7 Best Wireshark Alternatives for Windows and macOS


Starting from binge-watching Netflix to playing CounterStrike league with your friends, all of this needs a network of interconnected computers. Wireshark is arguably the most famous and perhaps the most widely used network protocol analyser. This tool lets you take a closer look at the network activities and analyse data …

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8 Ways to Take Screenshots on Windows

Screenshots on Windows

Screenshots are versatile and can be used for numerous purposes. You may need to send a funny screenshot to a friend, or some glitch you are facing on your computer – the ability to show your screen to others can be a huge asset. Luckily for us, there are many …

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5 Ways To Monitor Broadband Usage in Windows

Monitor Broadband Usage

It is extremely important to monitor bandwidth usage if you have a limited internet data plan. If you are not monitoring your bandwidth usage, it could lead to being hit with hundreds of dollars in charges for extra bandwidth use. Apart from charges, some ISPs also put restrictions or throttle …

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How to Use HFS+ Format on Windows

saving files from HFS explorer

HFS is default file system for MAC and iOS device. This means if you are only going to use your external hard drive on MAC, then it’s best to format your drive to HFS+. However, if you later decide to use that on Windows, it won’t work. But don’t worry, there …

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Compress Bulk Images Without Losing Quality

Compress bulk images

Images taken from smartphones can easily weight up to 5 MB and in no time you get will memory full error. Or let say you have a huge collection of images on your computer that you would like to upload on web. Now, this huge files size may look good at …

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Useful Software for Windows Computer


Here is the list of useful Windows software that everyone should have. #1 Flux the blue light coming out of your computer’s monitor affect your sleep cycle. So flux automatically adjust the brightness and color of your screen based on the time of the day. #2 PhotoRec recover accidentally deleted files …

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How to Remove EXIF Metadata From Photos

Do you know, every picture you take from your camera, has EXIF metadata ( Exchangeable Image File Format). In simple words, this metadata holds information like your camera modal, date when the picture was taken, editing software if used, and even the geographical location if your phone’s location settings is …

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How to reset windows Login password (Video)


Forgetting Administrator password is never cool. But luckily there are many password reset tools available that can easily reset windows login password. However one big disadvantage of using most of these tools are, either they paid or quite complicated to work with. Watch this video on How to rest passwords on …

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Easily stream videos from computer to Android [Video]

Today I going to share an awesome workaround that I use when I want to stream videos from computer to Android smartphones or tablet. There are many places around the house where you can’t take you laptop with you like toilet, kitchen or rooftop and you still need the watch videos from …

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