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Best Discord Bots to Build and Maintain an Awesome Server

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Discord is undoubtedly one of the best community apps for gamers. It’s an easy way to build your own community and a server. Even though Discord is feature-packed, there are few functions missing such as reaction roles, inbuilt games, leveling systems, etc. Anyhow, There are a ton of Discord bots that can add extra functionality to your server. Here are some of the best bots that can improve the functionality of your Discord server.

Best Discord Bots for your Server

1. Mee 6

Mee 6 is a multi-purpose discord bot that can add many features to your server. However, the most notable one is its leveling system, custom commands, and Reaction roles. The leveling system adds a level to everyone on your server, their level will get increased depending on their interaction with the community and gameplay. Reaction Roles will be useful to provide access to everyone of every server to self assign their roles. 

There are even more functions like a welcome message, searching on Discord, Music, etc. This is one of the best user-friendly bots that you can even access and activate everything without using any command lines.

Add Mee6 bot to your server

Showing plugins of the Mee6 server

2. Server Stats

Knowing the basic statistics of the server like how many people and admins are there on the server?, How many bots are available?, How many are online right now? and how many are donating or boosting your server? are some of the basic things to know when you are maintaining the server. Server stats helps you to enable that.

Unlike Mee6, every function of this server is accessible only through command lines. But as you are just dealing with server stats, they are just a few of them and you can access all the needed command lines to setup by typing ‘s/counter’ on any text channel.

Add Server Stats bot to your server

Server stats on an example server

3. Ping Cord

Ping Cord is an integration bot that connects your Discord to Twitch, Youtube, Reddit, etc. It will notify everyone whenever you streaming on Twitch or Youtube. Additionally, now you can even connect your Facebook page, Twitter account, and even Spotify to get notified about the latest episodes of podcasts.

The best part is the customization you have, you can customize who can see the notification, what the message has to say and even you have the ability to connect multiple accounts. And you can set everything on the PingCord website like a dashboard and no need to use any command lines to operate.

Add Ping Cord bot to your server

Ping Cord showing the video uploaded notification

4. Dyno Bot

Dyno bot is a multi-purpose bot that has many bots right inside it. Just enable the required module and you get options to customize according to your server. Among all the modules, you can consider first looking at Autoresponder, Auto Message, Reminders, Tags, and most important Auto mod. The auto mod helps you to automate things like banning people who are using false language, using many spam links or inviting them to their discord server, etc. Though you have rules on your server, it is hard to manage and control all on your own every time. You can either ban them, mute them for a few minutes or just give out a warning message which is all up to you.

With the help of an autoresponder, you can answer commonly asked questions like how to get into streaming on your server, Can I promote my discord server here, etc. You can set a message and it will provide that answer every time when someone asks any question which you have set.

Add Dyno bot to your server

image showing modules of Dyno Bot

5. Rythm

This is a music bot that is meant to play your playlist with a single command. Discord has a lot of music bots and now music apps have become a genre in Discord bots. But among all of them, Rythm is my personal choice because of three reasons. There is no music lag, support for music from many sources like YouTube, Sound Cloud, Twitch, and more, and customizing your playlist is easier than ever.

All your settings can be accessed by a single command line ‘!settings’ from the chatbox itself. Not just you, everyone on your Discord server can take advantage of it.

Add Rythm bot to your server

accessing Rythm settings by using command !settings

6. PokeCord

PokeCord is a Pokemon game bot where people can play right inside the Discord. It is called one of the best Discord game bots of all time for its effectiveness. Pokemon just pops-up at random intervals on different channels of your server, it also comes with a small task like guessing the name of the pokemon, typing something first, etc. The one who finishes the task first can catch the Pokemon. People can even battle in your Discord server using the Pokemons they have.

Add PokeCord to your Server

7. Dank Memer

It is a Meme bot that provides memes when asked, you can even ask about a meme on a specific thing and Dank member finds the meme from its everlasting storage of memes and provides you within seconds. I won’t say every meme is funny enough but really amazing experience to have fun with friends with Dank Memer. It also has moderation options, but you are better off picking some other bots for it.

Add Dank Memer to your Server 

Wrapping up

These are few of the bots which I like using on my server, You can also install a few other bots like Mudae for playing games right on Discord, donate bot to accept donations from people on your server, Jake Bot for inter-server DM’s and automatic language translation.

Anyhow, Mee6 and PokeCord are my favorite bots in the list, so what your favorite Discord bot you normally use which is missing in this list?

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