Best Event Planning Apps for Android and iOS

Whether you are planning an office party or your sister’s wedding, we know how hard it can be to juggle 68 things at once. It makes sense that there should be an app to take some load off. While you can always use Google Calendar to send out reminders and emails for important events, it’s not for everyone. A better solution is to try our dedicated event planning apps. Read on to find out best event planning apps to make your life a little easier and plan those events with ease.

Best Event Planning Apps

1. Doodle

Best for: scheduling small get-togethers and meeting

If your plans never make it out of the Whatsapp group then this app is for you. Doodle helps you create schedules in which everyone can participate and voice their opinions.

The way it works is pretty simple, it fetches your contacts from your other connected apps and lets you ping your friends asking when they would like to schedule a meeting. To selecting a venue or fixing a date to meet up, Doodle generates a poll for the event and lets you share it with the participants. Moreover, no one else has to download the app, Doodle generates a web link which anyone can open to fill out the form, mostly in less than 30 seconds.

The app has only these features if you want to create events for people to take part in, read on to the next in the list.

Download Doodle for Android and iOS (free, ads).

2. Meetup

Best for creating niche events

Most of you have probably heard of (or even used) Meetup before. For the unknown, the app is designed to meet like-minded people with the similar interest of yours. Meetup is a shared event management platform which lets you create your own meetups and social events.

Signing up with Meetup is easy and you can do it either with one of your social media accounts or your email. Once you do that you can select one of the categories for a meetup you are interested in or create your own event.

You have to take one of their plans to be able to create an event with this app. You can set the time, duration, and venue of the event and upload it to the app. The person who creates the even automatically becomes the host of the meetup, or you another member of your group as a host. Next, you can set a start and end date for when other members can mark themselves as attending. Once you are satisfied with the details, you can publish your meetup. The event goes live and shows up in the feeds of relevant users. You join and RSVP to others’ events as well.

Download Meetup for Android and iOS (free, Subscription).

3. Eventbrite Organizer

Best for ticket entry events

Eventbrite is a full-fledged ticket management tool. It keeps track of ticket sales, event turnout, and entries.

Although you can use Eventbrite as a standalone app, the best part about it is its integration with Slack. If you are already using Slack in your organization, consider integrating it with Workbot for Eventbrite. It offers powerful features like – real-time notifications when a new attendee registers, track tickets sales, and export attendee list to Google Drive etc.

The dashboard gives you an insight into how your event is going to turn out. You can check the daily ticket sales and check-ins. You can maintain a guest list with this app and make changes in the event right from the app. Eventbrite offers a payment gateway for ticket sales as well which you can implement directly to your website for selling tickets without a hassle.

The app is free but they charge you per ticket basis and have a few great plans for small and big events. The app is free but you have to buy a subscription for the ticketing system.

Download Eventbrite for Android and iOS

4. Hootsuite

Best for managing multiple social media handle

Hootsuite is a social media integration and management platform which brings all your social media accounts on one dashboard. You can manage your tweets and posts from the app and get notifications of any updates that develop. Hootsuite also lets you run ads and control the events which essentially brings all the work to the same app.Hootsuite supports integration from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and Youtube. Additionally, you can integrate Reddit, Tumblr, Storify with Hootsuite’s App directory integration.

Hootsuite is available as a 30-day trial where you can manage 3 social media accounts at once.

Download Hootsuite for Android and iOS. (Free, in-app Purchases)

6. Birthday Planner

Best for organizing small birthday parties

When you have kids, planning a birthday party can be very hectic. Even if you forget to invite the party clown the whole parade of kids is going to hate you. Birthday Planner lets you make multiple lists of an event and categorize each task separately.

The app has a simple interface and almost looks outdated, but it performs well. You can begin by creating a list either from scratch or from the templates given. You can add, edit, and delete categories or even lists. Adding notes to each item you have on the list is easy and you can even add parameters like the quantity or any additional measurement (weight, volume, etc).

You can check the items off your list and hide them or you can move them to the top. You can take a backup of the entire schedule and send to your friends or share it on the cloud.

Birthday Planner is paid and available for $1 only from the Play store.

7. Pro Party Planner

Best for conferences, get-togethers, parties

Pro Party Planner is an intuitive app that lets you create seating charts, collaborate in teams, track your budget and progress, and manage all the guests in one place.

Pro Party Planner is only available for iOS for now and works flawlessly. You can keep track of guest lists and create a list of actions like invitation, RSVP, and Gifts.

It can easily set table arrangements by just entering the table layout and number of guests, it gives you an option to drag and drop guests on to the tables.

You can even add team members to divide responsibilities among each other and keep track of what has been accomplished in a timeline.

Pro Party Planner is paid and available for iOS for ($4.99)

8. Wedding Planner

Best for planning weddings

Although you can hire a wedding planner, they can’t keep track of everything, especially the personal stuff. Wedding Planner is a sophisticated app which helps you plan your perfect wedding.

The app first takes some information about you and your significant others like the wedding date, and year and creates a profile. After its done, the app automatically creates a timeline for the list of things.

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The events are listed as to do list which you check as you complete the tasks. You can create a countdown, guestlist, and budgeter which would let you achieve all the tasks of a wedding in parts. The timeline is pretty stretched to give you a head start, even if you fall behind the schedule you can catch up afterward. Wedding Planner is available for free for iOS and Android.

Download Wedding Planner for Android and iOS.

9. Slack

Best for office events and scheduling

We use Slack at TechWiser for all the official communication. Although it isn’t an event managing tool, you can still use its features to your benefit. Like we mention before, Workbot is a handy tool to send out invites and reminders which may be very useful in offices where employees already use it.

You can create custom channels like farewell_parties so that people in the same department can contact each other without disturbing others people in the organization. The slack mobile app also offers WiFi calling. And the best of all, you can make a slack bot that will automatically send reminders and notifications. The only downside is that on the free plan your messages will eventually be archived after you pass 10,000 messages.

Checkout Slack

Best Event Planning Apps for Android and iOS?

We all hate the stress of organizing an event, these apps come in handy while planning, budgeting, and executing parties. Slack, Gcal even though not event management apps do offer assistance when you need to roll out some event related info. Wedding Planner is best to plan your wedding ahead of time to avoid any last minute delays. Birthday Planner is best for small parties which don’t require professional assistance but are still important enough. Which App do you like the most let us know in the comment section?

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