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