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4 Best World Clock Apps for Windows to Track Time Zones

by Gaurav Bidasaria
World Clock App for Windows 10 Desktops

Most global tech companies have adopted the work from home or WFH culture recently. Since most companies have a global workforce with employees, customers, suppliers, etc. working in different time zones, it’s easy to lose track of time. One way to fix this problem is by installing a world clock app or widget on your Windows desktop.

World Clock Apps for Windows Desktops

Set a widget for each time zone or country and you will never disturb other people’s sleep. Getting a better handle on the time zones will also help you do other things. Useful if you are a trader, writer, social media manager, or someone who travels a lot. Let’s take a look at different kinds of world clock apps and widgets for your Windows 10 and 11 desktops.

Let’s begin.

1. Default Windows Clock (Built-In)

The default clock app that comes preinstalled on all Windows 10 and 11 computers allows you to add two additional clocks in the Taskbar along with the one that shows your local time. You can configure it from Settings > Time & Languages > Add clocks for different time zones.

default windows 10 world clock setting

Don’t forget to check the box that says Show this clock to enable the clock feature before choosing the time zone. Click Apply to save changes and then click the clock in your Taskbar to view your personalized world clocks.

Are three time zones not enough? There is a way to add even more clocks in the Windows Start menu if that’s what you want.

2. World Clock – Time Zones (Multi-Purpose App)

World Clock takes a more systematic approach with in-app widgets for different time zones and countries. You can create as many widgets as you like and they are easy to identify, thanks to the flags. The UI is really clean and functional too.

world clock with app widgets

These world clock widgets come with additional data points like sunrise and sunset timings, weather, and a full planner. What? Yes. You can also use the app to plan and schedule events and meetings. Most people already have a dedicated app like Google Calendar for that, so I don’t know how useful you will find it. Especially, when it doesn’t sync with your smartphone.

There are some other useful tools though like a countdown timer for day and time, an alarm, and a stopwatch among others.

Download World Clock: Windows

3. Portable Apps (Pen Drive Solution)

Like to carry your favorite apps in your pocket when you travel? Portable Apps is one of the best ways to carry everything you need with you, so you don’t have to keep guessing when using someone else’s computer. What you may not know is that Portable Apps also has a world clock app for Windows 10 and 11 desktops.

portable apps world clock app

Just download and install the app as you do on your flash drive. There is no need to install the app. Just download and launch it to use it. That’s it. You can also install Windows 10 and 11 on a pen drive and then store the Portable App’s world clock app on it. That will also give you access to an OS on the go. One of the best ways to carry a world timer in your pocket.

Download World Clock Portable: Windows

4. Add Gadgets (Desktop Widgets)

The problem with the above arrangement is that the clocks are not visible on the desktop. You either have to click the Start menu or the clock icon. And some people prefer widgets arranged neatly on their Windows desktops.

Enter gadgets that take an old-school approach to display world clocks on your desktop.

world clock gadgets or widgets on windows 10

Open the site and click on the country you want to create a widget/gadget of and a zip file will be downloaded. Open it and install the file to create a desktop widget. Download widgets for as many countries as you want. Noticed all the options in the sidebar? You can create a widget for many things like CPU, GPU, currency, and so on. Just don’t go crazy and install too many. It will only slow down your computer.

Download Add Gadgets: Windows

World Clock Apps for Windows Desktops

There are other apps that you can install on your computer, but I found these to be some of the best. They each have something unique to offer, and you can go for either or all depending on your needs. With the world going remote, it has become even more important that we be ready for what’s coming in the coming years. Installing world clock apps on the desktop will help you be aware of timings in other parts of the world, and take decisions accordingly.

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