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7 Best Talking Photo Apps for Android and iOS

by Kaushal
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If you’re on this page then you must have come across a video of a person singing O-Zone’s Dragostea Din Tei on your social media. Those videos are entertaining. While the internet would have you believe that is some sophisticated software at play, creating these fun little videos is as easy as tapping a button. I have made a list of all the talking photo apps to help you choose and recreate those videos. Let’s begin.

Before Using Talking Photo Apps

The apps listed below use AI to create video clips that can be described as ‘Deepfakes’. We don’t condone the use of deepfakes for spreading misinformation, racism, or other illegal and illicit purposes. Please use the apps for entertainment and fun.

1. My Heritage- Deep Nostalgia

My Heritage is a DNA discovery service that offers insight into your lineage and Deep Nostalgia is an AI-driven photo animator. It lets you animate your loved ones’ old photographs and re-live those sweet memories you had with them. You can animate photos by simply uploading a photo to the website and it creates an animated video in seconds. While the feature is free, video carries a watermark and you can animate only a limited number of photos. You can purchase a subscription to the service and unlock unlimited photo animations and other features. However, if you’re just looking to animate a few photos, it would be free of charge.

deep nostalgia AI to create videos from photos

Available on web.

Check out Deep Nostalgia (free-trial | $2/month)

2. Biugo- Video Maker

Biugo is a popular talking photo app that lets you create animated videos using just images. The app offers templates to create videos using existing photos and you can choose from a huge list of options. Simply select a template, add a few photos, and wait for it to process. After that, you can save the video to your phone or share it on social media. There are a few templates such as LMFAO’s Know It, and O-Zone’s Dragostea Din Tei. The subscription starts at $9.99/month and you can watch an ad for a one-off creation.

biugo- create talking video with image

Available on Android and iOS.

Get Biugo on Android | iOS (free, $9.99/month)

3. Talkr- Make Pictures talk

Talkr is a straightforward app with one purpose, to make pictures talk. The app uses clever tricks to mark anchors at facial expression points such as eyebrows, eyes, lips, cheeks, etc. to map the face. After that, your template is ready. You can then record an audio clip using your voice, add speech to text, or upload an audio file. The app would process and generate an animated video with you speaking those words. The app doesn’t do a great job of recreating the mouth sometimes and the head movements aren’t that refined. However, Talkr gives you complete control over creating the video and you can make the picture say whatever you want. The app is free to use and puts a watermark which you can remove for $9.99.

talkr- talking picture apps

Available on iOS.

Get Talkr on iOS (free, $9.99)

4. Reface- Swap Faces with Celebrities

Reface is one of the earliest apps to use AI in swapping faces with decent results. The app has plenty of existing videos of popular music videos, films, memes, etc. You start by scanning your face once and the app can instantly create videos and replace the faces with yours. Reface does a decent job of replacing the face but struggles with facial hair. Reface is free to use and the final videos come with a watermark that you can remove for $2.49/week.

reface app that puts your face on celebrity videos

Available on Android and iOS.

Get Reface for Android | iOS (free-trial, $2.49/week)

5. Tokking Heads- Create Talking Pictures

Tokking Heads, as the name implies, is an AI-based app that instantly creates a short clip by animating your still image. You can either use your photo or use the existing portraits of famous celebrities such as Elon Musk, Kanye West, Cardi B, etc. After selecting the still image, you get to choose the music and the video. However, the app also allows you to record live video, and add your own voice to the clips. Tokking Heads is free and puts a watermark on final clips and you can get a subscription to get the premium version for $3.99/week.

create talking meme video with tokking heads

Available on iOS

Get Tokking Heads for iOS (free-trial, $3.99/week)

6. Avtarify- Enliven Your Photo

Avtarify is another talking picture app that transforms your still face into a hilarious meme. The app offers templates from pop culture including viral videos such as What is Love (Jim Carrey version), PPAP, Rickroll, and many other clips. Avtarify also has a live mode that lets you record a short clip using the face of Elon Musk, Jackie Chan, Mona Lisa, a dog, and a baby. The app is free to use and has a watermark on videos. You can remove those with a subscription of $2.49/week.

avtarify- create video clips with your photo

Available on iOS

Get Avtarify for iOS (free trial, $2.49/week)

7. Wombo- Make Your Selfies Sing

Wombo is one of the top talking photo apps and it uses AI just like other apps to create entertaining clips with a still image. The interface is refined and creating clips is a breeze. Begin by adding a picture, select a music file, and wait for the app to do its magic. The app has more than 90 music clips that include all the hit and meme-worthy sounds. Wombo is free to try and has a watermark. You can remove the ads, watermark, and unlock premium content for $4.49/month.

wombo- talking photo apps

Available on Android and iOS.

Get Wombo for Android | iOS (free, $4.49/month)

What’s Your Favorite Talking Photo Apps

These were some of the best talking photos app that you can get to create a short video clip with your face. Wombo and Avtarify are well-designed apps that you will love working with. Reface and Tokking Heads let you put your face on existing videos much like deepfakes. So what’s your favorite talking photo app? Let me know on Twitter.

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