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How to Set Two Default Search Engines On Any Browser

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Let’s be honest, Google is the best search engine available today. Period. That said, we also can’t ignore the privacy issues that come with it. Google tracks your searches, your search patterns, and stores a profile of you on their server. While I’m okay trading off my privacy for better …

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Log Out of Multiple Websites at Once

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Logging out of most websites is easy, just look for the ‘Sign Out‘ option on the site. However, the same task becomes quite boring if you want to log out of multiple websites such as Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Amazon etc. At times it is unnecessary but owing to security concerns …

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Private Browsing: What is it and What it is not

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My Dad often used my laptop to check his emails. And yesterday he asked, “Why do I always see your Gmail account logged in, whenever I open mine.”  The answer is simple. Since it’s my personal computer, I don’t sign out of my Google account. Off course, I explain the reason …

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