Best Alarm Clock Apps to Get You Out of Bed

Waking up in the morning is a really good habit, but we all know, it’s easier said than done. Sometimes even the alarm clock or alarm apps fail on us as we keep snoozing them. So, if you are looking for just the right amount of push, these alarm clock apps will do the extra to make sure that you can’t get away without waking up in the morning. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Alarm Clock Apps to Get You Out of Bed

1. Alarmy

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) Alarm Clock is one of the most popular alarm clock apps on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Along with its alarm functionalities, it can show you the weather and news from the app itself. It also comes with a few theming and customizability options.

How it wakes you up:
When it comes to getting you out of bed, Alarmy offers three different options:
1. Photo Mode: register a place or object of which you have to take a picture of to turn off the alarm.
2. Shake Mode: when the alarm starts ringing, shake your phone fifty times to make it go off.
3. Math Problem Mode: The app will pose you with a math equation or problem which you have to solve

Alarmy Alarmy

The shake mode really requires some effort and the physical exercise needed can manage to wake you up. To me, the math problems felt a little bit too easy and not that much efficient in waking you up. But what really hit the home run for me was the photo mode. I registered my bathroom sink as the required place and once I went there, either brushing or taking a shower would wake me up completely.

Download Alarmy: iOS, Android (Free)

2. Wakie Community

If you are not familiar, Wakie might seem a little weird at first but trust me it really does the job you need it to do – to definitely wake you up in the morning! Basically, it is a social platform through which you can talk to a stranger anywhere in the world.

How it wakes you up:
Talking to strangers, making friends – all of that is fine, but what’s even cooler is that Wakie allows you to ask for a wake-up call; where a random person can call you to wake you up by calling you. If there are no humans available, then the app uses a bot to make the call. Nevertheless, it is one of the most unique alarms I have come across.

Wakie Wakie

Wakie works surprisingly well in waking you up from your slumber; something about talking to a random person just makes you awake and especially so if you are more of a social person. The community is quite populated and during my time testing the app, I never got a bot call.

Download Wakie: iOS, Android (Free)

3. Sleep Better

The next app on our list, Sleep Better takes more of a scientific approach to sleep patterns and cycles to make waking up more efficient and easier. The app allows you to track your sleep, caffeine and alcohol intake, exercise information and even maintain a sleep diary.

How it wakes you up:
Just by placing your device next to your pillow, Sleep Better’s sleep tracker is able to monitor your sleep cycles and track the duration of your deep sleep cycles and light cycles. And smartly enough, the app wakes you up while you are going through a light cycle so that you feel much more energetic when you wake up instead of feeling lazy.

Sleep Better Sleep Better

This application provides all sleep-related insights and great sleep tracking. I don’t know if it’s the placebo effect or not, but I really noticed a difference being woken up on a lighter sleep cycle – it was much easier to wake myself up and I felt less lazy.

Download Sleep Better: iOS, Android (Free)

4. Walk Me Up!

Walk Me Up is a pedometer-based alarm clock app where you have to get up and walk to dismiss the alarm.

How it wakes you up:
As the app says, Walk Me Up doesn’t wake you up, but it “walks” you up from sleep. The app makes you get out of bed and walk a certain amount of steps before it will stop ringing. You can set the number of steps yourself and there is also an “evil mode” which does not let you snooze the alarm until you walk your required number of steps.

Walk Me Up Walk Me Up

I found this app to be one of the more efficient ones on this list. Getting out of bed is probably the hardest challenge when waking up in the morning and Walk Me Up capitalizes on that idea. It even has smart algorithms to detect shakes so you cannot just shake your phone and pass them on as steps.

Download Walk Me Up: iOS, Android (Free, Contains Ads)

5. Gentle Alarm

Gentle Alarm is one of the highest rated alarm clock apps on the Play Store and available for only Android. The app utilizes a bunch of principles and techniques to make sure you are out of your bed when you had wanted to.

How it wakes you up:
It implements the alarm in a very clever way; it tries to wake you up in your light cycle by playing a very quiet pre-alarm which you can only hear if you are in light sleep and from there it goes on gradually increasing the intensity till you wake up. The pre-alarm time can be adjusted, the default is 30 mins.

Gentle Alarm Gentle Alarm

Overall, Gentle Alarm feels like a very well rounded alarm clock application and the paid version is well worth the price. It is especially aimed at people who don’t like to get startled out of their sleep with a loud banging alarm (loudest alarm clock app) but prefer something gentle. It also has puzzles and math tests you can do after you are awake. Overall, if you are looking for a puzzle alarm clock app that gently wakes you up, give it try.

Download Gentle Alarm: Android ($0.99, Free Trial available)

6. I Can’t Wake Up

I Can’t Wake Up packs a lot and is filled with features to the brim. I’m sure just by using the app and not looking at its price, one would never guess that the app is free – it feels like a quality complete application.

How it wakes you up:
The app offers a plethora of wake up tasks ranging from solving math equations and shaking your phone to scanning a particular barcode and memory games. These are customizable and if you fail to solve the task, the alarm will be started again.

I Can't Wake Up I Can't Wake Up

I Can’t Wake Up strikes a perfect balance between mental and physical wake up tasks and I especially liked the barcode scanning one where you can set an item as far as you want essentially making you get out of bed. However, with so many to choose from you cannot go wrong.

Download I Can’t Wake Up: iOS, Android (Free)

7. Uhp Alarm Clock Pro

If you are someone closely attached to your social media accounts, then this alarm clock app might be your worst nightmare. Or it could be your most efficient alarm clock yet, just depends on how you use it.

How it wakes you up:
Uhp comes with a Path Tracking Alarm i.e. you have to walk through a certain path like to the bathroom or coffee maker after you wake up to turn off the alarm. But the real twist comes if you enable the Social Media Alarm feature where if you sleep through the alarm, the app can post anything from your Facebook account or make a tweet from your twitter account!

Uhp Uhp

The Path Tracker works pretty well alone itself but the Social Media Alarm is bound to get you out of bed, especially if you have opted for some really embarrassing posts or photos. It’s dead simple to use and is a solid alarm clock app to definitely get you out of bed.

Download Uhp Alarm Clock Pro iOS ($1.99)

8. MoneyAlarm 2

MoneyAlarm 2 is probably the craziest alarm clock app that you will ever come across and if you think if it has something related to your money, you are absolutely right.

How it wakes you up:
Firstly, within the app, you need to add money by using in-App purchases. And after you’ve set how much money gets deposited every time, you’re good to go. If you don’t wake up and confirm that you are awake within 2 minutes of the alarm, the app will deposit a certain amount of money.

Who wouldn’t wake up if they had their own money on the line? Honestly, this is a little too much for me and I can’t see myself using it, but if you are determined and need something to overcome your laziness no matter what, this might be the one.

Download MoneyAlarm 2 iOS (Free)  | For Android: Time Is Money 

9. WakeMe Social Alarm Clock

WakeMe is a social alarm clock where your friends, relatives or family members can you help you get out of your bed and start your morning.

How it wakes you up:
The way it works is:
1. First, you set the alarm with its appropriate date and timing and maybe a label.
2. Next, you can request your friends or family to wake you up by sending a short video.
3. Instead of any ringing in the morning, all the videos that were sent by your loved ones are played as your alarm.

WakeMe Social Alarm Clock WakeMe Social Alarm Clock

Something about humans, especially your close ones trying to wake you up, work far better than any ringtone or tasks. The encouraging videos or any kind of videos sent to you make you much more motivated and the best part is every morning can be different and full of surprises!

Download WakeMe Social Alarm Clock: iOS, Android (Free)

Alternative: Galarm is another alarm clock app with a social spin where your contacts can set alarms for you and vice versa called “buddy alarms”. Of course, you can set personal alarms and there is also an option for group alarms where everyone in the group gets an alarm and they can then confirm their participation for like an outing, etc.

10. Visualarm

Last but certainly not least is Visualarm, an awesome alarm clock app with support for visual content like text, images, and even GIFs. The rich UI and simple design add further to the smoothness of the app.

How it wakes you up:
You can use almost anything that may motivate or inspire you in text form or images such as motivational posters or quotes, which will be displayed on your phone screen while your alarm is ringing. There are also some challenges which come with the app that you can play or solve to wake yourself up even more.

Visualarm Visualarm

Everyone has something or someone from which they derive inspiration or maybe even for which setting the alarm in the first place. Another small reminder in the morning about that thing or person helps you wake up instantly and grind on your goals.

Download Visualarm Android (Free)

Best Alarm Clock Apps to Get You Out of Bed

So these were some of the alarm clock apps for heavy sleepers that give you just the right amount of push you needed to get yourself out of bed. I tried to cover as wide of a spectrum I could with the different and unique ways in which each app tries to wake you up and we really hope you found something perfect for yourself. However, if we missed any such app that you use or know of, definitely let us know in the comment section below.

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